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  1. What comes before must necessarily be in its nature preliminary and preparatory, leading up to the climactic stroke which leaves the distinguished victim stretched upon the bed of affliction.

  2. I will take the closing sentences from one of the climactic chapters, when the mood had supposedly risen to intensity, and, if ever, the prose would have been justified in rising to reinforce the emotion.

  3. As the gong sounded for climactic Round Four, both boxers, with the "bluff" of the ring, sprang to meet each other as though it had required ten men apiece to hold them back till the moment came.

  4. Jimmy Tomlinson, his hands trembling with the excitement of this climactic moment of his whole life, brought an old stone ink-bottle and a pen with a nib that sputtered like an angry cat as the baronet wrote.

  5. But the climax of this climactic night for John was reached when, descending the stairway, Halson honored him with an astounding confidence.

  6. But it was left to one of the evening papers of this day to explode the climactic story of the series.

  7. The Arisian visualizations could now be extended to portray every essential element of the climactic conflict which was eventually to come.

  8. Everybody, particularly the Nationalists, had wondered why this climactic political rally had been set for three full weeks ahead of the election, but their curiosity had not been satisfied.

  9. Since he is after all writing a story--though of one type--the author must devise some climactic series of incidents.

  10. In the structurally simple story nearly all events have a primary value; each is a definite step in the climactic ascension of the whole.

  11. The situations of the plot or story are what its writer must cast into a climactic consequence, and he must have some standard to measure each before he can determine its proper place.

  12. The fact that a plot is a problem gives the several events their climactic value.

  13. Almost any successful story will display climactic arrangement of its major events.

  14. If there is any technique to create suspense, it is the technique to order a story's events in a climactic ascension, and is not an executive device.

  15. This subspecies seems to be adapted to forests of post-climactic conditions which is probably typical of most valleys and margins of the rivers in southern Goiaz and western Minas Gerais.

  16. It was found in Goiaz usually in riparian forests with climactic associations or in some advanced stage of the sere.

  17. There can hardly be any question that the original ending of Still Waters Run Deep is theatrical in the sense that it is climactic only by the dramatic convention of its time.

  18. The trouble here is that the inexperienced dramatist treats the situation as if its value lay in its most climactic moment.

  19. In Shakespeare they enter at the moment which makes them the climactic touch in the terror of Arthur and the audience.

  20. Not quietness of speech or action, then, but appropriateness makes any of these approved endings climactic and artistic.

  21. While it is the chief business of the intervening acts to maintain and increase interest already created, the first act must obviously create that interest as swiftly as possible, and the last act bring that interest to a climactic close.

  22. On the other hand, the inexperienced workman presents as quickly as possible the climactic moment of the scene he has in mind, and gets away as rapidly as possible to another intense climax.

  23. Missy made the climactic word rhyme with "kiss.

  24. But Aunt Nettie couldn't refrain from a repetition of the climactic word; "E-priss!

  25. It was, perhaps, the thunder-storm that really deserves the blame for Missy's climactic athletic catastrophe.

  26. The butler was really the climactic triumph of the event.

  27. She paused, a little awe-stricken herself at this climactic characterization of poor, misguided Arthur; she couldn't have told herself just how she had arrived at it.

  28. That Tess and Arthur should have got the candy for which SHE suffered, that the very hours she'd been shut up with shame and disgrace THEY were gorging themselves, seemed her climactic crown of sorrow.

  29. Climactic of all the riders rode the cowboy, who lived with horse and herd.

  30. Thus along with the clash goes a crisis presented in a breathless climactic effect which is the central and imperative scene of the piece, the backbone of every good play.

  31. Sad indeed the result if any curtain effect in appeal and power usurp the royal place of the climactic scene!

  32. Now he has before him the problem of unfolding his play and making it center in the climactic scene which will make or mar the piece.

  33. At last, in the nineteenth century, the climactic factor was added which gathered up all the rest and embraced them in a comprehensive philosophy of life.

  34. Human life and history were static and the only change to be anticipated was the climactic event "When earth breaks up and heaven expands.

  35. Good examples of the climactic effects can be cited.

  36. The pecan is probably more exacting in regard to its climactic requirements than are our other kinds of nuts, but the filbert or hazlenut is probably a close second in this respect.

  37. The feeling was the same--sick revulsion and horror, such as would be felt at some climactic blasphemy.

  38. More and more moving is the climactic melody of regret with a blended song in large and little.

  39. Here strikes a climactic tune in forte unison of the four horns (molto espressivo e marcato).

  40. Penthesilea," with a climactic passion and a sheer contrast of tempest and tenderness, uttered with all the mastery of modern devices, has a pervading thrall of pure musical beauty.

  41. The climactic clash ends in a last verse of the opening phrase, as of primal, religious chant.

  42. It rises amid flashes of fiery brass in bewildering blare of main theme, then sinks again to the depth of brooding, though the revery of the appealing phrase has a climactic height of its own, with the strange, palpitating harmonies.

  43. Of the original answer is wrought all the balance and foil of second theme, and like the first it reaches a climactic height.

  44. The climactic motive of the sea acclaiming the rising sun is there, but reversed.

  45. A climactic verse of the main dulcet melody breaks out in resonant choir of brass and is followed by a soft rhapsody on the several strains that hark back to the beginning.

  46. Here is the transfigured song in full climactic verse that fulfils the promise of the beginning.

  47. A climactic phrase of trumpets ends with a burst of all the chorus on stirring harmony, where in diminishing strokes of bells long rings the melodic note.

  48. At a climactic height the horns, with clumsy grace, blare forth the main lilting phrase.

  49. As the pilgrim to his Mecca, so the waters are wafted into the climactic motive of the Hradschin, the chant of the holy citadel.

  50. A climactic height is stressed by a rough meeting of opposing groups, in hostile tone and movement, ending in a trill of flutes and a reëntry of the episode.

  51. But in the Finale of Mahler's Fifth Symphony there is a true serenity, a new phase of symphony, without the climactic stress of traditional triumph, yet none the less joyous in essence.

  52. Footnote B: Some recurring traits Wagner and Débussy have in common, such as the climactic chord of the ninth.

  53. The climactic figure is a new hymnal line that moves as central theme of an imposing double fugue.

  54. Climactic and exultant, the music yet gives forth many implications of impending tragedy.

  55. The music is of a march-like quality for a spell, subsequently gradually expanding in color and richness to the climactic theme representative of the Penitence of Amfortas, which is given out three times in succession.

  56. It is a most important word; indeed the climactic word.

  57. The subjective is in order to the objective, as the final outward climactic reach of God's great love-plan for a world.

  58. Then in one of his strong piled up climactic sentences Paul tells how the fight is to be won.

  59. Plots may be simple or complex; but suspense, and climactic progress from one incident to another, are essential.

  60. The climactic character of their contents has already been pointed out, and nothing more need be said of it.

  61. What we have before us is not famine in its strict sense, but the judgment of God under the form of famine; and this second judgment is climactic to the first.

  62. Should such an idea be regarded as untenable, the probability is that a fourth part is mentioned in order to make room for the climactic rise to a "third part" afterwards met under the trumpet judgments.

  63. The two figures relate to the same object, but the second is climactic to the first, and it is taken from a larger field.

  64. With this climactic character of the Bowls as compared with the Trumpets may also be connected a striking addition made to the details of the third Bowl, to which in the Trumpet series there is nothing to correspond.

  65. I felt, in some way, that the moment was a climactic one.

  66. We all felt, in some foolish way, that the moment was a climactic one.

  67. Of the four organization plans, the hardest by far to develop is the climactic order, which should be avoided by young reporters.

  68. Of the remaining three, probably four per cent of the stories are written in the climactic order, leaving only about one per cent for the space and complex orders.

  69. The climactic order is that in which the incidents are so arranged that the reader shall not know the outcome until he reaches the last one or two sentences.

  70. In organizing material for writing, one may adopt any one or a combination of four different orders: time order, space order, climactic order, complex order.

  71. With the climactic order of arrangement eliminated, the reporter is practically limited to the simple time order, or a combination of it with one of the other two kinds,--which is the normal type of story.

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