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Example sentences for "assessing"

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asses; assess; assessable; assessed; assesses; assessment; assessments; assessor; assessors; asset
  1. For several years he had collected money in Ohio for campaign funds, assessing the manufacturers according to their interests and impressing upon them the duty of paying on demand.

  2. During the contest it was asserted that he was assessing the protected manufacturers and guaranteeing them immunity in case of a Republican victory.

  3. Prussia, mode of assessing the land-tax there, 351.

  4. Mode of assessing the land-tax in Prussia, 351.

  5. The report shows that the present method of assessing the duty on raw Wool--this is, by a specific rate on the grease pound (i.

  6. In assessing the worth of studies, attention was thus withdrawn from their subject-matter and transferred to the response they called forth in the apprehender.

  7. In assessing merit let us not stupefy ourselves with using negative standards.

  8. The compensation awarded has often been outrageous, and the expense incurred in assessing it one of the grossest scandals.

  9. Recall my professing, when you are assessing The damages Edwin must pay!

  10. The English system of assessing an income tax at the source, however, has its disadvantages.

  11. They adjusted taxation to suit themselves, assessing their own huge estates at figures nothing short of ridiculous, while levying heavily upon the small farmer, and especially upon enterprise and improvements.

  12. The principle of assessing income at its source, as applied in this act, does not relieve the individual from the necessity of making a full revelation to the tax officials of his personal income from all sources.

  13. Great Council, assessing taxation with its aid, and levying it with as little oppression as they could, through agents selected by the nation.

  14. In conformity with these views, an entire revolution was effected in the mode of levying the revenue, and assessing the taxes upon agriculture.

  15. The manner of assessing the government share will proceed, as far as practicable, as follows: 82.

  16. The task of assessing the fines was odious, and negligently performed by the authorities, while it was easy for those interested to render a false account of their property.

  17. Sometimes this discrepancy is between the assessments of adjacent counties, and so great is the variation that seldom two counties have the same standard for assessing valuation.

  18. One of two things, either the shares exist only as a survival of the servile arrangement out of which the free tenements may have grown, or else they exist primarily for the purpose not of assessing duties but of apportioning claims.

  19. At the same time the fixed scheme of the division offers a ready basis for computing rents and assessing labour services.

  20. The plots of these four owners are evidently brought together into a virgate for the purpose of assessing the services.

  21. Others have forbidden the practice of political committees of assessing office holders for campaign purposes.

  22. The meaning of the law in various particulars had to be interpreted, and the method and means of assessing and collecting the tax had to be prescribed.

  23. And also the parish priest of St. Peter’s for over assessing of poor folks and men’s servants at Easter for their tythes and other duties.

  24. Under this act a new plan of assessing this kind of property was adopted, and a much larger revenue derived therefrom than heretofore.

  25. But experts can usually be found from neighbouring universities, or big industrial concerns, who will give the library the benefit of their knowledge, especially in assessing the value of older books.

  26. The Index, moreover, gives a list of the principal periodicals, and is a rough guide to assessing their permanent worth as well as an admirable key to their contents.

  27. Nonetheless, I think that it offers potential for use as a tool in assessing population change and perturbations in the food supply which should be studied quite closely.

  28. To give some perspective to the problems associated with assessing change and attempting to understand it, some of the indicators of natural and unnatural change and flux in seabird populations are reviewed here.

  29. Kittlitz's Murrelet (Brachyramphus brevirostris) The difficulties in assessing breeding populations of Kittlitz's murrelet are the same as those for the marbled murrelet.

  30. It is apparent that current data are, for the most part, inadequate for assessing anything but catastrophic changes in seabird breeding colonies.

  31. The refusal of the French to cede Tobago in lieu of payment for the French prisoners, and the difficulty of assessing the payment, opened a way to the evasion of compensation altogether.

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