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  1. Premiums should be fixed for the designs placed first, second and third in order of merit by the assessor who judges the plans.

  2. Usually the assessor draws up the instructions, and afterwards circulates answers to any questions which may be put by the competitors.

  3. The Royal Institute of British Architects, London, should be asked to nominate an assessor at a fee to be determined, and of course such assessor will not be a competitor.

  4. The competing drawings should be sent in unmarked in any way, but should be numbered in order of receipt, so that the assessor and committee cannot recognize the author.

  5. The Assessor was seized with a just wrath; such boldness was more than he could bear.

  6. The Assessor thought proper not to notice the last words.

  7. It had cost the Assessor a great effort to hold his ground so far.

  8. There was something exceedingly consoling to the Assessor in this thought, and though he regretted having once more failed to attain his object, he never doubted of his final victory.

  9. The Assessor came up to her, and said in a whisper-- "Fraeulein Margaret, those are the men.

  10. The Assessor still lay on the sofa, wriggling and kicking in his struggle to get on his legs again, which, in consequence of the shortness of those members and the height whereon he was perched, was a feat difficult to accomplish.

  11. The Assessor nodded as much as to say: "So I thought.

  12. Without it, she must either have committed the rudeness of leaving the Assessor alone during her father's absence, or have been compelled to stay with him to keep him company.

  13. The Assessor listened breathlessly to a discussion which for him was fraught with the profoundest interest.

  14. The Assessor was sternly judicial now again, as he hurled out these accusations one after the other, in a manner which ought to have been crushing, and which did indeed produce some effect.

  15. The Assessor stood with his dramatic pause, and knees half bent to do her homage, the picture of consternation.

  16. The Assessor assumed an air of authority.

  17. The Assessor will regret his mistake exceedingly .

  18. She had just sent off one of the maids, and was about to return to the room, when, to her amazement, the Assessor appeared in the dimly lighted hall, and inquired hastily whether Herr Frank had been sent for.

  19. State of the poll to this time:-- Figsby 45 Griggles 39 The rascally corrupt assessor has decided that the temperance electors who came up to vote for the Liberal candidate, being too drunk to speak, were disentitled to vote.

  20. The Chinese assessor insisted, not without reason, that she ought to be kept in a native jail.

  21. The Chinese assessor of the Mixed Court in Shanghai was dismissed the same year because he had condemned criminals to be beaten with rods--a favourite punishment, in which there is a way to alleviate the blows.

  22. If the assessor desires re-election, one of the easiest methods of securing it is to lower the assessments of the politicians who control most voters.

  23. In 1880 a case came before the Supreme Court of the Territory on a mandamus requiring the assessor and registrar to erase the names of Emmeline B.

  24. If a man is not his own assessor in person, or by deputy, his liberty is gone, for he is wholly at the mercy of others.

  25. If a man is not his own assessor in person, or by deputy, his liberty is gone, or he is wholly at the mercy of others.

  26. And now, for several years, the assessor has left her name off the tax list, and the collector passed her by without a call.

  27. Returning to Sweden to assume the duties of assessor of mines, he speedily proved that he was no mere theorizer, his inventive genius enabling the warlike Charles XII.

  28. It was here that he accidentally formed an acquaintance with Assessor Gahn, of Fahlun, who was at that time a student at Upsala, and a zealous chemist.

  29. When I was at Fahlun, in the year 1812, I took an opportunity of putting the question to Assessor Gahn, who had been the intimate friend of Scheele, and the pupil, and afterwards the friend of Bergman.

  30. In 1784 he was appointed assessor in the Royal College of Mines, in which capacity he officiated as often as his other vocations permitted him to reside in Stockholm.

  31. He calls himself Assessor of the Royal Prussian Mines and Smeltinghouses, and Arcanist of the Commission of Berlin Porcelain Manufacture.

  32. He particularly excelled in the investigation of minerals by the blowpipe; and I have heard him repeatedly say, that he was indebted for the first knowledge of the mode of using that valuable instrument to Assessor Gahn Fahlun.

  33. In 1782 he had been made assessor in the Supreme College of Medicine and of Health, which then existed.

  34. Some years afterwards, Assessor Gahn succeeded in reducing it to the metallic state, and thus dissipating all remaining doubts on the subject.

  35. It cost Assessor Gahn considerable trouble to satisfy Scheele that Bergman's conduct was merely the result of inadvertence, and that he had no intention whatever of treating him either with contempt or neglect.

  36. The experiments on the way in which minerals behave before the blowpipe, which Bergman published, were made at Bergman's request by Assessor Gahn, of Fahlun, who was then his pupil.

  37. Assessor Gahn showed me a volume of Scheele's letters to him, which he had bound up: they contained the history of all his chemical labours.

  38. I shall mention afterwards that the real discoverer of this fact was Assessor Gahn, of Fahlun.

  39. Wessel, Peter, appointed assessor of the new court at Copenhagen, 327.

  40. Often, it was complained, the tax assessor failed to notify the people to "give in" their taxes, and thus caused them trouble.

  41. Quickly, however, they were all three once again on their feet; Petrea laughing, and the Assessor scolding and fuming.

  42. Petrea, trembling with emotion, and showing to the Assessor a torn piece of paper, "see, this lay in the book!

  43. Never before was Assessor Munter so cheerful, so comically cross with all mankind.

  44. The consequence of this letter was that Eva was ill--but more so, however, in mind than body, and that she demanded to have an interview with Assessor Munter.

  45. I desire nothing more from you, Assessor Munter!

  46. If the Assessor happened also to come in, there was a terrible noise.

  47. The Assessor did not strive with her now, but saw in silence his guests depart, and with a tear in his eye looked after the carriage which conveyed Eva away from his house.

  48. During this moral lecture, and endeavouring all the time to overpower it, the Assessor exclaimed, "And can you derive the least pleasure from your blessed social life?

  49. Mrs. Gunilla and the Assessor quarrelled till the last moment.

  50. Pierre, however, had fortunately remarked what a decisive effect was produced when he had occasion to mention the name of the Assessor of the Holy Office.

  51. Monsieur Achille Rivet was assessor at the Tribunal of Commerce.

  52. And then he added, "Though you take a rather cavalier tone with a man who has the honor to be an Assessor on the Tribunal of Commerce of the Department of the Seine.

  53. I am delighted," the Assessor went on, "to hear what you say.

  54. Mr. Struve stroked his right whisker, put his hat carefully on his head and thanked the assessor for his invitation; but he looked uneasy.

  55. In this court the jaksa sits as native assessor to the European judge-president.

  56. I have already mentioned the jaksa,[29] as receiving information of offences, and sitting in the courts as assessor to the European judge-president.

  57. The Assessor in Stadierne judges Aladdin exactly as he is judged by the Æsthete in Enten-Eller: "What makes Aladdin so great is the strength of his desire.

  58. I am no more the publisher, Victor Eremita, than I am the Seducer or the Assessor in Enten-Eller; Eremita is the poetically real subjective thinker, whom we meet again in In Vino Veritas.

  59. But the assessor who assesses the timber as part of the real estate and assesses the same crop of timber year after year does precisely this thing.

  60. In actual practice, the increased valuation would probably not be made by the assessor in the manner just described.

  61. Evidently another assessor had suddenly pounced in upon his imagination.

  62. He laughs and looks at his assessor on the right, then at Madame d'Amergueux.

  63. He laughs, turning to his assessor on the right, who laughs also].

  64. He hunts in his notes, says a word or two in an undertone to the assessor on his right, then to Madame Thomas] So you admit the abominable crimes with which you are charged?

  65. Walter Trumbull was assistant assessor of internal revenue, and a son of United States Senator Lyman Trumbull of Illinois.

  66. Everts was assessor of internal revenue for Montana, and Nathaniel P.

  67. The fire set blazing by those lit green swords of hers was in the heart of an Assessor of Civil Causes, a brazier with only too good a draught.

  68. The thing was so serious that it brought Cino to his feet, severe, formal, an Assessor of Civil Causes.

  69. Licentiate Pedro de Rojas, the senior auditor, remained with the governor by order of his Majesty, as lieutenant-assessor in matters of justice, until some years later appointed alcalde in Mexico.

  70. The office of lieutenant-assessor is given more weight and Morga is sent out to fill it in 1595 under its changed title of lieutenant-governor.

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