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Example sentences for "appraisals"

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appositive; appoynt; appoynted; appoyntement; appraisal; appraise; appraised; appraisement; appraiser; appraisers
  1. Without any impropriety, it may be claimed that these two appraisals have laid down the general lines on which this class of engineering effort will be largely directed in the future.

  2. This, the writer concedes, is a radical departure from such precedent as already exists, but we must not overlook the fact that we of to-day are establishing the precedents for appraisals in the future.

  3. The method adopted in this work was so radically different from that of the various State appraisals as to make a detailed description a matter of interest, and it is to be regretted that it cannot be included.

  4. The machinery of the law did not provide that these appraisals should be kept "up to date.

  5. Under this class would come all appraisals made for information to be used as a basis for legislation relative to: (a) Taxation of Corporations.

  6. There has been no permanent force engaged on the work in Michigan, and the re-appraisals have only been made as actual necessity demanded.

  7. In general, the two appraisals were very similar.

  8. While it may be true that other appraisals have been more expensive, it is a fact that those of the Texas Commission have served their purpose well, and the railroads, as a rule, have made little complaint.

  9. In this way heavy taxes are sometimes imposed on mineral reserves, which are based on unwarrantably high appraisals of future possibilities, and which cannot be paid out of earnings.

  10. The ad valorem method is used in appraisals for taxation in some districts and for some commodities, as, for instance, the iron mines of Michigan and Wisconsin.

  11. In some cases they have the legal power to command this information, particularly in relation to appraisals for taxation and "blue sky" laws.

  12. A larger number are acting for private companies in appraisals required by this tax.

  13. Since he is the only qualified military visitor to put his impressions on record, these appraisals are valuable.

  14. Wu and Price is of value; written from the missionary point of view, it presents first-hand statements of affairs on Western China, and continues with liberal and socially conscious appraisals of the needs of Christian work.

  15. If there is a book regarding which there are two opinions, the appraisal may give the two opinions, as all appraisals should, so far as it can be done.

  16. The appraisals fall mainly into two groups: the valuation of estates in probate, and those for the purpose of public compensation to the owners of slaves legally condemned for capital crimes.

  17. The materials extant comprise occasional travellers' notes, fairly numerous newspaper items, and quite voluminous manuscript collections of appraisals and bills of sale, all of which require cautious discrimination in their analysis.

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