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Example sentences for "futuristic"

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futura; future; futures; futuri; futuris; futurity; futuro; futurorum; futurum; futurus
  1. By the time they emerged onto the driveway leading out toward the road, traffic had slowed to a crawl and the futuristic shapes of Tsukuba's labs seemed like a fairyland.

  2. This was the kind of futuristic talk you heard from all the AI buffs, but it was still mostly speculation in the U.

  3. Mrs. Tellworthy), except that they did not see eye to eye on the small question of his niece's early engagement to a young artist and on the still smaller question of futuristic curtains.

  4. Her futuristic hat had slipped from its daring and effective adjustment, and fallen to the Judge's dusty floor, where it lay unregarded.

  5. The literary school in Italy which is the outgrowth of the Futuristic movement points the contemptuous finger at him and scoffs at his productions, but he has, nevertheless, a large following and is a writer of much skill.

  6. Aldo Palazzeschi (1885-) is one of the youngest of the Futuristic group who has gained enduring fame as a poet.

  7. Some writers are Futuristic on alternate days, or every seventh day.

  8. Like this school the self-styled futuristic writers of Italy revolt against rhetoric and against tradition.

  9. Her freedom is handicapped by the attentions of a Futuristic poet whose intellectual productions and antics are amusing to every one save Cavaliere Sconer.

  10. The leaders of the Futuristic movement in Italy were Guillaume Apollinaire, then editor of Les Soirees de Paris, and F.

  11. Thus, on the death of Boccioni, the first generation of Futuristic writers reformed or disappeared.

  12. If Jesus, he argues, designated Himself in this futuristic sense as the Son of Man who comes from Heaven, He must have assumed that He would first be transported thither.

  13. And her mind turned back to the hour with Ellingham in that foolish futuristic room of hers and the way in which he had paced up and down, inarticulate, hands in pockets, and eventually been glad to go.

  14. And so, without any more questions, she went back to her futuristic den which, after her brief talk with Fallaray, seemed to belong to a very distant past.

  15. An attempt to express in futuristic "verse" the emotions aroused by a futuristic painting bearing the above title.

  16. He goes back to his chair at the writing-table) Futuristic rubbish.

  17. Yes, of course, you would be on his side--all this Futuristic nonsense.

  18. Yes, of course, you would be on his side--all this Futuristic nonsense.

  19. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "futuristic" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    approaching; coming; destined; determined; emergent; extrapolated; fatal; fated; forthcoming; future; futuristic; hereafter; imminent; later; nearing; planned; plotted; predicted; probable; projected; prophesied; prospective; ultimate