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Example sentences for "attractively"

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attracted; attracting; attraction; attractions; attractive; attractiveness; attractor; attracts; attribuer; attributable
  1. The Kansas City Casino showed a municipal exhibit attractively arranged in a commodious building erected for that purpose.

  2. Silver City exhibited graded work from the first to eighth grades, inclusive, very attractively mounted on cards.

  3. Large collections of birds' eggs, attractively displayed; numerous specimens of stuffed wild boars and deer were displayed.

  4. Situated attractively on the side and along the base of a high bluff rising 600 ft.

  5. Contains sketches of eighteen Italian painters from Giotto to Paul Veronese, based on Vasari, and attractively written.

  6. This first volume of Andrew Lang's colored fairy books contains the better known tales from the folk-lore of many nations, and is, like the others of this series, attractively illustrated.

  7. There are a great number of people now who read nothing at all, or only promiscuous fiction, who would certainly become real readers were books of any other sort attractively available.

  8. One early 17th-century andiron recovered is attractively decorated with a cherub's head in relief.

  9. The attractively decorated tiles added a touch of beauty to a few Jamestown interiors.

  10. One pistol barrel is attractively ornamented with silver bands.

  11. The only difficulty with the book for a text is that it is so attractively written on such vital problems that the student will not stop reading at the end of the lesson.

  12. It is not too much to expect that the girl of the future will be able to set before her family meals scientifically planned or food wisely and economically purchased, well cooked, and attractively served.

  13. They are all attractively illustrated and handsomely bound.

  14. The typography leaves nothing to be desired, the paper is calculated to stand wear and tear, and the work is at once handsomely and attractively bound.

  15. The most carefully balanced ration will fail to satisfy the ordinary human being unless it is served attractively and unless sufficient variety is provided.

  16. Printed from new plates and attractively bound in cloth.

  17. Printed from large, clear type and attractively bound in cloth.

  18. Attractively printed from new plates and bound in cloth.

  19. Profusely illustrated, of good bulk, handsomely Printed, and attractively bound in cloth gilt.

  20. An attractively illustrated little book with four full color pages, giving in child words the story of our Queen's life.

  21. Each set is put up on fancy Flag Card, and all are so attractively gotten up that they are sure to be big sellers at this time of so much military enthusiasm.

  22. They come a long way to school, often over poor roads; and it is necessary, for both their physical and their mental development, that they should receive adequate nourishment served as attractively as possible.

  23. After the vegetable has been put on to cook, discuss the method of seasoning or dressing the vegetable which is to be served uncooked, and have it prepared attractively to serve on the plates.

  24. He observed her as she sat with hands loosely clasped in her lap; there was an inscrutable look upon her delicate face, upon the clear-cut features so attractively framed by her thick dark hair, brown in some lights, black in others.

  25. She observed that he was dressed attractively in an extremely light summer suit of homespun; his hands were large and strong and ruddy--the hands of an artist, in good health.

  26. Molly came, bringing cocoa, a cereal, hot biscuit and crab-apple preserves, all attractively arranged on a large tray.

  27. She was in a small, attractively furnished room, with a bow window looking upon the yard and the street.

  28. The lover who is a husband and the wife who is in love with the man she has married have never before been so attractively portrayed.

  29. An hour later, the three girls were strolling along the main street, stopping in various stores to look at the goods most attractively displayed.

  30. They were wandering back to the station, when Nancy's eye was caught by some post cards attractively displayed in the window of a small store.

  31. Under the guidance of their driver the party soon found a boarding-place in a large wooden house, attractively situated on a hill.

  32. Attractively illustrated and simply presented story of Rome from the earliest times to the death of Augustus.

  33. Attractively illustrated and simply presented--a good book to begin on.

  34. We know of no book more calculated to quicken the pulse of modern Protestantism, or to give in an attractively biographical form the history of the Church of Scotland through the lives, and doings, and deaths of her noblest sons.

  35. Then came the picture, with a mien attractively debonair, a pleasantly smiling mouth, and a sympathetic pair of eyes, and in due course, the tale.

  36. Stephen's teeth were admirable and flashed attractively when he smiled.

  37. Her head, balanced attractively on straight white shoulders, was covered gloriously, if a little thinly, with hair of a light gold, an indescribable tint not often encountered outside the world of books.

  38. Perfectly absurd, for there was nothing intrinsically repellent about this handsome, clean, most attractively dressed man, of the best type of American and New-Yorker.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "attractively" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.