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Example sentences for "birdcage"

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  1. Birdcage Walk by St. James's Park takes its name from an aviary which has been here from the time of James I.

  2. In York Street to the south of Birdcage Walk, where the Queen Anne Mansions are to-day was the house to which Milton removed in 1651.

  3. Illustration: "Shelves and birdcage had all disappeared.

  4. Shelves and birdcage had all disappeared.

  5. The tall man with the nervous, irritable face and the little girl with the birdcage in her hand.

  6. I can't imagine how anyone who has seen that ducky child with her birdcage could have had the heart to steal her canary.

  7. Some two hours later, Tom Ryfe found himself pacing to and fro under the trees in the Birdcage Walk, with a happier heart, though it beat so fast, than had been within his waistcoat for weeks.

  8. Yes; one of the men did remember a stout lady in a red shawl, with a baby and a birdcage and a crowd of boxes, who had gone by the second-class.

  9. No, nothing else, except an old birdcage (I wonder how that ever came there!

  10. Take care of the birdcage in my hand, will you?

  11. The Guards Barracks, known as the Wellington Barracks, face Birdcage Walk.

  12. The origin of the name of Birdcage Walk has been disputed.

  13. Westminster Hospital originated in 1715 at a small house in Birdcage Walk from which outdoor relief was administered.

  14. I had just been calling in at the Horse-Guards for a chat, my business completed, the excitement over, and was proceeding westward on foot along the Birdcage Walk, when I began to feel nervous and done up.

  15. Yet, all this time, I knew I was in the Birdcage Walk.

  16. Accordingly, the next morning I drove down to Birdcage Walk, and found Erskine sitting in his library, with the forged picture of Willie Hughes in front of him.

  17. Finally the birdcage was withdrawn again, and as it was passed before the light of the lantern he saw that it was empty, whereas previously it had contained a number of tiny birds all huddled up together!

  18. Now, to the watcher's unbounded astonishment, Ah Fu placed the birdcage in the opening, and apparently reclosed the trap in the end of the coffin.

  19. Purchases apparently were always made after dusk, and Ah Fu with his birdcage was due that evening.

  20. I left the hospital between, eleven and twelve o'clock, and crossing the park by Birdcage Walk I noticed that flags were flying on Buckingham Palace and church bells ringing everywhere.

  21. As he went home by Birdcage Walk the park was still heavy with sleep, and its homeless wanderers had not yet risen from their couches on the seats.

  22. At the western end is Buckingham Palace; and on the southern side, Birdcage Walk, and the Wellington Barracks.

  23. The southern avenue was appropriated to aviaries; hence it derived the appellation Birdcage Walk.

  24. They left the white house with the green balcony hung out like a birdcage at the side, and turned into the cottage at Hampstead.

  25. She would see the row of elms and the white wall at the end with the green balcony hung out like a birdcage above the green door.

  26. Yet it was not a shabby street, for there are none such in Paris; all was neat and clean, and as I caught sight of a birdcage hanging in one of the windows and a basket of ferns in another I was reassured and rang the bell.

  27. Details are tiresome--so suffice it to say that next day the birdcage was lowered that I might divide my apple with Dickie (for he was very fond of apple).

  28. As she passed into Birdcage Walk, and came close to the little iron gate which Mrs. Panfillen had told her was unlocked, she saw that a woman stood on the path of the tiny garden behind the railings.

  29. There was one thing which Althea greatly envied Mrs. Panfillen, and that was nothing personal to herself; it was simply the tiny formal garden which divided the house in Old Queen Street from Birdcage Walk.

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