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Example sentences for "bipeds"

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  1. The bipeds talked from their heads and saw only what lay before them.

  2. It wasn't that I was naive or hadn't seen bipeds before.

  3. The animals, motionless among the blocks of basalt, gazed with an astonished eye, as if they saw human bipeds for the first time.

  4. As to the health of the members of the colony, bipeds or bimana, quadrumana or quadrupeds, it left nothing to be desired.

  5. Swarms of cigar-smoking bipeds were lounging edgeways from the cafes and billiard rooms.

  6. How, oh, how could he say that the miry, inarticulate bipeds who trotted dog-like at his heels did their work avec élicatesse?

  7. These bipeds of their folly tell us, While thus pretending to excel us.

  8. No demagogue bipeds were permitted to fatten at the public crib--no droning sinecures were lounging under the mantle of government.

  9. The atmosphere was becoming rather too highly charged with patriotic fire to be comfortably inhaled by the governor and the bipeds of the crown.

  10. In that dimension of being even featherless bipeds can soar and sing with a good grace.

  11. Rhadampsicus inspected the minds of the bipeds inside it.

  12. The other bipeds are being unkind to my pets!

  13. Nodalictha, naturally, would not enter the minds of the male bipeds on the inner planet.

  14. He shifted his thought to another and another of the bipeds in the ship's company.

  15. But about that foolish sentinel story: A beast that cannot tell an oomiak full of bipeds, or these same bipeds with guns or cameras from a fellow walrus at the distance of ten yards, doesn't plan and place a relay of watchmen.

  16. And I don't believe there is one of those horrible, malodorous little human bipeds with his deadly bang-stick within a hundred miles of us.

  17. The evenings are terribly lonely, and I am beginning to long for the society of bipeds of my own class.

  18. Here they are so unlike ours, that it is inexplicable how, in a ten hours' journey, one finds the featherless bipeds to be so utterly different from those in Paris.

  19. I spent four days in absolute solitude, without seeing a man, much less a woman, for I do not call men and women certain bipeds who are trained to fetch food and drink when they are ordered to do so.

  20. Bell got pictures of one of the small, furry bipeds that Cochrane and Holden had spied when Babs was with them.

  21. Babs, too, spotted one of the small, foot-high furry bipeds feasting gluttonously on small round objects that grew from the base of a small tree instead of on its branches.

  22. The pictures of foot-high furry bipeds on the glacier planet had made a sensation on television.

  23. Their cautious behavior proved to me that these winged creatures knew where they stood on bipeds of our species, and I concluded that if this island wasn't inhabited, at least human beings paid it frequent visits.

  24. It was a menagerie of garmented bipeds that looked something like humans and more like beasts, and to complete the picture, brass-buttoned keepers kept order among them when they snarled too fiercely.

  25. They come from a race of successful and predatory bipeds who stand between the worker and his wages, and they try to tell the worker what he shall do with the pitiful balance left to him.

  26. The frequent delivery of his elaborate speech, before an audience of feathered bipeds and amphibious quadrupeds, had fully prepared M.

  27. If we cast our eyes lakewards we became conscious that we were bipeds requiring something floatable to bear us over the water.

  28. No wonder they turn to universal lungs and come on the table pathetic carcasses, painful relics, poultryitic proof that bipeds fare best when sound is sacrificed to substance.

  29. Yet we have faith, remembering that the colored bipeds are much higher in the market than the quadrupeds.

  30. In 1852 came the "Betting Book," against both drink and betting; this has a drawing of two wonderfully knowing fox-faced bipeds contemplating a row of geese absorbed in the perusal of the betting lists.

  31. With shut eyes one can still see his ogre swearing at the razor-crop, and his strong man marching off with all the wealth of the King of Fair-Flower, while the champion blower with one good blast makes bipeds of horses and kites of men.

  32. Ahead the blue bipeds stood holding artifacts that the Triomed did not for an instant doubt were weapons.

  33. Ahead of him a line of bipeds all clothed in identical blue sacs of fabric had formed, spilling from the vehicles as they halted.

  34. Presently he came upon a street where streams of bipeds jostled one another, each seemingly intent upon its own particular incomprehensible errands.

  35. He noted for the first time that he towered head and shoulders over most of the bipeds nearby, and his host's brain interpreted the smells of hate and fear all about him.

  36. A score or more of armed bipeds blocked him into a triangular corner of the roof.

  37. Behind them walked Gert, armed with a formidable thorn tack in case any of the aggressive bipeds should assail them in preference to being fooled by the diversion aforesaid.

  38. This is probably an ancient custom, originating from a deputation of flies waiting upon the authorities, and binding themselves by treaty to leave the bipeds in peace if they would allow them the unmolested torture of the quadruped.

  39. His company consisted of seventy-five bipeds and one hundred and twenty-five quadrupeds.

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