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Example sentences for "emphatically"

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emphasized; emphasizes; emphasizing; emphatic; emphatical; emphysema; emphysematous; empire; empires; empiric
  1. Our shunning of him, wherever duty will permit, is to be our silent protest against what the holy God so emphatically describes as "drowning men in perdition.

  2. But perhaps all that we have argued might have been more briefly and more emphatically urged in a few words: "They first gave themselves to the Lord.

  3. I agree with Crowe and Cavalcaselle and those writers who date back the "Gipsy Madonna" to the end of the fifteenth century, but I must emphatically support Signor Venturi in his claim that Giorgione is the author.

  4. I have already referred to this opinion when discussing the Louvre "Concert," and must again emphatically dissent from this view.

  5. I am most emphatically in favor of a more rational, a more broad, and a more thorough training of the beginner.

  6. How can I express more emphatically the necessity for the pianist being a man of culture, artistic sensibilities and of creative tendencies?

  7. The pressure touch seems to me very much freer and I am emphatically in favor of it.

  8. Some will notice one kind of object in a view, or some detail in a face far more emphatically than others.

  9. Granvella told the English as emphatically as possible, that they must provide for themselves.

  10. The opinion, which Cardinal Richelieu so often emphatically expressed, that France, everywhere enclosed by the power of the Spaniards, might some day be prostrated by it, was generally held.

  11. Sir, we are inclined to think it is not true," emphatically spoke the old gentleman.

  12. I hope not," he emphatically said, breaking the silence.

  13. I must also protest most emphatically against the insinuation--which is sure to be made--that I have no right to criticize any steps which the Admiralty Staff has regarded as necessary for reasons of our naval strategy.

  14. British official comments emphatically underlined the significance of the visit, and the German Press followed suit, although voices were not wanting to warn against any over-estimation of such acts of courtesy.

  15. In spite of this assurance, I repeatedly and emphatically drew his attention to the necessity for limiting the British programme just as much as the German one.

  16. This would be true under whatever form Home Rule were established, but it is emphatically true of Home Rule under the particular form contemplated by the Gladstonian Constitution.

  17. In the last century popular sentiment would have denied all rights to Jews; in 1780 Lord George Gordon was the hero of the people of England, and even more emphatically of the people of Scotland.

  18. The administration of William Pitt is emphatically the history of the civilized world, during a period of almost universal war.

  19. That plentiful children were a blessing, a principle which had always been recognised in the Christian world, he insisted upon emphatically in connection with his advocacy of marriage.

  20. Modern criticism emphatically reverts to the ancient date, and regards the book as pseudonymous, or as written by "some other John.

  21. Moreover, he makes Paul accept a solution which his letters emphatically repudiate.

  22. Before the Sanhedrin he emphatically declares himself a consistent Pharisee (Acts xxiii.

  23. Nowhere else was the Virgin so well cared for, so cherished, so emphatically proclaimed the absolute mistress of the realm thus offered to Her; and one detail proved this.

  24. This was most emphatically a Chalmerian project.

  25. Would it be prudent to trust a foreigner, perhaps a rival, if not an enemy, with your supply of what has emphatically been called the sinews of war?

  26. Here he remarked, that in every appropriation law, the appropriation is always emphatically mentioned, which is an evidence that the Legislature intend to remain the sole judges of the applications of money.

  27. We had heretofore been warned emphatically against seizing on power by construction and implication.

  28. On the other hand, failure in the rôle of merchant will emphatically impair his self-satisfaction in the rôle of artist and his courage in the further pursuance of that rôle.

  29. Very emphatically a play need not be dramatic in the stage sense.

  30. On this topic I have already dwelt so emphatically that I only return to it because there are few who seem to attach to this effect of popular institutions all the importance to which it is entitled.

  31. This, for example, is emphatically necessary in military and naval affairs.

  32. Fitzjames says frequently and emphatically that he had had one of the happiest of lives.

  33. The words emphatically pronounced produced a dead silence, with sobs from the women in court.

  34. No one could speak more emphatically than he often did of the vast importance of these doctrines.

  35. I need only observe that Fitzjames, in reply to some hints in his uncle's letter, observes very emphatically that a man may be serving God at the bar as in the pulpit.

  36. It was emphatically a body which meant business, and had no temptation to practise the art of 'not doing it.

  37. He repudiates emphatically the charge of immorality.

  38. He only despised tomfoolery more emphatically than his neighbours.

  39. Bernard Gui, who conducted the Inquisition of Toulouse during this period, has too emphatically expressed his sense of the utility of torture on both principals and witnesses for us to doubt his readiness in its employment.

  40. Indeed, of no other pursuit can it so emphatically be said, as of this, that "business makes men.

  41. Besides being a helper, woman is emphatically a consoler.

  42. Whether you return to Morena or not, I emphatically reassert that I will not see you or speak to you again.

  43. They had told her emphatically that there was no hope.

  44. If salt-rising bread does not fulfill the whole of this unpleasant description, it certainly does emphatically a part of it.

  45. If there were a black man or black woman or bound girl, they were emphatically only the helps, following humbly the steps of master and mistress, and used by them as instruments of lightening certain portions of their toil.

  46. Most emphatically I say yes to your question.

  47. A look of intense disgust flitted across her face, but she turned, and said emphatically to the others: "I am more to blame for this than he.

  48. Having arranged the details of the plot and been emphatically cautioned by Lottie, they awaited their victim.

  49. But people of one idea often fail in more than mere matters of courtesy; and Hemstead and Lottie were emphatically becoming people of one idea.

  50. Therefore, as her little brother had been included in the invitation, they had started on what was emphatically a frolic to both.

  51. He stood in the door-way for a few moments and watched her graceful figure with a strange and growing interest Whether saint or sinner, this being so emphatically of flesh and blood was exceedingly fascinating.

  52. I answer this question emphatically in the negative, and for the following reason.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "emphatically" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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