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Example sentences for "birched"

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  1. The following day another girl was birched in school, and at night Minette proposed to Ethel that they should go into the next dormitory, after the lights were extinguished, and see what was going on, as the birched girl slept there.

  2. Tusser, who was seized as a Singing boy for the King’s Chapel, lets us know that he got well birched at Eton.

  3. He used to say that if a picture of an Eton boy being birched were published in the Illustrated London News no boy would ever be birched again, and I believe that he tried to get either Mr Latey or Mr Shorter to insert such a picture.

  4. I'll not be birched four times a week for merely tripping on a word, and have nothing to show for it but stripes.

  5. Messa had to cut off the legs of his trousers above the knees, in order to patch the portion covering that part of his anatomy on which boys are birched at school.

  6. Their names were Jakin and Lew - Piggy Lew and they were bold, bad drummer-boys, both of them frequently birched by the Drum-Major of the Fore and Aft.

  7. But the good lady, who had birched the Man of Destiny at the age of sixteen for grimacing at his grandmother, was neither dazzled nor deceived by him at the age of thirty-two.

  8. She birched her sons; on one occasion she birched Napoleon when he was sixteen.

  9. And without a word further he led him into his private room, where, as was generally understood in the school, he birched the worst offenders.

  10. I retired after this, but ever afterwards the doctor was regularly birched before he could even copulate once.

  11. After this she had had a vast variety of youths, fathers of families, and old worn-out patients, whom she birched into action.

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