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Example sentences for "commendable"

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commencer; commencerent; commences; commencing; commend; commendably; commendation; commendations; commendator; commendatory
  1. Mr. Sherwood answered, "A French gentleman said, a short time since, that it should be a piece of commendable prudence to live with your friend as looking that he should one day be your enemy.

  2. For its comely aspect, commodious chambers, sunny gardens, and the sweet walks in its vicinity, it was as commendable a residence for persons of moderate fortune and contented minds as can well be thought of.

  3. And I read a letter which this sweet lady had written in Latin to her father on his birthday, to his great contentment, who had procured her to be well instructed in that language, as well as in her own and in all commendable learning.

  4. Of course there had already been a commendable essay toward the solution of what had to be done.

  5. A single instance of commendable activity along sanitary lines is the prohibition of movable lunch cars, which have been seen on the streets of Halifax for years.

  6. But seeing that it is not a commendable pursuit, I engage in those which are more to my taste.

  7. If the pursuit of riches were a commendable pursuit, I would join in it, even if I had to become a chariot-driver for the purpose.

  8. If either one had taken a shotgun and killed Brann on sight, public opinion would have held such a course far more commendable than the policy adopted.

  9. The three great tenets of a Mason's profession inculcate the practice of those commendable virtues, Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

  10. For the Aretines were more numerous than we expected by a good deal, and, for all they were taken by surprise, they carried themselves, as I must confess, with a very commendable display of valor.

  11. I think the best grace of wit will shortly turn into silence, and discourse grow commendable in none only but parrots.

  12. Thanks, i' faith, for silence is only commendable In a neat's tongue dried, and a maid not vendible.

  13. He criticised the whole place with a most commendable frankness.

  14. Seats for women employes, suitable toilet-rooms and a full hour for the noonday meal are commendable features of these new laws.

  15. The Republican party in Colorado can only hope to triumph in one way and that is by appealing to the judgment of the honest and intelligent people of the State with clean candidates for commendable policies and under worthy leadership.

  16. When she informed him that she intended to let him go, he first with commendable prudence made her swear that she did not design some greater evil for him.

  17. With commendable foresight he had summoned the old seer Teiresias, but the seer for some reason is unwilling to appear.

  18. What partly accounts for Pliny's uncritical credulity is the unsatisfactory theory of the universe which he adopts, and with commendable candour sets before us at the outset.

  19. In this sphere also he seems to have written from a commendable motive, to supply the popular want of a legitimate drama.

  20. Then Phil joined in with commendable tact.

  21. The weather was bitterly cold, and the denizens of the camp, with commendable good sense, avoided all danger of frostbite by keeping within the shelter of their wigwams.

  22. A certain philosopher being informed that his dear friend was dead, replied that he would not believe it without having it certified under his own hand; a very commendable prudence this, and worthy of imitation in all intricate cases.

  23. It is said by Hooker: "as oftentimes the vices of wicked men do cause other their commendable virtues to be abhorred, so the honour of great men's virtues is easily a cloak to their errors.

  24. The following is the sagacious and commendable manner in which their establishment in life is provided for.

  25. Imitate, my dear Samuel, all that you have found commendable in my proceedings, manners, and principles, and avoid the rest.

  26. But if, when you do well, you patiently endure suffering, this is commendable with God.

  27. For it is commendable if someone endures pain, suffering unjustly, because of conscience toward God.

  28. Here, when a new piece by Virgil or Horace was announced, the reading public would flock, urged by the most commendable form of curiosity known to the cultured human mind.

  29. The historians confined their accounts to the prominent people of their times, and it not unfrequently happened that the most prominent and successful were the least commendable from the moral standpoint.

  30. Their schools, in which they had taken much commendable pride, were languishing for want of the funds necessary to their support, and the general outlook was anything but cheerful.

  31. Reports went round that the devil was helping him, that he had sold his soul to the King of Darkness in order to enlist his assistance in his work; an instance of ├Žsthetic altruism almost commendable in its exotic zeal.

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