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Example sentences for "focused"

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foci; fock; foco; focos; focus; focuses; focusing; focussed; focussing; fodder
  1. She drew a notebook from the pocket of her kilted skirt, standing gracefully with pencil poised, dark eyes focused upon Jones.

  2. The northwestern Indian Ocean had a similar emporium in the ancient Dioscoridis, (Sokotra) which focused on itself the trade between Arabia and eastern Africa.

  3. By and by he focused his black eyes on the new "swipe.

  4. The manager looked at him with eyes so unprofessional they might never have focused on anything so mean as a past-due bill, or a head office bull.

  5. From looking at nothingness his eyes gradually focused on a calendar, and at an "X" mark in pencil thereon.

  6. His mouth parted slightly, showing the white line of teeth, and his eyes looked out and out till they seemed to Darcy to be focused on things beyond the vision of man.

  7. His eyes opened wider, the lower lids drooped as if he focused his eyes on something very far away, and the smile on his face broadened and quivered like sunlight on still water, till the exultance of its happiness was scarcely human.

  8. He fixed his thoughts upon one issue, focused all his powers on that one point: "I will wake up.

  9. The light of popular approval had to be focused somewhere: but that in itself proved nothing.

  10. He had the blanket ready before he realized that the wolf was not watching him after all, and that its attention was focused on a point out of his line of vision.

  11. While he focused his attention on the physical pain, he could feel the pressure against him weaken.

  12. Following Kurt's directions, he started ahead, his eyes focused on the light rather than the white expanse before him.

  13. The Doctor's eyes focused sharply on his face.

  14. Advancing toward the fireplace with a rather slow-footed, hesitating gait, the little visitor's attention focused suddenly on the cluttered table and she cried out with unmistakable delight.

  15. His eyes opened wider, the lower lids drooped as if he focused his eyes on something very far away, and the smile on his face broadened and quivered like sunlight on still water till the exultance of its happiness was scarcely human.

  16. The eyes of his friend, however, were focused upon the little party, chatting merrily about the table, awaiting their arrival.

  17. Huntington abhorred an enigma because when once focused in his mind a mental impossibility was created to rid himself of it.

  18. Their minds were plainly meeting, and when both had become focused upon the same point, it was perfectly certain that the object of the experiment would be attained.

  19. This the inventor effected by the simplest means in the world--simply a parabolic reflector by which the destructive waves could be sent like a beam of light, but invisible, in any direction and focused upon any desired point.

  20. Directly facing her were the interpreters, and the rest of us, all with ears intent and eyes focused upon Aina, stood in a double row behind them.

  21. Through the opportunity to better know self as caring person, the nurse will learn to intentionally and authentically enter nursing situations focused on knowing and supporting the nursed as they live caring and grow in caring.

  22. It is not adequate to have an understanding of administration as a role which is focused in functions such as interpersonal, informational, and decisional.

  23. The early endeavors of the first nurse researchers who focused on caring laid out the lines and clarified the observable realities for subsequent research and theorizing.

  24. Each nurturing response is focused on nurturing the person as he or she lives caring and expresses hopes and dreams for growing in caring.

  25. This center is focused on humanizing care in the community through the integration of teaching, research, and service grounded in caring.

  26. Persons engaged in dialogue are focused on trying to understand situations as perceived through another's eyes in order that new possibilities may be recognized.

  27. In this process, there is dialogue focused on knowing the nurse and nursed in the story as caring person.

  28. Plans were made to continue with yearly research conferences focused on four major goals: 1.

  29. The budget should include time allocations for staff to participate in dialogues focused on knowing self as caring person in order that calls, such as the one in the previous story, can be heard.

  30. Time is needed for both faculty and students to reflect on the meaning of being a member of this discipline and more specifically, on the meaning of being a member of a discipline focused on nurturing persons as they live and grow in caring.

  31. Since the late 1960s most feature films have focused on contemporary life and its problems.

  32. The rural society focused on the family and the community; its outlook was parochial.

  33. At the time of World War II Bulgaria actually had two social systems: the traditional peasant society, changing but still focused on the family and the community, and a growing urban society that focused on the economy and the state.

  34. The urban society focused on commerce, industry, and government; its outlook was national and often international, and it was subject to continuous influences from abroad.

  35. As we sat at table to-night the world in which each of us lived and moved throughout this day was focused in the room.

  36. For a long time he worked in the dimness, screwing tubes and polishing lenses and adjusting reflectors, and only after much labor the finely focused instrument was brought to bear.

  37. To make this measurement, two micrometer microscopes which project horizontally through the comparator are alternately focused on the knife edges and on the standard scale.

  38. The telescope is focused on two mirrors within the apparatus, one fixed, the other attached to the top of the pendulum.

  39. Public interest was at once focused reassuringly on the chances of finding the annoying malefactor to-day or to-morrow; there no longer existed a doubt that he would be found.

  40. The light of popular approval had to be focused somewhere, but that in itself proved nothing.

  41. He fixed his thoughts upon one issue, focused all his powers on that one point: “I will wake up.

  42. With wabbling head, he focused his blighted face upon the church--a shrine all in white beckoning to him, insistently.

  43. The rattlesnake's head was focused less than twelve inches from his chin, and he knew well that upon the slightest tremor of his body the rattler would stab him in the throat.

  44. He focused his own gaze upon the commissioner's eye as intently as he would have watched a groundhog hole in the hills.

  45. The telescope, a, is now focused very accurately on a celestial or other very distant object, and the focus marked.

  46. This telescope is first directed to a distant object, preferably a celestial one, and focused for parallel rays.

  47. Economic policy is focused on meeting the criteria for admission to the EU.

  48. While it continues many of the reform policies, the MPRP has focused on social welfare and public order priorities.

  49. The dual-island nation's agricultural production is focused on the domestic market and constrained by a limited water supply and a labor shortage stemming from the lure of higher wages in tourism and construction.

  50. But for some single circumstance that converged and focused their talent, many a hero would have died unknown and unsuspected.

  51. Intelligence has become too universal to be focused in a few drawing rooms.

  52. Quickly adjusting the glass, Tom focused it on the black speck.

  53. Tom, and, an instant later, they were in the midst of a brilliant glow, for Ned had turned the current into the great searchlight on the bow of the air craft, and the beams were focused on our friends.

  54. The images of the meniscus of the mercury column and of the moving fork are focused on the plate by a lens.

  55. Lord Randolph insisted that the principle of the bill should be accepted by the opposition, and that resistance should be focused upon the refusal of the government to combine with it a scheme of redistribution.

  56. His gaze was focused behind Peter, at the distant shoreline.

  57. As you know, Wallaby is a company that has always been focused on empowering individuals with portable computer technology.

  58. A spotlight focused on the podium gaped wide and bright.

  59. He graced the audience with a sweeping smile, then focused his attention at the center of the auditorium, just above the heads of his audience, as his mistress and tutor had taught him.

  60. They're focused on bigger systems and desktops, which, along with service, account for most of our business.

  61. At Wallaby," he began, "we've always been intensely focused on the idea of people using a portable computer for their personal tasks and needs.

  62. How could he have been so focused on his work and not gotten to know her better?

  63. She focused on his dusty manicured nails, his long fingers, weathered knuckles, and tanned skin.

  64. He had the binoculars focused on her face.

  65. On impulse he rose, went inside, and taking his binoculars from their case, focused the eight-power lenses on the screen of brush, keeping himself well within the doorway where he could see without being seen.

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