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  1. At the same moment, the invading biplanes also had a reminder to hurry from the fortress they were leaving behind.

  2. The four biplanes returned that very night to the besieged fortress, from which two of the machines were destined to leave in short order on a most important and perilous journey.

  3. The moon was working full time when the biplanes set their course, following the turnpike toward La Fere.

  4. With the aviators up the biplanes scudded down the field for the rise, and got away upon almost equal terms, the German drivers slightly in the lead, through better acquaintance with the lay of the ground.

  5. Flying lower and lower, the two biplanes were sweeping within earshot of the terraced heights along the river front, and though now of dim vision, searching parties could be seen flashing lights up and down the ground tiers.

  6. WITH the arrival of the biplanes from the factory, the Boy Aviators were kept busy with brief test flights over valley and plain, awaiting the convenience of Roque for the wider sweep he was planning.

  7. Above a farm, which had practically been razed, and on the edge of a ruined district, both Roque and Schneider signaled the pilots to lower the flight, and the biplanes circled groundward, landing near a row of stunted willow trees.

  8. Four military biplanes twelve hours hence lay in readiness to start for the Cossack roundup.

  9. A wire to Friedrichshaven had started on the way the makes of biplanes that Billy called "Roque's best bet" since the day of the famous race over Lake Constance.

  10. Billy and Henri could see no opening where two full length military biplanes could alight without notice, and not a morsel of encouragement to try for negotiation on the quiet with the disguised secret agent who had summoned them.

  11. Five biplanes were off at the signal, and winging their way in perfect alignment.

  12. An observer was secured from among the young officers in the camp, and Stanislaws himself piloted one of the biplanes on the return journey to the fortress.

  13. A sharp order advised the pilots to send the biplanes farther aloft, and circle.

  14. It having been determined to regularly use both biplanes in the carrying service, the detail at last put the boys together in the same machine, with Stanislaws and Schneider manning the other.

  15. There are several other makes of biplanes that could be described to advantage but space prevents it, and the descriptions here given serve to illustrate the principle of the biplane type of aeroplane.

  16. The machine is balanced by a warping system much like that on the Wright biplanes we know so well.

  17. The later Wright biplanes were equipped with rubber-tired wheels mounted on the framework, which still retained the skids.

  18. Curtiss has been experimenting with hydro-aeroplanes for several years, but before actually completing one he conducted a number of experiments with ordinary biplanes in the vicinity of Hampton Roads, Va.

  19. Records show that so far monoplanes are the faster of the two types, but biplanes can be fitted with hydro-aeroplane floats, whereas it is impractical with most monoplanes.

  20. In some of the later Farman biplanes the two vertical surfaces were done away with in favour of a single one, extending between the centres of the two horizontal surfaces of the tail.

  21. This was such a success that it was used in subsequent models, and the present-day Wright biplanes have no forward lifting plane at all--the horizontal plane at the rear serving as the elevator and also as the fore and aft balancer.

  22. In some later Curtiss biplanes these ailerons were replaced by others, like flaps attached to the rear outer edges of the main planes.

  23. In ten years more we may look back to our monoplanes and biplanes of to-day in the same way we do now on the first cumbersome 'horseless carriages' that were replaced by the high-powered automobiles we know now.

  24. Most Farman biplanes these days are driven by the well known 7-cylinder Gnome rotary air-cooled engines, set at the rear of the main plane.

  25. Both of these aviators took up their Wright biplanes when the wind was blowing so fiercely that they could hardly turn the pylons.

  26. The enormous difference in the speeds of monoplanes and biplanes can be best seen at a race meeting at some aerodrome.

  27. The most striking distinction between this and other biplanes is that its wings or planes, instead of reaching from side to side of the engine, stretch back in the form of the letter V, with the point of the V to the front.

  28. Recently however, much faster biplanes have been built, and they bid fair to rival the swiftest monoplanes in speed.

  29. One by one the pilots stepped in, and one by one the little biplanes moved swiftly across the field, rose, dipped slightly, rose again, and then mounted higher and higher into the gray sky.

  30. Far within the German lines several of the enemy's artillery biplanes are flying low.

  31. Farman established a factory and began to produce biplanes in considerable numbers; Bleriot had received orders for monoplanes after the cross-Channel flight; and the Voisins were building too.

  32. Our Spad biplanes were drawn up in two long rows, outside the hangars.

  33. Biplanes of the Farman and Voisin type would make excellent family cars, quite safe for women to drive.

  34. Sikorsky also designed several smaller machines, tractor biplanes on the lines of the British B.

  35. The French were still pinning their faith mainly to monoplanes, while the Germans were beginning to come into prominence with both monoplanes and biplanes of the 'Taube' type.

  36. In the case of the biplanes exhibited this averaged about 4 1/2 lbs.

  37. These had obvious disadvantages, but the standardisation of design and mass production of the German factories kept them in the field for a considerable period, and they flew side by side with tractor biplanes of improved design.

  38. It was mainly composed of Maurice Farman two-seater biplanes and Bleriot monoplanes--the latter type banned for a period on account of a number of serious accidents that took place in 1912.

  39. So overwhelming was the force of American flyers, all armed with machine guns, that the Germans scarcely disputed the mastery of the air, and about seventy of their old-fashioned eagle type biplanes were soon destroyed.

  40. For many years the great problem in aviation was to get an engine of sufficient lightness and power to propel monoplanes, biplanes and multiplanes at an upward angle through the air.

  41. The three British biplanes crossed, recrossed, and circled at such a speed over Friedrichshafen that many onlookers thought there were six of them.

  42. This order altered the scheme for the army manoeuvres, where it had been intended to allot a squadron of monoplanes to one force and a squadron of biplanes to the other, in order to compare results.

  43. From sketches made by Mr. Horace Short, they built six biplanes to the order of the Wrights.

  44. Flying in perfect V-shaped formation, and at a low altitude that made the airmen more certain of hitting their objectives, were eleven biplanes standing out sharply against the star-lit sky.

  45. Panic-stricken, the grey-bearded and bald-headed guards deserted their posts and bolted precipitately, as if by running they could outstrip a squadron of biplanes moving at a hundred miles an hour.

  46. They were planes of the larger type, biplanes or triplanes carrying two men, usually equipped with two motors and heavily laden with high explosive bombs.

  47. The Germans have built great biplanes with two fuselages, or bodies, armoured, carrying two machine guns and one automatic rifle to each body.

  48. Several biplanes and monoplanes took part in this.

  49. Some are going to use the familiar type of biplanes and, as you can see, there is no secret about them.

  50. Then he found himself associated with an enterprise in which a number of "pusher" biplanes were employed, and he decided that it would be useful for him to become accustomed to this type of machine.

  51. A big man, and one whom it might be thought would have been clumsy in the handling of an aeroplane, he piloted the biplanes of his own construction with a remarkable skill.

  52. After leaving that town the rival biplanes were to circle the peak of Old Thunder Top three times, and last of all make a landing on the campus.

  53. Instantly the whirr of the motors was heard, and with a rush along the ground the contesting biplanes started upon the long race!

  54. As often happens, the German biplanes are ranged one above the other, like the tiers of a dress-circle.

  55. Two thousand feet below three biplanes were approaching the wood from the south.

  56. I saw one of our biplanes bring one of the enemies to earth; the other escaped.

  57. Toward evening I went up and found our biplanes everywhere around Verdun.

  58. There were four or five other German biplanes there; I also noticed several French battleplanes at a distance.

  59. One of the biplanes saw me--it seems they go along to protect the others--and he attacked me from above.

  60. The upshoot of the biplanes presented a spectacular leave-taking to the horsemen, and they raised their lances on high in appreciation of the show.

  61. The young aviators had hardly completed the housing of the biplanes when they were accosted by a loutish lad attired in a smock-frock and leather leggins.

  62. The last words of the captain had been for his companions to make for the biplanes when shooting commenced.

  63. The arrangement was that two biplanes were to go, it being deemed essential that there be carried one observer vested with the authority of the military branch.

  64. But in less than three hours the biplanes had swept across the river mentioned by the Turkoman as the place of meeting with Nikita, and onrushed, with occasional deviations right and left from straight course, at hurricane speed.

  65. The vessel was steaming into Vloclavek harbor when the onrushing biplanes neared this port.

  66. While the scout-messengers were waiting for their orders, the boys put the biplanes in flying trim, and the party were off for the frozen north within the hour.

  67. The upshot of it was that in the late afternoon of the day fixed for the undertaking, two biplanes rose high above the Aegean sea, high enough to make them appear as mere specks in the sky.

  68. Several times in the lower strata the circling biplanes were jarred and dangerously shaken by the concussion of the tremendous gun-play.

  69. When the biplanes had winged their way along the flow of the Neva to the fixed point for the flight's finish, there was goodly margin on the right side of the time limit.

  70. Two biplanes awaited them before the arsenal.

  71. While in flight above the lines he came upon four big biplanes of the enemy, flying in single file, one behind the other.

  72. Biplanes of this type now carried their engines in the fuselage bow with the pilot's seat just behind it, while instead of the front elevating plane of the earlier models, the elevating surfaces were at the rear of the fixed tail plane.

  73. Many of the biplanes of 1911 had adopted the idea and in consequence began to take on a more modern appearance.

  74. And the machines themselves were good enough--sturdy biplanes intended to be maids-of-all-work over the front lines.

  75. One development in the biplanes of 1911 cannot be passed over, for it bears a very interesting relation to their efficiency as war machines.

  76. The men who, in the first frail monoplanes and biplanes attempted to fly the British Channel, or to make dangerous cross-country flights under adverse weather conditions were heroes indeed.

  77. The swept-back, curved wings of these standard biplanes won them the name of Taube or "dove.

  78. The Breguet was one of these progressive type biplanes of 1911.

  79. The first gray hues of morning were just diffusing a lighter pallor and the stars were already dimming when on the deserted levels in front of the hangars the biplanes finally came to rest.

  80. When they reached the gravelly levels near the hangars, two of the largest biplanes in the aerodrome were already drawn up ready.

  81. In another minute both big biplanes were lost to sight, so swiftly did they vanish in a easterly course under the starlit heavens, shimmer of gray haze hugging the lower just above the earth.

  82. As far as biplanes are concerned the Caudron is the fastest in flight and is likewise extremely quick in manoeuvring.

  83. As is well known the Farman biplanes possess high endurance qualities.

  84. Punctually at the appointed time the first of the biplanes left the aerodrome, followed at stated intervals by the rest.

  85. This time they flew alone, for the remaining British biplanes that had taken part in the raid had already left.

  86. Already the leading biplanes were far beyond the maze of buildings, so it was evident that the city was not Berlin.

  87. Already he had two Hun biplanes to his credit, and was one of the most reckless flying men of that particular squadron.

  88. One division of the biplanes had flown over the southern environs of Berlin; the other over the northern; now both were turning inwards and just holding their own against the wind.

  89. Biplanes have two supporting surfaces, one above the other.

  90. Biplanes are not naturally as stable laterally as the monoplane.

  91. Various Forms of Flying Machines Helicopters, Ornithopters and Aeroplanes-- Monoplanes, Biplanes and Triplanes.

  92. Among the comparatively new biplanes is one constructed by Willard F.

  93. While all biplanes are of the same general construction so far as the main planes are concerned, each aviator has his own ideas as to the "rigging.

  94. Makers of monoplanes and biplanes alike adhere to curved bodies, with the concave surface facing downward.

  95. A number of biplanes and monoplanes were circling about, and the big crowd in attendance leaped to its feet in astonishment at the sight of the young millionaire's new and powerful craft.

  96. Though we expect, later, to give your students a practical demonstration in how the biplanes are put together, so they may understand something of how to make repairs.

  97. But the army men had made a study of air currents, and the management of biplanes and monoplanes, and were equal to Mr. Vardon in this respect.

  98. Paul found it easier than he expected, and he said, in spite of her bulk, that the Abaris really steered easier than one of the smaller biplanes they had gotten used to at Kentfield.

  99. They tried to shout what were probably congratulations, or questions, at the trans-continental party, but the motors of the small biplanes made such a racket it was impossible to hear.

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