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Example sentences for "appraisal"

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apposition; appositive; appoynt; appoynted; appoyntement; appraisals; appraise; appraised; appraisement; appraiser
  1. The fact that an ox driver overtopped all others in appraisal suggests that the artisans were of little skill.

  2. The colonial treasurer was then to take the amount of the slave's appraisal from the public funds and after making reimbursement for the injury done, pay the overplus, if any, to the criminal's owner.

  3. Judith, before she had had time for more than a sweeping appraisal of his friends.

  4. Against a naturalistic and sentimental system, like Shaftesbury's, he could argue that it rested on an appraisal of human nature too optimistic to be realistic.

  5. Objective appraisal of the outcome of the debate between Berkeley and Mandeville would presumably lead to a verdict somewhere between those rendered, with appropriate loyalty to their authors, by their respective editors.

  6. We are instinctively lenient with our appraisal of the dead.

  7. I could not exactly subscribe to Jetta's appraisal of her parent, but I did not say so.

  8. An Appraisal of Jackson Many volumes have been devoted to Andrew Jackson and probably many more will be written.

  9. No appraisal of Jackson could be complete without inclusion of reference to the military phase of his remarkable career.

  10. If rate-making or the sale of the property be the ultimate object, the work of making rates or of negotiating the sale can be carried on to better advantage with a complete appraisal than with an incomplete one.

  11. In this connection it may be of interest to refer to a recent valuation of a water-works property, in the appraisal of which the writer chanced to participate, in which there was finally placed before the board of appraisal a summing up of: 1.

  12. For rural property, the ratios used by Professor Taylor in the Wisconsin appraisal appear to be quite fair, but in cities they are too high—especially for the Southwest.

  13. In the 1902 appraisal this rule was accepted without any inspection or further study of the problem.

  14. As far as the writer knows, this is the first time that a street railway corporation has voluntarily opened all its books for use in an appraisal which may be made public.

  15. The requirement of the treaty of 1866 as to the appraisal of the neutral lands was carried into effect by the appointment of John T.

  16. As the appraisal of the whole unoccupied country west of 96 deg.

  17. The appraisal group brought in athletic equipment and Bill's men spontaneously declared a holiday, their first on the planet.

  18. Today she had arrived with the seventy-odd men and women who comprised the appraisal unit, the final group of the planet's explorers.

  19. Appraisal of phylogenetic relationships would require appraisal of the ancestral stem forms of the Grison stock and the Mustela stock.

  20. Objectionable publications, films, broadcasting, and television have been the subject of expert appraisal in many countries.

  21. It is not within the province of this Committee to make an appraisal of the tenets implicit in any of them.

  22. But before classing them as "cranks," we might well ask ourselves whether their appraisal of the component values of life does not, after all, correspond better to their true relativity than does our own habitual evaluation.

  23. From widely separated ethical premises they thus arrive at an essentially uniform appraisal of personal happiness as a function of living.

  24. A very satisfactory appraisal of the operation of these principles in Switzerland may be found in Lloyd, A Sovereign People, chaps.

  25. We are not going to cut very deeply into your time this morning, Mr. Kinzie," he began when the eye-appraisal had given him his cue.

  26. The appraisal was not entirely satisfactory.

  27. For this reason, and because administrative emphasis is on matters economic (outside the scope of the present work), the reader is referred to other sources for a detailed appraisal of the work of the ministries.

  28. April 1940), includes a judicious appraisal of the work and meaning of the Council in its first two and one-half years (p.

  29. The fundamental point of such appraisal depends upon the attribution of power relationships.

  30. The final appraisal of the Kuomintang must be based on the practical work of the government and the Party.

  31. A valuable critical appraisal of the short-range response of the Army to the Fahy Committee's work appeared in Edwin W.

  32. The Potato Baron, mounting painfully the steps of the observation car, made hasty appraisal of the station platform and observed Bill Conway swinging his old legs from his perch on an express truck.

  33. Emphasis was upon re-appraisal of the United States national interest in the United Nations--and the cost of sustaining that interest.

  34. The bill provides for compensation to individual occupants or allottees by a process of appraisal by referees, with the right of appeal to the district court held at Fort Smith, in the State of Arkansas.

  35. But his first appraisal of the detention quarters had been the right one.

  36. He hoped Rennie would credit his wavering to a modest appraisal of his own qualifications.

  37. The eyes had a way of looking straight at you, through you, as if reading your thoughts, divining your motives and making a general appraisal of you and them.

  38. Albert's private appraisal of "Issy" was that the latter was another funny Rube.

  39. But whatever the results of his scrutiny and appraisal might be he kept them entirely to himself.

  40. The Negro genius; a new appraisal of the achievement of the American Negro in literature and the fine arts.

  41. Edited and with an appraisal by Robert Scheer.

  42. In their own words; a student appraisal of what happened after school desegregation.

  43. Slums and social insecurity, an appraisal of the effectiveness of housing policies in helping to eliminate poverty in the United States.

  44. Obviously arranged, was his first appraisal of the tableau there presented.

  45. If there is a book regarding which there are two opinions, the appraisal may give the two opinions, as all appraisals should, so far as it can be done.

  46. The work of the appraisal of literature requires a home, a Central Bureau, with a permanent and adequately paid staff of editors and assistants.

  47. This task of a competent and candid appraisal of literature, as a necessity of its trusteeship, has been before the minds of this Association for a good many years.

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