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  1. Ankara directly finances about one-third of the "TRNC's" budget.

  2. Turkish Cypriot finances also deteriorated in 2009 as decreased state revenues and increased government expenditures on public sector salaries and social services led to a large budget deficit.

  3. For an analysis of the figures, we refer our readers to the report of the Executive Committee on the finances of the year, published in another part of this number.

  4. The Imperial Government charges itself with responsibility for the finances of a Crown colony because it directs the policy and determines the establishment on which the finances so largely depend.

  5. The difficulty was that the state of the public finances was in no condition to undertake costly schemes of betterment.

  6. The condition of the finances will claim your most diligent consideration.

  7. Other information on the subject of the finances will be found in the report of the Secretary of the Treasury, to whose statements and views I invite your most candid and considerate attention.

  8. Your finances are in such a bad condition, you are passing through such great social and economic difficulties, that you run the risk of the worst catastrophes before you secure either men or money.

  9. He thereupon at once granted a great many things, acknowledged that blunders had been committed, that the finances were in a deplorable state, and that there were serious difficulties of all kinds.

  10. In the present state of our finances this is difficult.

  11. I have observed that the object of native education is of such importance that the state of the finances must not prevent its accomplishment.

  12. I fear our finances make the building of new barracks impossible at present.

  13. Left directions with Leach for placing certain papers before my successor, showing the state of the finances and expenditure prospectively, and the position in which we were as to the renewal of the Charter.

  14. Esquilache administered the finances for several years; and, after enjoying the confidence of Charles III.

  15. In 1701, Louville wrote to Torcy, that if a financier did not soon arrive from France, there would shortly be no finances to administer.

  16. In the same way, the finances were, by the end of the seventeenth century, in such deplorable confusion, that Portocarrero, who at the accession of Philip V.

  17. As you will see from the Budget which will be submitted to the Chamber, our finances are in an extremely difficult situation.

  18. But Galib Pasha seems incapable of appreciating such measures, and the finances of the State have suffered in consequence.

  19. The finances of the country were fast getting beyond all remedy.

  20. In order to judge whether or not Galib Pasha is competent to administer the Finances of the State, it seems to me sufficient to refer to the fall in the value of paper money.

  21. It may be easily imagined how a tax-payer who is an adherent of the clearing service can pay his tax by a simple transfer of accounts, the ministry of finances having itself an account open at the Savings Bank.

  22. I went on talking rubbish to her about the Jews and the finances of Europe.

  23. Then the Jews are really a huge conspiracy plotting to get the finances of Europe into their hands?

  24. The report of recent discussions in the Volksraad on his finances and their mismanagement fill one with apprehension.

  25. The reports of the Secretary of the Treasury deal with the general finances of the United States.

  26. Nancy had no particular sense of shame in the matter, she would have really enjoyed discussing finances with these new friends.

  27. At the same time, the finances of the country were in a most deplorable state.

  28. You slept away your time in the field till the finances of the country were completely exhausted, and you have but little share in the glory of the final event.

  29. This was only the beginning of German unity which made possible unified transportation and later unified finances and tariffs.

  30. Calling a mark a shilling, or 25 cents, let us speak for a moment of Germany's finances in marks.

  31. In a late conversation with the Count de Vergennes, he asked me if the condition of our finances was improving.

  32. This country wishes for peace, because her finances need arrangement.

  33. Such a system, if generally adopted, would strip railroad corporations, Wall street jobbers, and all other rings and combinations of men, of the power to control the finances of the country.

  34. If there exists any authority in the general government to create a corporation for any purpose, it is in relation to the finances of the country.

  35. It has already obtained complete control of the finances of the country.

  36. As we shall attempt to show, when we treat of the controlling influence of these corporations upon the finances of the country, this reversal was most baneful to the country, and detrimental to the best interests of the people.

  37. But if it believed such a decision would strengthen monopolies, and enable a few railroad managers and Wall street brokers to corner and control the finances of the country, then the decision was a success.

  38. Would a change in the banking system of the country take from these monopolists the control of the finances of the country?

  39. Numerically, the monopolists are but a small fraction of the people; their great strength lies in the control they have obtained over the business and finances of the country.

  40. The finances of the country were in a state of the utmost disorder.

  41. Desmarets, Comptroller-General of the Finances to His Majesty Louis XIV.

  42. France, its finances in the eighteenth century; the Mississippi scheme, i.

  43. Then, since the khedive's finances were in a very bad way, she arranged to furnish him, in the interest of his creditors and in agreement with France, with financial advisers without whose approval he can make no financial decision.

  44. Only the nation," the parlement continued, "after it has learned the true state of the finances can destroy the great abuses and open up important resources.

  45. Written by Pelatiah Webster, a Philadelphia merchant, and author of a number of pamphlets on the finances and government of the United States, most of which he reprinted in his "Political Essays" in Philadelphia in 1791.

  46. An American Citizen" was the pseudonym of Tench Coxe, of Pennsylvania, a member of the Annapolis Convention and the Continental Congress, and author of a number of pamphlets on the finances and commerce of the United States.

  47. The condition of our finances demands the early and earnest consideration of Congress.

  48. The present condition of our finances and circulating medium is one to which your early consideration is invited.

  49. The condition of our finances and the operations of our revenue system are set forth and fully explained in the able and instructive report of the Secretary of the Treasury.

  50. The report presents a much more satisfactory condition of our finances than one year ago the most sanguine could have anticipated.

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