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Example sentences for "hilarity"

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hikes; hiki; hiking; hilarious; hilariously; hild; hilft; hill; hille; hilled
  1. When the candles had burned down to the danger point Hal blew them out and then distributed the gifts, which were opened amid much hilarity and fun making.

  2. But tell me, son, why all this hilarity that led to the utter downfall of the house of Upton?

  3. It set Phyllis off in a peal of laughter, and it was with apparent hilarity that both descended at the Pastor's front door.

  4. Adair accepted the rebuke with great good nature and prompted by his wife thanked his honor for his forbearance, adding to the general hilarity by repeating aloud some of the advice that was being whispered in his ear.

  5. As she mounted the swaying pile of cushions, her expression never softened to the hilarity that the occasion had held up till now.

  6. The company of the girls was more to her than the sightseeing itself, and she found herself swept along by the gay hilarity of whoever happened to be her escort.

  7. The hilarity with which Peggy and Katherine had meant to accuse each other of colossal faults had died.

  8. On the third day the hilarity ceased, and the happy couples were left to enjoy the honeymoon with its promise of matrimonial bliss.

  9. The youths were as noisy as school-boys everywhere, and when out of restraint indulged in the same hilarity as if born on the banks of the Hudson or the Thames.

  10. On his way home that day the hilarity of Mr. Spriggins was unbounded.

  11. Nothing could exceed the mirth and hilarity of the company.

  12. There was less hilarity in the servants' hall when I entered after luncheon.

  13. George with a wave of the hand and he and his companion struck an attitude which again drew forth much hilarity from the onlookers.

  14. Hilarity increased during the meal, as the absurdity of eating cereal and fruit and toast at eight o'clock in the evening overcame the girls one after the other, and the room rang with witty songs made up on the spur of the moment.

  15. Art's imagination ran riot and Betty watched his bold strokes and the funny figures that resulted, with as much hilarity as the rest.

  16. Then came hilarity indeed, though properly restrained, for this was no school picnic in the woods!

  17. During this happy time, Jacob Astor, a merry dog, always welcome where pleasure and hilarity were going forward, had enough to drink, and his family had enough to eat.

  18. Never before or since did I see Uncle Lance give way to such a fit of hilarity as he indulged in over the perfect working out of our plans.

  19. His eyes, though of a light gray, were capable of all extremes of expression, from the most joyous hilarity to the deepest sadness, from the very sunshine of benevolence to the most concentrated scorn or rage.

  20. The loud hilarity of the maids of honor, whom the wind-up of the last pasquil amused intensely, finally attracted the attention of Anna Bell.

  21. Anna Bell, still pensively seated apart at the open casement, let her eyes wander over space, a stranger to the hilarity of her companions.

  22. No traces of the carelessness, of the harmless hilarity of former days, were left in these features.

  23. The crowds on the streets and public places constantly increased in numbers, but peace and hilarity reigned everywhere, and the people were singing and laughing everywhere.

  24. The parting on Jack's part would have been tender if Nina had not been in such exasperatingly high spirits--hilarity he found it quite impossible to participate in or appreciate.

  25. The hilarity continued until dark, only stopping when John Terry slipped out of the window, dropped to all-fours and stuck his head around the corner of the rear wall.

  26. The general's action had raised a laugh from the crowd, but this hilarity did not last long.

  27. The beggar opened his large mouth and began a chuckle of laughter, which he did not end, for a motion of Aubin's hand stopped in the cavities of his larynx that impulse to hilarity which his powerful lungs rendered dangerous.

  28. There he was, caught in the hedge as if in a trap; and this second misfortune only increased the convulsive hilarity of the two spectators.

  29. Presently a full chorus of voices arose; tender, musical, half-suppressed, but full of genuine hilarity and joy.

  30. His manner turned from hilarity to morosity.

  31. Left it on the pianner," suggested Hi, who was in a state of great hilarity at Bill's success in drawing the Scottie.

  32. From hilarity Bruce passed to sullen ferocity, with spasms of nervous terror.

  33. In the general hilarity of this occasion, certain Enterprise paragraphs of criticism or ridicule had incurred the displeasure of various individuals whose cause naturally enough had been espoused by a rival paper, the Chronicle.

  34. This proved good advice, and the lecture, thus opened, started off with general hilarity and applause.

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