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Example sentences for "bipedal"

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  1. Every one must have heard or have read of the supposed perfect adaptation of the human frame to bipedal locomotion and to an upright attitude, as well as the advantages which we gain by this erect position.

  2. Had he been created an erect, bipedal animal, as we find him, his structure would have been not in partial, but in perfect, adaptation to the conditions of that attitude.

  3. The first great gain of arboreal life on bipedal erect lines (not after the quadrupedal fashion of tree-sloths, for instance) was the emancipation of the hand.

  4. Among the supposed bipedal tracks, a single distinct example only has been observed of feet in which there are four toes directed forwards.

  5. The bipedal impressions are for the most part trifid, and show the same number of joints as exist in the feet of living tridactylous birds.

  6. Therefore in this bipedal group the biradial or bilateral type of the #Spyroidea# is particularly expressed.

  7. One is drawn in the conventional bipedal or standing posture while the other is in a quadrupedal pose or walking position, sustaining or balancing the fore part of the body on a muddy surface with its fore feet.

  8. In appearance most of these small dinosaurs must have suggested long-legged bipedal lizards, running and walking on their hind limbs, with the long tail stretched out behind to balance the body.

  9. The ancestors of the Theropoda appear first in the Triassic period, already of large size, but less completely bipedal than their successors.

  10. Have you had any reports on a new species--a bipedal one?

  11. In the close-ups, he could see the bipedal beasts wielding cutting instruments.

  12. Sunrise brought him alert with a jerk, frowning at sight of two pinkish, bipedal Arzian fishermen posted on the tiny coral islet a quarter-mile offshore, their blank triangular faces turned stolidly toward the beach.

  13. Illustration: There were two pinkish, bipedal fishermen on the tiny islet.

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