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Example sentences for "horseflesh"

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  1. I speak of the professional coachman of a century and a half ago, and not of the more gifted ones, and amateurs who came into fashion just before the rail drove horseflesh off the road.

  2. Some transaction in horseflesh might be going on between them.

  3. And so far as stench and decaying horseflesh were concerned they were in strong evidence.

  4. Sturdy pioneers who had toiled long and hard in opening up one or more new regions had laid emphasis on the stench of decaying horseflesh as a first consideration in the choice of route.

  5. Their horseflesh was good and they felt they could overtake any man not suspecting pursuit.

  6. Every one knew the horseflesh they bestrode--none cleaner-limbed, hardier, or faster in the high country.

  7. You're about as fit to handle horseflesh as an Esquimaux.

  8. Fifteen miles means thirty to a horse when he has to travel back the same road," said John drily; "and your heavy swells take the toll out of horseflesh quicker than a London cabby.

  9. They meant now to get him, with a trail or without, and were putting horseflesh against horseflesh and craft against craft.

  10. I'll give you all the horseflesh you can kill and all the men you can hire to go after him, and I'll bury your dead myself.

  11. Within three hours after the news reached the town a posse under Sheriff Van Horn, with a carload of horseflesh and fourteen guns, was started for Sugar Buttes.

  12. They were riding the pick of mountain horseflesh and covering their tracks by every device known to the high country.

  13. For so large a number of the people using draught-horses in it were so clearly unable to use them without abusing them, that I perceived total abstinence from horseflesh to be the only remedy of which the case admitted.

  14. Moral: total abstinence from horseflesh through the whole length and breadth of the scale.

  15. Manifestly, in strict accordance with teetotal doctrines, THEY must come in too, and take the total abstinence from horseflesh pledge.

  16. Horseflesh was not suited to their stomachs nor tent life to their inclinations.

  17. There's nothing too good in horseflesh you don't deserve, a woman who can ride like that.

  18. Best piece of horseflesh I ever straddled, and I've seen a few in my time.

  19. The herds of cattle gathered under shelter of the guns of the forts had disappeared, but horseflesh was still fairly abundant.

  20. I have never tried horseflesh myself, at least that I know of, but they say it is not so bad; but I cannot think that they will have to kill the horses for food.

  21. Instinctively the Metcalfs made a lane between their sweating horses, and she found herself riding through the pleasant reek of horseflesh until they came to the end of this long avenue of men.

  22. I dined on a tough bit of horseflesh to-day, and was glad to get it.

  23. He drew pictures, quick, ludicrous pictures, of men calculating this queer game of six-score men travelling fast as horseflesh could bring them to the loyal city.

  24. Jest a-comin' to the prettiest little piece o' horseflesh 't ever you laid your eyes on.

  25. All the inborn love of horseflesh that, till that moment, she had not realized woke up in her small breast, and finally found voice in the exclamation: "Oh!

  26. It was horrible work to the hardest of them but this horseflesh was useless.

  27. He went by Marianne at a reeling trot, his legs shambling weakly and his head drooping, a weary rag of horseflesh with his ears still gloomily flattened to his neck.

  28. That moment of lingering on the part of the foreman saved him, for through the sights of his rifle Hervey had seen such grace and beauty in horseflesh that his nerve was unsteadied.

  29. The sire was unknown, and Cordova, disgusted at having to accept this wretched horseflesh in place of money, had beaten the six months' old colt soundly and turned it loose in the pasture.

  30. The test, which depends on a color reaction, with iodine has recently been more carefully studied and with more satisfactory results, so that the presence of five per cent of horseflesh can be detected.

  31. Horseflesh is rich in glycogen, and this fact enables its presence in sausage meat to be detected with some amount of certainty.

  32. You can hardly tell it from beef, and they say that in Paris lots of horseflesh is sold as beef.

  33. Horseflesh ain't so bad on a pinch; but I don't want to lose our skins.

  34. Horseflesh is on sale in the West End," says The Daily Telegraph, "and the public analyst at Westminster reports having examined a smoked horseflesh sausage and found it genuine.

  35. Tain't the horseflesh she's after, constable, it's the driver.

  36. The choir had just finished singing "Rock of Ages" as the constable turned his venerable piece of horseflesh into the front yard.

  37. A man will without murmuring live on oatmeal and horseflesh when he is constrained to do so by necessity, but in the ordinary course of life he prefers wheaten bread and beef-steak.

  38. Footnote 16: In passing, I may note that some portions of Lorraine are amongst the richest in horseflesh in all Germany.

  39. Of course, these precautions must not go so far as to endanger the training for service of the squadron, but drill and manoeuvre results at excessive cost of horseflesh must be absolutely condemned.

  40. With all soldiers wearing hobnailed boots, the roads were full of those sharp bits of metal which had caused serious losses of horseflesh through lameness and blood poisoning.

  41. It was an agreeable variation in modern locomotion to be met at a station with high-class horseflesh instead of the ubiquitous motor, and the landscape was not of such a nature that one wished to be whirled through it in a cloud of dust.

  42. There is an exception to this rule in the poet Gordon, as a portion of his writings, the Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes, irresistibly commemorate the national love of horseflesh and outdoor life.

  43. He had observed the extent to which idleness and a love of horseflesh combined to fill the gaols of the country, and in later years this knowledge was confirmed in the course of his long experience as a magistrate.

  44. Not but what, on a bright sunny day, a meet at which equine admirers can show their neat turn-outs and glossy steeds and discuss horseflesh in the general and the particular is a delightful experience.

  45. And it is not the average man who is happy enough to own a stable so full or to boast such ample leisure as to tax his horseflesh to so very slight an extent.

  46. Well--it was much tenderer and better than the last horseflesh to which we had been treated surreptitiously; but I do not crave horseflesh as a regular diet.

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