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  1. In line with the foregoing was a resolution providing for a reduction in the per-capita tax of "mixed" locals from fifteen to five cents per month.

  2. The delegates at the convention decided to turn fifty per cent of the per-capita tax of the Mining Department into the Moyer-Haywood Defense Fund.

  3. This is the measure most economists prefer when looking at per-capita welfare and when comparing living conditions or use of resources across countries.

  4. Included are figures for total annual water withdrawal and per capita water withdrawal.

  5. Churches want to receive per capita contributions to their asylums and have long made efforts to secure per capita contributions to their schools.

  6. Lettuce, grown under glass, at ten cents a head is not an extravagance, if the income allows thirty-five to forty cents per capita per day for food.

  7. The woman who can spend but twenty to thirty cents per capita for food per day should boil the potatoes with the skins on and gratify her artistic sense in some other way.

  8. This means that there is a limit to the money spent per capita per day for food, below which we cannot go and maintain life with even sufficient efficiency for unskilled labor.

  9. The national-bank act has ably served a great purpose in aiding the enormous business development of the country, and within ten years there has been an increase in circulation per capita from $21.

  10. The increase in the per capita during this period was $7.

  11. The national bank act has ably served a great purpose in aiding the enormous business development of the country; and within ten years there has been an increase in circulation per capita from $21.

  12. Massachusetts spends $27 per capita each year, and the District of Columbia spends $35.

  13. The District of Columbia spends more for the colored children than for the white, per capita expenditure: white, $20.

  14. Per capita expenditure in the South is under $10 and in the North it is almost $30.

  15. England cut her sugar allowance per capita from about seven and a half pounds a month to two, and France from nearly four to one.

  16. In America we reduced our per capita consumption by legally restricting the making of soft drinks and candy and by the voluntary restriction of the home use of sugar by about one-half.

  17. Sluggish economic performance over the past decade, attributable largely to declining annual rainfall, has kept per capita income at low levels.

  18. The Turkish Cypriot economy has about one-fifth the population and one-third the per capita GDP of the south.

  19. These oil revenues and a small population give Libya one of the highest per capita GDPs in Africa, but little of this income flows down to the lower orders of society.

  20. Per capita consumption dropped an estimated 35% over the last seven years because of recession, civil war, and a high population growth rate (including immigrants and refugees).

  21. Per capita income has risen to the West European level; Finland is a member of the European Union and is the only Nordic state to join the euro system at its initiation in January 1999.

  22. However, population has increased at about the same rate over the same period, leaving per capita income nearly stagnant.

  23. In the preponderant majority of situations where there was only one wage earner per family, therefore, per capita defense costs exceeded everything that the family had available for all uses except food and shelter.

  24. It enjoys a remarkably open and corruption-free environment, stable prices, and a per capita GDP equal to that of the four largest West European countries.

  25. A stable democracy with regular free elections and a positive human rights record, the country has attracted considerable foreign investment and has earned one of Africa's highest per capita incomes.

  26. Today, the leading country of the world in point of per capita consumption is Sweden (15.

  27. Before the war, these three countries each consumed about as much per capita as the United States does today, 12 to 13 pounds.

  28. The continued growth in the use of coffee in the United States has been in decided contrast to the per capita consumption of tea, which is less now than half a century ago.

  29. German coffee imports since the war have not quite climbed back to their former high mark; and the per capita consumption, judged by these figures is still somewhat low.

  30. Five-year averages back to the Civil War show increasing per capita consumption for continental United States (see table).

  31. The figures show that the following are the ten leading countries in the per capita consumption of coffee in pounds: 1.

  32. In the western hemisphere, however, the largest per capita coffee consumer is the island of Cuba, which raises some coffee of its own and imports heavily from its neighbors.

  33. Corluy, indeed, supposes the heads of doctrine to be reported in precisely the exact words of our Lord: "Eas propositiones quae quasi capita doctrinae apparent .

  34. Apportion to each six bushels of wheat--the per capita requirement for food, according to scientists.

  35. That was tantamount to an expenditure of two hundred dollars per capita for a transportation system of use to the empire in Imperial defense.

  36. Nunc vero in rei metallicae studiosorum gratiam recensiti, in certa capita distributi, capitum argumentis, et nonnullis scholiis marginalibus illustrati a Johanne Sigfrido Philos: et Medicinae Doctore et in illustri Julia Professore ordinario.

  37. Georgii Agricolae De Animantibus Subterraneis Liber Hactenus a multis desideratus, nunc vero in gratiam studiosorum seorsim editus, in certa capita divisus, capitum argumentis et nonnullis marginalibus exornatus a Johanne Sigfrido, Phil.

  38. If private hospitals are to receive public assistance at all, payments should be made only at some uniform rate, approximately the same as the cost per capita of maintenance in the public institutions.

  39. No longer is the per capita wealth of the nation a real index to the prosperity of the average man.

  40. The consumption of malt liquors per capita has increased fifty per cent.

  41. In the course of the morning a canoe intercepts us in which is a native dressed as a State capita and armed with a gun.

  42. Below the rapids are many small whirlpools, and the capita of the canoe takes advantage of these to help him on his course.

  43. At a word from the capita one of the paddlers jumps into the rushing water, rescues the pole and lands safely with it on the bank, fifty or sixty yards below.

  44. The chicotte is a plain strip of hippo hide and the punishment was administered publicly by the capita on the bridge of the steamer and did not appear to be more painful than an ordinary birching at a public school.

  45. Nothing however, was heard of the boat until now when the capita appeared and told a harrowing story.

  46. The nation that eats most bread per capita is Belgium.

  47. Ten men cannot secure as large a per capita product from a given area as five, or twenty as large as ten.

  48. It was said that in some factories the per capita daily production was less than a third of what it was a few weeks before.

  49. In July the per capita output in the munition-works of Petrograd was reported as being only 25 per cent.

  50. Was the average per-capita production raised or lowered?

  51. So far as the present writer’s information goes, no modern army when engaged in productive work has equaled civilian labor in similar lines, judged on a per-capita basis.

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