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Example sentences for "futures"

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futt; futtock; futur; futura; future; futuri; futuris; futuristic; futurity; futuro
  1. When I sell futures on 'Change, they're against hogs that are traveling into dry salt at the rate of one a second, and if the market goes up on me I've got the solid meat to deliver.

  2. Not infrequently good commercial "payment" bills can be bought at such a price and bankers' futures sold against them at such a price that there is a substantial profit to be made.

  3. The foregoing examples of dealing in futures are merely examples of how futures may figure in every-day exchange transactions.

  4. And yet trading in futures is by no means necessarily speculation.

  5. Vistas of strange futures unfold for man, of world-embracing cultures half weaned from Europe, of hitherto undreamed responsibilities for nations and races.

  6. The past, present, and possible futures of Teijin Limited) Teijin.

  7. Nor could he, by thinking, discover what those futures held for him, nor which he should choose.

  8. He could not have told why, and yet he felt a certainty that, for him, two widely separated futures were dependent upon his choice.

  9. What are those futures that now seem matters of chance?

  10. Of two {151} alternative futures which we conceive, both may now be really possible; and the one become impossible only at the very moment when the other excludes it by becoming real itself.

  11. If youse fellies are runnin' futures on me"-- Now Garvin had been living the life of an anchoret for many weeks, and the fumes of the fiery liquor were already mounting to his brain.

  12. Then you'll feel fit, and we can talk futures if you please.

  13. We gambled on futures then, as we had done before.

  14. That was worth considering, but Ida Mary and I were not dealing in futures just then.

  15. They never dreamed that we were unloading for the syndicate, which was daily bidding £167 for spot, while we were selling futures far below that figure.

  16. Under normal conditions futures should be at a slight premium over spot.

  17. We know, don't we, how hard it is for army men to find futures as civilians?

  18. Isn't it rather--oh, unthrifty, to let pasts and futures spoil presents?

  19. You have too much sense to mar one of the brightest futures a man has before him for the sake of sentimental nonsense called love.

  20. With poly-syllabic circumflex futures constituting the third foot, there would be a violation of the current rules respecting the cæsura.

  21. A Vietnam veteran, he has created groups to help inner-city children turn away from gangs and build futures they can believe in.

  22. I challenge all of our communities, all of our adults, to give our children futures to say yes to.

  23. Every human being has futures and futures within it.

  24. But certes, the futures that 140 bityden by freedom of arbitre, god seeth hem alle to-gider present.

  25. And her-by is assoiled thilke thing that thou puttest a litel her-biforn, that is to seyn, that it is unworthy thing to seyn, that our futures yeven cause of 200 the science of god.

  26. You can go on the Exchange and buy futures in the quantity and month desired.

  27. NOTE: All orders for Raw Sugar Futures shall be in accordance with the By-Laws and Rules of the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange, Inc.

  28. Since exchange quotations for refined sugar futures are net cash ex-exchange-licensed warehouse, Chicago, while refiners' quotations are f.

  29. So you sell the same quantity of futures on the Exchange at 8.

  30. When the Raw Futures market is favorably out of line, it may be more to your advantage to use this market, rather than the Refined Futures market.

  31. Buying of Sugar Futures to protect profits on advance sales to customers While it may not be an established custom, we know numerous instances where jobbers have sold sugars in small quantities for future delivery.

  32. He might note in January, let us say, that the price of May or July futures is favorable.

  33. We believe, however, that the inauguration of trading in refined sugar futures on the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange, Inc.

  34. You sell sugar futures although you do not own any.

  35. They write a brand-new page to-day, By far-off futures to be read!

  36. This question is not to be answered by an argument which starts from past futures alone.

  37. We have experience of past futures, but not of future futures, and the question is: Will future futures resemble past futures?

  38. Our pasts have been very different, our futures would have been; but here we are.

  39. Be they good or bad, we will meet our futures with perfect self-knowledge," contributed Philip.

  40. But practically the operators in credit-futures experience an immense difficulty in keeping within this line of rational probabilities.

  41. The question of declaring deals in futures to be a criminal offence was outside provincial jurisdiction and the farmers withdrew that part of the request.

  42. The manner in which the legitimate trader in futures protects himself from price fluctuation is easily understood.

  43. Trading in futures finds birth in the very natural disinclination of Mr. Baker to buy his flour by the warehouseful.

  44. They further wished to see gambling in futures made a criminal offence.

  45. There were too many pasts in the first families and too many possible futures to permit one to cast a shadow upon the other.

  46. All futures should be hopeful; they were "promise-crammed" in that healthy and hearty city by the sea.

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