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  1. In an ordinary biplane there are two beams for each lateral wing, eight beams to the plane.

  2. The biplane is so called because it has two planes or wings, one above the other.

  3. The first fixed machine gun was carried on the upper plane of the biplane so as to shoot over the arc described by the propeller.

  4. An average sized biplane uses less than 500 feet of lumber.

  5. Its course is laid directly for the hostile biplane and it flies like an arrow shot with a clear eye and steady hand.

  6. Eager to atone for his copain's failure, and impatient at his delay in getting out of the way, the tiny biplane tossed and tumbled about in the air like a clown in the circus ring.

  7. Sopwith and Bristol biplane were popular as fighting craft.

  8. You tell Mr. King that I know what a biplane is now.

  9. The biplane took a superb shoot into the air.

  10. You’re going to do,” commended Grimshaw with great satisfaction, as Dave brought the biplane back to earth for the sixth time without jar or injury.

  11. We’ve got a quiet corner over against the hangars, and I want you to put in all your spare time for the next two days on biplane practice.

  12. For a quarter of an hour the biplane soared above the course, made a final stop, and came back to the earth within a few feet of the starting place from its sensational flight in the clouds.

  13. Not but that I believe I could manage a biplane as well as any amateur.

  14. It was not until Dave had a chance at a real biplane that he felt that he had gained a glorious promotion.

  15. The most exquisite little biplane upon which Dave had ever feasted his eyes was revealed to view.

  16. Yes, that’s the biplane I expect to see you handle better than any operator on the field, or I shall be mightily disappointed.

  17. They had to roll fifty feet over the course to escape a collision with a biplane just getting ready for a flight.

  18. You know Boisan never ran his biplane without wearing his padded helmet.

  19. I lost it back of the barn, because a flock of crows came flying along, stretching out for a mile or two; and among the lot I couldn't make out just what was biplane and which was crow.

  20. If you have ever seen a crippled bird trying hard to keep afloat, you can have a pretty good conception of how that biplane dropped lower and lower toward the water.

  21. But just then it happened, fortunately, that the remnant of the biplane began to settle more positively than before, warning him that it was folly to pin any hope on its buoying him up more than a few minutes at most.

  22. Why, sure I hope Frank will discover the thieves, and recover the stuff they've grabbed from the bank; also that he'll have the good luck to get back my biplane without its being badly wrecked.

  23. And sure enough I was just in time to see a biplane pass over at a good height, and head up the lake.

  24. Andy, thrilled by the sight of the other biplane being so near.

  25. Both boys stared at the terrible picture of the descending biplane nearing the heaving surface of the lake.

  26. And now, please tell me what he said about the direction in which the biplane was headed, at the last instant he could see it far away in the distance.

  27. Not a blessed thing; though, to tell the honest truth, I didn't hang around long when I found my biplane was gone.

  28. Because that promises to play quite a figure in the pursuit of the smart thieves; though they may be fifty miles away from here by now, if they know how to handle that fine biplane right.

  29. This served to give Andy a new cause for concentrating his attention on the fleeing biplane once more.

  30. Illustration: A Nieuport Biplane About to Take the Air.

  31. Just beyond it was a smaller and faster biplane painted to represent an army pursuit craft.

  32. The biplane spun downward, smoke and flame shooting from the fuselage.

  33. The biplane quivered as the full strength of the wind whistled through the hangar.

  34. Then the left wing of the biplane tore loose and the ship fluttered aimlessly for a moment before nosing down for the final plunge.

  35. The speedy old biplane had been repainted and now was shining black.

  36. Of course she had never flown one, but it looked like a common biplane only instead of wheels it had pontoons.

  37. The big biplane rolled smoothly ahead, turned its nose into the wind, and started climbing skyward.

  38. A crimson monoplane was being loaded for a run to Kansas City, while a trim, blue biplane was waiting for four passengers for Detroit.

  39. The huge biplane moved slowly as the pilot taxied it out of the hangar.

  40. She lifted the biplane into the air and got altitude in easy circles over the airport.

  41. Charlie had a biplane at Cheyenne and between flights with the huge Federated planes, amused himself by hopping around the countryside and giving lessons to whatever pupils he could pick up.

  42. The blazing biplane roared past her and she pulled the chute ring, using both hands.

  43. Jane watched the biplane closely as it neared the ground.

  44. The pilot banked the great biplane gently and headed away into the east.

  45. Two stars appeared to be descending out of the west and the hulk of a great tri-motor biplane drifted into the brilliant light of the field.

  46. Puss and his old biplane weren't in it again with our dandy little Bug.

  47. And secretly he could echo Andy's wish that the biplane might be temporarily crippled, so as to be unfit for flying.

  48. Frank's first action was to move a lever that would change their course and place the biplane directly behind them.

  49. If only that plagued biplane was in Guinea, how easy we could spiral down and make a landing there!

  50. Take a better look, Andy; don't you see now that it's the same biplane we raced with the day Sandy dropped that bag of sand, hoping to break our winning streak in the dash for Old Thunder Top?

  51. Why, just think, not a soul knew about his old biplane until he had it about done.

  52. Only too well did he know the construction of that same biplane that had in the near past competed with them for honors in the race for Old Thunder Top's crown.

  53. They left the glade in the forest soon after the biplane had started.

  54. After about an hour's hard work Frank managed to get the biplane in decent trim for a flight.

  55. They sat there and watched until the mysterious biplane had completely disappeared in the hazy distance that marked the coming of evening.

  56. But did you hear what he said about going down there to South America, visiting a plantation his mother partly owns and taking his biplane along with him?

  57. And their monoplane was proven to be faster than the big biplane you built, Puss Carberry!

  58. See him point to the biplane and then to us, Andy.

  59. It was then, when the biplane had come quite close to the earth, that he became aware of an exciting chase beneath.

  60. Just by the aerodrome another biplane fluttered down.

  61. They promptly opened fire on the machine, but by this time the biplane was out of their reach.

  62. But she was never satisfied with that and finally obtained permission to fly at the front but in a biplane machine, with a Frenchman as mitrailleuse operator.

  63. It was the proudest day of my life when they gave me my flying ticket and a speedy little Nieuport biplane and said: "Here she is, Boydie.

  64. Then I thought that just riding in a slow old biplane 'bus was a pretty keen proposition.

  65. Down, down shot the little biplane through an obscurity so dense that nothing could be seen in any direction.

  66. It would be the easiest thing in the world, he knew, to smash the biplane in landing, and thus bring disaster at the journey's end.

  67. Still thrilled at the thought of his narrow escape, he sent the biplane climbing higher aloft.

  68. The crowd watched the biplane until it had disappeared in the murky, moisture-laden air.

  69. As a strictly passenger carrying biplane it had never been equalled.

  70. As they approached it, the young aviator made a veer with the biplane that told his companions of a sudden change of purpose.

  71. The biplane started first from the ground.

  72. Out of range of camp, town and the firing limit the splendid biplane sailed.

  73. He routed me up, and I got the Comet out and his biplane in.

  74. The biplane crossed the vast stretch of Canadian wilderness without a mishap.

  75. The biplane was the rushing center of large driving flakes whirling in eddies all about them.

  76. Dave Dashaway came out of the hangar as the assistants ran the biplane towards it.

  77. The champion biplane was sailing over a broad, deep valley two hours after dusk.

  78. With the aid of his companion the biplane was wheeled a few yards along the arcade, where it seemed they must make a camp, at least until the storm abated.

  79. Dave Dashaway realized that the biplane must play a part in his plans if he hoped to succeed in the rescue of young Deane.

  80. Mr. Brackett appeared on the scene early, and went over the biplane he understood so well with the care and anxiety of an automobile owner entering his pet car for a race.

  81. The lamp that the wing of the biplane had overturned had spilled its contents.

  82. He declared the biplane as solid and perfect, after a careful overhauling and repairing, as when the machine had left the original starting place of the great international race around the world.

  83. We won't leave the biplane here any longer than necessary.

  84. Miss Haven said they went off in a great hurry--which was natural, if they thought I had tumbled out of the biplane and been hurt.

  85. The rudders were shifted, and swiftly the biplane mounted through space.

  86. The biplane had been shipped to Ashton by express and their trunks and suit cases had been forwarded on their railroad tickets.

  87. But when the boys were in the biplane and ready to sail away, and he held up a finger with a ring on it and looked at her questioningly--and longingly--she gave a quick little nod of her curly head.

  88. So it was settled that all should travel in the flying machine, and the boys at once set to work to go over the biplane carefully.

  89. He sprang to the front of the biplane to stop the engine, but ere he could do so one of the horses broke away and galloped madly away in the direction of the woods.

  90. We got a note--at least Dora did--stating you had had a fall from the biplane and were hurt.

  91. Gasoline was at hand and also oil, and soon the youths had the engine of the biplane in working order.

  92. This biplane of ours, as you can see, has two surfaces, or decks, an upper and a lower.

  93. Go back home and telephone to the villages and towns in the direction the biplane took.

  94. Grace was on the watch for their return, and as the biplane came down she ran to greet them, and there was a great jollification, the girls laughing and crying by turns.

  95. Tom and Sam and I bought that biplane in New York last week, and a man who knows all about flying is coming out to the farm to teach us how to run it.

  96. The biplane has a stretch from side to side of over thirty feet, and the shed had been cleaned out from end to end to make room for it.

  97. They had to make a circle, and then, with care, Dick brought the biplane down into the roadway.

  98. All wanted Captain Colby to tell them if the biplane could carry three persons.

  99. Auxiliary biplane rudders were fitted originally abaft the after car, but during the first two trial flights they proved so very unsatisfactory that it was decided to remove them.

  100. Triplane rudders and biplane elevators of the box type were fitted in accordance with the German practice of the time.

  101. For instance, the Wright biplane is characterized by warping wing tips and seams of heavy construction, while the surfaces of the Herring-Curtiss machine, are slight and it looks very light and buoyant as if well suited to its element.

  102. The monoplane has single large surfaces like the wings of a bird, the biplane has two large surfaces braced together one over the other.

  103. The Voisin biplane is fashioned after the manner of a box kite and therefore presents vertical surfaces to the air.

  104. In the midst of a small enclosure they saw the air machine--a large-sized biplane of an up-to-date model.

  105. The strange biplane containing the two mysterious men was not in sight.

  106. Like a disabled bird the biplane was wobbling uncertainly in the air.

  107. I'm going to have a look to see if we can find where they landed in the biplane when they came here for their midnight supper.

  108. No it isn't, it's a biplane coming down," called back Jerry.

  109. They were here, with their machine, too, a big biplane named the Silver Star.

  110. In the gathering dusk they looked up to where Jerry pointed and saw a big biplane coming down with a rush, while two frightened figures clung to the seats, one endeavoring to bring up the head planes and avoid smashing to earth.

  111. They were making good speed, though the Wright biplane was creeping up on them, when there sounded on ominous snapping sound from the motor room.

  112. If this could be done the biplane would shoot upward on a slant, and its swift downward flight would be checked.

  113. And though they approached it on a long slant, the floor of vapour rose to meet them like a mighty rushing wave: in a trice the biplane was hovering instantaneously before plunging on down into that cold, grey world of fog.

  114. Avoiding the faces of his sweetheart and the Englishman, he turned aside, put forth a hand blindly to a wing of the biplane to steady himself, and stood with head bowed and limbs trembling.

  115. The biplane makes a very effective toy, but is omitted here because it is somewhat difficult to construct.

  116. Gliders may be either of the monoplane or biplane type.

  117. Can you get me a Curtiss biplane in an hour, and a man about six feet tall who weighs about a hundred and sixty pounds?

  118. The storm struck the biplane with full force.

  119. Tommy opened the throttle to the limit, zooming, and, like a spurred horse, the biplane shot forward and upward.

  120. Captain Walki was assigned to the duty, and to the biplane which Henri was to pilot.

  121. They noted that the mighty flyer, of biplane type, was fitted with four German Daimler engines, had double control, with two steering wheels, while each of the four engines drove a separate propeller.

  122. Happening to glance sidewise through the windows of the pilot house, the last speaker saw a biplane lifting from the level between the two forts.

  123. The Odier-Vendome biplane was a curious bat-winged pusher biplane built 1909.

  124. The Compton-Paterson biplane was very similar to the early Curtiss pusher; it had a 50 h.

  125. The Dunne biplane was another British attempt at inherent stability.

  126. France constructed in 1909 a biplane which did fairly well.

  127. The Lohner Arrow biplane with the Daimler engine was an early German tractor biplane built with a view to inherent stability, and proved very successful.

  128. Then the miniature Maurice-Farman type biplane of the "Circuit of Britain.

  129. The Howard Wright biplane was a pusher with large lifting monoplane tail.

  130. Green engines, to his successful tractor biplane with the same 35 h.

  131. The gun-carrier was produced about the same time, and the later tractor biplane in a development of the famous 80 h.

  132. The Savary biplane took part in the French Military Trials, 1911.

  133. The Macfie biplane was a conventional biplane with 50 h.

  134. In spite of a warm greeting from the anti-aircraft guns, for mushrooms of white smoke was bursting all around it, the biplane circled serenely.

  135. Right over the debris of the German biplane she waddled, crushing metal and wood into an unrecognizable pulp, and then thrust her blunt nose into the outer line of barbed wire.

  136. With a sickening crash a biplane came to earth, right in the path of the moving Tank.

  137. The Giant Biplane had a wing spread of 137.

  138. I started to ask him if he had seen the biplane fall, when he swung back abruptly and gripped me by the arm.

  139. A second later the biplane burst into flames and fell.

  140. The money was paid over, and the Rover boys gave the purchaser a bill of sale, and he departed without delay, stating he wished to make arrangements for shipping the wrecked biplane away.

  141. Very well, you may go, and in your biplane if you deem it safe," said the worthy doctor.

  142. The locomotive struck the Dartaway, and the next instant the biplane was smashed to pieces, the broken parts flying in all directions!

  143. Dick, as the biplane came to earth at the spot where they had landed before.

  144. I'm sorry the biplane was wrecked, but glad you escaped," said Songbird, earnestly.

  145. And then she playfully boxed his ear, at which he chased her around the biplane and gave her a hearty smack just below her own pretty ear.

  146. But the railroad has got to pay for the biplane it smashed.

  147. The flat car was stopped in front of the barn, and after some trouble the remains of the biplane were transferred to the structure.

  148. Then, of a sudden, all three set up a shout: "The biplane is gone!

  149. We might have gotten our biplane off the track, if you had halted the train," returned Dick.

  150. Another fitful gust struck the Dartaway and for one brief moment it looked as if the biplane would be turned over.

  151. Sam and Tom returned to the biplane and gave the motor a brief "try-out," which noise reached Dick's ears just as he was trying to break away from Dora.

  152. With the biplane off their minds, the Rovers rejoined their friends in the automobile, and took a run through the country for fifty miles or more.

  153. And be careful that the biplane isn't damaged in unloading.

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