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Example sentences for "focusing"

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foco; focos; focus; focused; focuses; focussed; focussing; fodder; foddered; foddering
  1. South African economic policy is fiscally conservative, but pragmatic, focusing on targeting inflation and liberalizing trade as means to increase job growth and household income.

  2. In addition, it is focusing on the problems of the high cost of labor and labor market inflexibility resulting from the 35-hour workweek and restrictions on lay-offs.

  3. Instead Ta-hui advocated meditating deeper and ever deeper into a koan, focusing on the words until they "lose their flavor.

  4. By focusing on this idea of unity in an Absolute, we also interact with our own perception of time.

  5. A man stood there, apparently focusing his attention upon the motorboat.

  6. Focusing their eyes upon it, the boys plunged on through the loose sand.

  7. It's started," she said, abruptly coherent again and focusing in on Ally.

  8. While it continues many of the reform policies, the MPRP is focusing on social welfare and public order priorities.

  9. Its main business is not the business of a security agency which goes around focusing or is supposed to be focusing on security problems.

  10. The head keeper has a dozen explanations, from sparks flying out of the house chimneys to the sunlight focusing through a dewdrop, but none of them, I must admit, convince me as being in the least likely or probable.

  11. And, for an instant, as he watched it, the doctor was aware that a faint uneasiness stirred in the depths of his own being, focusing itself for the moment upon this curious behaviour of the uncanny creature before him.

  12. In the end, Fairfax County farmers generally effected a compromise: while focusing on one aspect of farming, they retained many of the advantages of the general farmer.

  13. In Virginia practical skills were taught but so were a program of social studies dealing with the quality of life in rural areas, focusing on problems of transportation, recreation, resource protection and consumption patterns.

  14. Viewed in this light, then, we see that the voluntary focusing of our attention consists in the selecting of certain objects to be attended to, and the ignoring of other objects which act as distractions.

  15. Now can we take the focusing lens off of this, and rig something to give me a focus at about 4.

  16. The focusing cloth clung to her head like a cowl as she raised it and bowed.

  17. She was looking down, with her chin half buried in the focusing cloth, which had slipped from her head and fallen round her shoulders.

  18. At that distance the focal adjustment is not much different for both balls, so that the muscular movement, due to focusing the eye, plays a small part in the estimation of the relative distance.

  19. By focusing the attention in this manner the fluctuation becomes an easy matter to obtain.

  20. Certain muscles alter the position of the eye and consequently the optical axis, and focusing (accommodation) is accomplished by altering the thickness and shape, and consequently the focal length, of the lens.

  21. Nor is there anything disingenuous about this focusing of the attention: a real belief is there.

  22. Looked at externally it is a curious focusing of attention.

  23. So that both eyes and mind perceive The Outer more and more obscurely, focusing more and more on The Remote.

  24. Finally by focusing these upon this strange object, he formed an idea, or mental picture, which gave him a reasonable control over the new vague presentation.

  25. The focusing of attention upon particular impressions and thus making them stand out as distinct states of consciousness is said to break the surface of the stream into waves.

  26. By focusing thereon certain ideas with which he is perfectly familiar, as rind, flesh, seed, etc.

  27. It was seen, however, that the focusing of attention upon any problem depends upon some form of desirable change to be effected in and through the set problem.

  28. In this case there is no distinct reference to the needs of the self, and a lack of that focusing of attention necessary to give the consciousness a meaning and purpose in the life of the individual.

  29. It was especially pointed out above, that the purposeful consciousness always implies a straining or focusing of consciousness in order to attain a fuller control of the experience.

  30. The mat being placed in the plate holder, a focusing glass is inserted in the position the plate will occupy, and final adjustment and focusing made.

  31. Focusing on a different aspect of the problem, Senator Humphrey introduced an amendment to the Senate version of the bill to protect servicemen detained by public authority against civil violence or punishment by extra legal forces.

  32. The Personnel Policy Board ignored these larger questions when it considered the subject on 26 May, focusing its opposition instead on two of the committee's recommendations.

  33. The Adjutant was busily engaged with the field-glasses he had taken from the case slung over his shoulder and was focusing them on the road below.

  34. The principle of the correction of sight by means of glasses is merely this:[1] When the focusing apparatus of the eye is not perfect, it can be made so by putting in front of the eye the proper kind of lens.

  35. In addition to this, there is, of course, the focusing mechanism of the eye.

  36. And doing the stairs on the way down was just focusing the activity at the right point for making a successful conclusion--that is, winding up the job at the exit.

  37. Steam turbine engine, dynamo directly connected on the same shaft, and self-focusing arc lamp.

  38. The socket is a part of the focusing device, one type of which holds the lamp in a horizontal position, while in the other the lamp is held vertically or upright.

  39. They had pinned a big focusing cloth over the front of the Angel's light dress.

  40. With whirling brain he gazed into the Limberlost, searching for something, he knew not what, and in blank horror found his eyes focusing on the Angel.

  41. Focusing the rays of the sun powerfully upon a given point by means of a lens or concave mirror, was another method used for starting fire.

  42. He finished focusing just as Scotty and Jerry burst into the room.

  43. Rick twisted the lens barrel, making sure it was full open, then he twisted the focusing ring until it stopped.

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