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Example sentences for "dessert"

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desquels; dess; dessay; dessein; dessen; desserts; dessertspoon; dessertspoonful; dessertspoonfuls; dessicated
  1. In the mean time the dessert had been put upon the table, and the minister had opened a second bottle with a certain solemnity; the lady had left them, and ordered coffee to be served in a garden-house.

  2. Love is a most acceptable dessert after the dinner of life.

  3. VI Robin had hardly reached his room after supper and a little dessert in the parlour, before Merton came in.

  4. The four found themselves so much at ease here, that the dessert was brought in to them where they sat; and it was then that the first unhappy word was spoken.

  5. As the dessert appeared, I tried to open conversation.

  6. Had not the dessert been brought in, we would never have gotten to the end of these stupidities.

  7. I had not the wisdom to refrain, therefore I was compelled to imitate the folly of my friends; at dessert I even abused the invitation, and too often sought to drown sorrow in the ruby cup.

  8. At dessert you always give us a dish of paradoxes.

  9. When dessert was about coming, everything thing got lifted from the table, and before you could say "Jack Robinson" off whisked the cloth.

  10. By dessert everything was lively again, and dinner ended by Mr. Doran singing "The hounds of the Meynell," with one foot on the table as gay as a lark.

  11. Enormously stout, in pink satin, with quite bare neck and arms; the Vicomte said that the lions had to be surfeited with food beforehand, to keep them from taking their dessert off this tempting morsel.

  12. The dessert dishes and glasses were still on the table, and she had stepped out cautiously and timidly to fetch them.

  13. Dinner was served on white and gold china, with a dessert service of light blue with green flowers, but they showed us another service in earthenware for everyday use.

  14. At last, when the dessert was on the table, he recommenced the scene of the night before.

  15. The dessert passed off well; the libations were plentiful.

  16. These are dessert apples ready to pick in August and September, and are not stored.

  17. These may be served either warm or cold as a breakfast dish, or they may be sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with cream for a dessert or a luncheon dish.

  18. Some of them, particularly rice, are often used with meat or cheese in making an entree or in combination with eggs, milk, fruit, or various flavorings as a dessert to be served with a heavy or a light meal.

  19. Not so very long since they were used almost entirely for dessert purposes, now they are largely used in making pastries and confections of different kinds.

  20. Only the cheaper, inferior grades of nuts can be used in oil-making, as the larger and better quality of nuts are worth too much for dessert purposes.

  21. A simple way of preparing them for a dessert is to peel the oranges so as to remove outer layer of pulp, then remove each section from pulp.

  22. Put alternately into dessert dish a layer of oranges sprinkled with powdered sugar and a layer of shredded cocoanut.

  23. Cheese Omelet is made by mixing in grated cheese--a dessert spoonful for each egg.

  24. Stir in a dessert spoonful flour and allow to brown.

  25. Take much the same ingredients as above, but beat yolks and whites together, and add one tablespoonful milk, and a level dessert spoonful flour for each egg.

  26. We had good plain puddings and black coffee for dessert every day, and quite wonderful roast Pomeranian goose and Eistorte with whipped cream on Sundays.

  27. One contained soup, the next meat, the third vegetable, while bread or dessert reposed in the top.

  28. No spread of fruit, nor dessert of any kind, but a bout at card-playing, or dice for those who prefer it.

  29. Stewed pears with a thick syrup make a fine dessert dish accompanied with cake.

  30. This can be used as a dessert by serving a sweet sauce with it.

  31. They are passed to each person half filled with water, placed on a parti-colored napkin with a dessert plate underneath, when the dessert is placed upon the table.

  32. They all make a very delicious dessert when served with a pitcher of fresh sweet cream, when obtainable.

  33. To lay a dessert for a small entertainment and a few guests outside of the family, it may consist simply of two dishes of fresh fruit in season, two of dried fruits and two each of cakes and nuts.

  34. This dessert can be made very conveniently without much preparation.

  35. When served for dessert or supper put a spoonful of jelly on each.

  36. Dessert over, he beckoned me into his study.

  37. It is not for me to decide whether this diet is wholesome or not; all I can say is, that I was desperately hungry, and that at dessert I swallowed to the very last gulp of a thick broth made from buckwheat.

  38. For dessert he gave us a few cups of coffee, and never was coffee so delicious.

  39. We were having lemon jelly for dessert when the question came up.

  40. We had tombstone for dessert (milk and gelatin flavoured with vanilla).

  41. We had delicious pink ice-cream for dessert last night.

  42. Yesterday we thought we had escaped the Chancellor, but he came at dessert and prolonged our dinner, eating much at his ease in his usual dirty manner.

  43. The Queen complained of the heat, and at dessert said to the Duchess that if she had eaten enough it would be a mercy if she might leave the table.

  44. There was something in the blue eyes which compelled obedience, and the dessert progressed without another word of remonstrance.

  45. The table was cleared and the dessert was grapes and melons, yellow-hearted cantelopes and rosy watermelons, and they snapped seeds at one another, a rather rude play, which made a great deal of dodging.

  46. Jetty, a half Indian woman, waited on the table, and when the meats were taken out and the dessert brought in there was Daffodil's beautiful cake with the seven candles all alight.

  47. Phyl watched the crumbs being swept up, she watched the cloth being taken off and the wine and dessert placed in the good old fashion, on the polished mahogany, then leaving the gentlemen to their wine, she retired upstairs and to her bedroom.

  48. He lit another cigarette whilst Hennessey, putting on his glasses and pushing his dessert plate away, spread the will on the table.

  49. In storing dessert apples these directions are even more important.

  50. Dessert Apples—some of the fine-flavoured varieties.

  51. It may be noted that although good cider—even the best—can be made from dessert and culinary fruit, yet dessert pears are not well adapted for perry, as their produce is usually watery, and does not fine well.

  52. As farmers, we might well afford them a dessert of small fruit for the good they do in destroying slugs and snails.

  53. Pears for dessert are very numerous, and each year adds to the list.

  54. After dessert the detective was presented with the minute-book of the Club, which had been kept in cipher by the Hon.

  55. Sweets demanded a waltz, cheese nothing more than a negro melody; but with wine and dessert were combined all the possibilities of Grand Opera.

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