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Example sentences for "culinary"

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  1. I had the perseverance to sit out this elaborate culinary exhibition; an exertion which is, however, by no means required of any one, by the observance of Turkish courtesy.

  2. Most of the birds had two eggs in a well-advanced stage of incubation, and it was a difficult task to find a sufficient number fresh enough for culinary purposes.

  3. There is an old saying which celebrates, and also exaggerates, the culinary virtues of the Lapwing and its brother bird, the Plover: "He who has never eaten either the Plover or the Lapwing does not know what game is.

  4. The Romans, however, far from sharing the views of the Jewish legislator, considered it a great culinary luxury.

  5. In former times it was much sought after, but not exactly for its culinary qualities.

  6. Some kinds, which are utterly devoid of any culinary properties, are furnished with a plumage to which ladies owe some of their most brilliant adornments.

  7. In parts of the world, in this state it is much employed for culinary purposes.

  8. Thus we should find it impossible to roast a joint of meat by the sun’s rays, though it is so easily done by culinary heat.

  9. Olive oil is that which is best adapted to culinary purposes.

  10. These are processes which you may see performed in great perfection in the culinary laboratory, by that very able and most useful chemist the cook.

  11. Yet caloric emanated from burning bodies, which is commonly called culinary heat, has neither the intensity nor the velocity of solar rays.

  12. The foam is probably produced as it is in culinary operations, by air being entangled in it by a beating that the Frog gives the jelly with its feet.

  13. Among both civilized and savage men Frogs are a culinary dainty.

  14. So I made a signal to Jeanne, previously agreed upon, and she hastened away to get ready the boat, while Gaston and I regulated the expenses with the good hostess, her face still shining from her culinary labours.

  15. Should oil-extracting machinery be introduced, these nuts might well be grown for their oil, both for culinary purposes and for use in soap-making.

  16. From the seeds of this shrub an oil is expressed which is used for culinary purposes, particularly for frying fish.

  17. The berries are used for extraction of oil which has a value for culinary purposes.

  18. Hers was a culinary skill, and she delighted with her sleight of hand to effect all sorts of transformations, as, conjuring with her fire, she called forth the pleasures and harmonies of taste.

  19. Hermie, no longer able to order macaroons and whitebait and tinned oysters to make delicacies with, had, childlike, lost interest in the culinary department of the house.

  20. Roly, who despised the culinary skill of Miss Browne.

  21. As for the foot, like cow-heel or sheep’s trotters, it was looked upon as a delicacy, and its preparation was a marvel of culinary skill.

  22. They are nearly always surrounded by a belt of cultivated ground, where dourra, sesamum, and culinary vegetables grow in profusion.

  23. By all the culinary gods of Worcestershire and mustard, they'll eat out of Algy's hand.

  24. Algy, moreover, was a kitchen magician in the art of transforming culinary commonplaces into viands of toothsome delight.

  25. Doherty now began the culinary task, in which he exhibited a considerable degree of dexterity, considering his bodily deficiencies.

  26. Mrs. Aleshine, who prided herself on her skill in culinary matters, was to take charge of the cooking, while Mrs. Lecks assumed the care of the various rooms and the general management of the household.

  27. There were no stairs leading to a lower floor, and the darkened rooms into which my companions peered were certainly not used for culinary purposes.

  28. Instead of a mere bunch of double parsley, you may stick in the centre of the ham a nosegay of flowers, formed of different culinary vegetables, and cut into proper shape with a sharp pen-knife.

  29. Their culinary apparatus and plates, cups, knives, and forks, are very limited in number.

  30. Even the cellar was attractive in its completeness, from the steam-engine that operated the machinery of the building, to the culinary department where those who desired could purchase a noon-day lunch at actual cost of material.

  31. With the manager I went through the culinary department.

  32. Nothing graced these walls in the shape of ornament; but a few mugs and tin pots and several culinary implements hung from rusty nails and wooden pegs.

  33. We often had oatmeal or corn meal mush, and occasionally we rejoiced in a cook whose culinary talent comprehended the ability to make fritters.

  34. On this occasion the women of the colony achieved a well-merited reputation for culinary skill and resourcefulness.

  35. At the third point, when the patient is beyond the reach of danger, when foods are ordered which shall yield the greatest possible amount of nutrition, the culinary skill of the nurse may be displayed.

  36. The preparation of wheat and other grains, in the form of bread, is one of the most important of all culinary operations, and to many persons one of the most difficult.

  37. Her culinary attempts might not match Miss Heppy's, but the latter praised her willing helper.

  38. I cal'late they make good pipe-lights," rejoined her brother, suiting his action to his word as he stood at the mantel after supper and rolled himself a spill of a page of the culinary guide in question.

  39. But the almost breathless girl had that on her mind that precluded her taking any interest in culinary puzzles.

  40. It is true that our culinary arrangements were still upon no greatly improved plan.

  41. The garden with little attention, produces him all the culinary roots and vegetables necessary for his table.

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