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Example sentences for "bipartite"

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  1. He was born in the form of creation, and it is he that is settled in everything in the universe; and caused this earth to appear from the bipartite mundane egg, as also the water which is twice as much as the land.

  2. We shall now show him our prowess, that he may never think of despising our great powers even by a contemptuous look, for though the god feigns to be single and naked, yet we know he is bipartite with his consorts Uma forming his better half.

  3. So says the sruti: The one is no dual nor a bipartite thing.

  4. It is difficult to imagine what advantage or disadvantage might be associated with the bipartite or with the undivided condition.

  5. The undivided muscle in these birds resembles, in its origin and position, the posterior portion of the muscle found in those species showing the bipartite condition.

  6. The action of this muscle is to rotate the femur (right femur clockwise, left femur counterclockwise), and certainly the greater mass of the bipartite muscle could lend greater strength to such action.

  7. The greater mass of the bipartite muscle probably makes possible a stronger extension of the tarsometatarsus.

  8. The bipartite character of Rossetti's sonnets is marked, in editions of his poems, by the printing of the octave and sestet with a space between them.

  9. Keats's sonnets are for the most part regular in both rime-scheme and bipartite structure; but a number of the posthumous sonnets are in the English form.

  10. It represents a common form of the bipartite structure, where the octave is a narrative, and the sestet a comment upon what has been narrated.

  11. The present specimen (which competes with the more familiar sonnet on Chapman's Homer for the chief place among those of Keats) is a particularly good example of the bipartite structure and its organic relation to the thought of the sonnet.

  12. We read in it moreover a bipartite division of Mensuration or Arithmetic,[10] which is quite different from the bipartite division just cited out of the Politikus.

  13. This anomaly is usually associated with bipartite or double uterus.

  14. She had menstruated from this bipartite uterus three times during the period between the miscarriage of the twins and the birth of the child.

  15. Figure 150 represents a transverse section of a bipartite uterus with a double vagina.

  16. The road soon descends to the fine vale of Brecon, grandly accompanied by a semicircular range of mountains; where, proudly rising in superior majesty, the Van rears its furrowed and bipartite summit high above the clouds.

  17. Otherwise, stanzas like these might be looked upon as bipartite unequal-membered stanzas, with which, indeed, they stand in close relationship.

  18. This important class of bipartite unequal-membered anisometrical stanzas was very much in vogue in the Middle English period.

  19. Sometimes it is doubtful whether these stanzas belong to the bipartite or to the tripartite class, on account of the variety of rhymes in the frons.

  20. But as they mostly consist of two quite unequal parts, they certainly stand in a closer relationship to the bipartite stanzas.

  21. The simplest bipartite equal-membered stanza is that of two isometrical verses only.

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