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Example sentences for "birch"

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  1. It had fallen from a nest (the wind was blowing hard through the young birch trees beside the path) and was sprawling motionless, helpless, on the ground, with its little wings outspread.

  2. Like a forgotten dream it came to him that from the tree top he had seen above the spruce thicket the tops of some white birch trees purpling under the touch of spring.

  3. Eagerly he thrust the birch bark at it; too eagerly, alas, for the bark rubbed out the tiny flame.

  4. He opened the matchbox, took out the match, struck it carefully and laid it among the birch bark.

  5. She might well ask, for never but on Sabbath days, since the day they had laid his mother away under the birch trees, had Allan put foot inside the kirkyard.

  6. Summoning all his powers, he once more pulled out his matchbox, rubbed his birch bark fine and, kneeling down, placed it between his knees under the shelter of his hunting jacket.

  7. The birch bark died as suddenly as it had flared up; he heard her breathing quickly, he saw her great eyes melt away like lustrous stars into the returning gloom, and a wild, irresistible impulse moved him.

  8. The birch flared up suddenly, and he saw the glisten of her hair, the glow of her eyes, and the startled change that came into them when she saw that his own eyes were wide open, and looking up at her.

  9. Redder and redder grew the birch flame that lighted up the profile of the girl's face.

  10. The birch crackled more and more faintly in the fire and sounds died away.

  11. Dazzling white villages were planted at their foot, and all the slopes were covered with olive orchards, while the banks of the stream were bordered with silvery birch trees.

  12. The Guadalquivir, winding in the most sinuous mazes, had no longer a turbid hue; he reflected the blue morning sky, and gleamed brightly between his borders of birch and willow.

  13. By the side of a spring, on the breast of Helvellyn, Under the twigs of a young birch tree!

  14. De Geer having had occasion to cut a branch of birch peopled with one of those families, the mother showed every symptom of excessive uneasiness.

  15. He liked to go there sometimes, they said, to look at the sunset from a big rock that stood in the edge of the white birch woods.

  16. As he gave it to her he explained, "It's the kind they make birch beer of.

  17. The racy, black-birch tang still lingering on her tongue was a flavor quite in harmony with this severely washed feeling.

  18. He is after the second growth, as the young birch and ash are called.

  19. The Indian who hunts after basket stuff or birch bark for a canoe hull is the most patient searcher.

  20. I want to sweep them out with a birch broom.

  21. The papa was glad that the birch was covered with twigs.

  22. The Common Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans) belongs to the northernmost regions, and his favourite haunt is the pine and birch woods of Siberia.

  23. For all offences committed against himself or against any one under his jurisdiction he could subject the guilty ones to corporal punishment not exceeding forty lashes with the birch or fifteen blows with the stick (p.

  24. But not infrequently the birch had to be applied.

  25. Though he had never been a cruel taskmaster, he had not spared the rod when he considered it necessary, and he believed birch twigs to be a necessary instrument in the Russian system of agriculture.

  26. What they feared infinitely more than the birch or the stick was the proprietor's power of giving them or their sons as recruits.

  27. In the Birch Collections at the British Museum there is a transcript of a Table-Book of Robert Sydney, second Earl of Leicester, made by Birch (Add.

  28. Wesakchak picked it up, and saw that a little piece of birch bark was rolled inside.

  29. Write on the birch bark," she said, "and I shall take it to your friend the beaver.

  30. He wrote a message on the birch bark and slipped it in the hollow end of the quill.

  31. He had a lodge made of birch bark that shone like silver in the sun.

  32. If I had the honor of being principal of a college I should no more think of forbidding the pupils to use tobacco than I should think of commanding them not to use the birch for purposes of self-chastisement.

  33. A piece of dry birch bark started the fire, and Daylight went ahead with the cooking while the Indian unloaded the sled and fed the dogs their ration of dried fish.

  34. He goes right slap up to the foot of a birch tree, first pan, fills it with dirt, and washes out more'n a dollar coarse gold.

  35. And I can see my corner lots selling out for more than your hen-scratching ever turned up on Birch Creek.

  36. And I really believe I could put him on to a few wrinkles in poker and placer mining, and maybe in paddling a birch canoe.

  37. But they made no points; no dropping woodcock whistled up from the shelter of birch or alder; no partridge blundered away from bramble covert or willow fringe.

  38. About Philipshaugh, two miles from Selkirk, the trees are in something of large estate, with oak and birch and fir and rowan, making dark shadows in the fair morning, as the historically minded traveler would fain have it.

  39. He held the birch bark up so all could see.

  40. Looks like a strip of fresh birch bark," remarked Giraffe.

  41. No matter what it's built of, canvas, cedar, or birch bark, water in a boat is a bad thing.

  42. That may have been his head, and he managed to cut a hole in the birch bark canoe.

  43. Into the crotch he inserted the birch bark.

  44. Perhaps the one who writes this birch bark message was himself responsible for the sinking of the boat.

  45. He very soon succeeded in procuring a long birch sapling--as long as an ordinary fishing-rod; and having cleared this of its spray, he inserted it into the cave.

  46. The sledge, called saunka, is less than four feet long; and, being made of the lightest birch wood, is of very little weight.

  47. Why is our common yellow birch more often than any other tree planted upon a rock?

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