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  1. The discovery of the attenuation of virus, which had been so vehemently attacked only a year before in the report of the Sanitary Office, was now extolled by Dr.

  2. If Pasteur had not sacrificed some fowls and sheep, would the great scientific fact of the attenuation of virus have been discovered?

  3. What takes place during that interval of time intentionally placed between two successive cultivations of the cholera microbe--that interval which is employed in effecting the attenuation and producing the vaccine?

  4. The whole question of vaccination resolves itself into knowing at what moment a certain degree of virus attenuation is a guarantee of protection against the mortal virus.

  5. Is not the attenuation of the virus by the influence of the air one of the factors in the extinction of great epidemics?

  6. It was this form of attenuation that was brought into play in the case of Jenner.

  7. It inspires the sure and certain hope that, as regards the attenuation of the rabic virus, and the rendering of an animal, by inoculation, proof against attack, the success of M.

  8. This would, by a new example, go to establish the generalisation of the method of attenuation by oxygen.

  9. The secret of attenuation had thus become an open one to Pasteur.

  10. It is this method which conducted him in 1880 to that wonderful discovery, the attenuation of contagia.

  11. Questions multiply as the facts relating to the attenuation of a virus suggest inductions, awaken ideas, and throw new lights upon a problem which, until within these last few years, has remained so obscure.

  12. The attenuation and want of flexibility of contour in the nude are perhaps most conspicuous in his frescoes of classical subjects in the Glyptothek, especially in that representing the contention for the body of Patroclus.

  13. We cannot but admit that we have been accustomed to regard the theories of Hahnemann with distrust, and that the principle of the attenuation of drugs, etc.

  14. That led him to the principle of the attenuation of viruses and to that of vaccination by attenuated microbes.

  15. Among them may be mentioned the variable degree of attenuation of different tubes of the vaccine and the varying susceptibility of the animals to be inoculated.

  16. The advance was effected by a slight attenuation of the too massive columns, a further reduction of the height of the entablature, and an increase in the projection of the smaller decorative members.

  17. Twelve hours after another gallon of pure yest is to be added, and the tun well roused, then covered; the attenuation suffered to proceed to eighty degrees, but not higher.

  18. The time he has allotted himself for attenuation was first founded in error, derived from ignorance of the subject, and slavishly continued by that invincible tyrant, custom.

  19. Attenuation should proceed until the heat rises four degrees above the pitching heat, which should be the same as in the preceding process.

  20. It appears to be quite probable that the cause of the attenuation of the morbid properties is due to the intervention of the digestive microbes.

  21. His manner, his tone, his beautiful style, with something at once pleading and threatening, and a kind of feminine attenuation in its vibrant periods, bears witness to this.

  22. Certainly his style thickens and gathers in fuller intensity as well as diffuses itself in wider atmospheric attenuation as his later manner grows upon him.

  23. The constant playing upon that one string of a symbolic purpose or a philosophical formula seems to me to lead invariably to a certain attenuation and strain.

  24. It imagines the matter now composing the solar group to have been originally dispersed through the space occupied by our system, and to have been in a state of attenuation under the influence of high heat.

  25. He inserts inductances in series with the wires of the line, so adapting them to the constants of the circuit that attenuation and distortion are diminished in a gratifying degree.

  26. It tells the value of a in terms of the four properties, a being the attenuation constant of the line.

  27. This simply means that the rabbits have effected, or the bacillus has undergone while in them, an attenuation of virulence.

  28. Pasteur has recently found that by passing the bacillus of "rouget" of pigs through rabbits, he can effect a considerable attenuation of the "rouget" virus.

  29. The process of dilution is carried on in the same way as the attenuation of the powder was done; each successive dilution with alcohol reducing the medicine to a hundredth part of the quantity of that which preceded it.

  30. No wonder they believe in the efficacy of a similar attenuation of bryony or pulsatilla.

  31. The rapidity of the action diminished with the attenuation of the vapour.

  32. The neutral point had passed me in its motion down the beam, consequent upon the attenuation of the fumes of resin.

  33. A similar effect is produced by perfumes diffused in the air, though their attenuation is known to be almost infinite.

  34. In fact, the attenuation does not correspond to the strength of the wort; being greatest in the third brewing, and smallest in the first.

  35. The perfection of the pencil depends upon this equality; the tapering point being produced simply by the attenuation of the tips.

  36. From the vinous energy of this odour, and the progressive attenuation of the wort, the vigour of the fermentation may be inferred.

  37. The criterion for transferring from the gyle-tun to the cleansing butts is the attenuation caused by the production of alcohol in the beer: when that has fallen to 10 lbs.

  38. When the progress of the attenuation becomes so slack as not to exceed half a pound in the day, it is prudent to cleanse, otherwise the top harm might re-enter the body of the beer, and it would become yeast-bitten.

  39. The twisting should positively go no further than to fulfil the purpose of giving cohesion, otherwise it would place an obstacle in the way of the future attenuation into level thread.

  40. Could the alcohol be drawn off as it is formed, the attenuation would probably become greater, because the alcohol checks the fermentative action, and eventually stops it, before all the saccharum is decomposed.

  41. In consequence of the great attenuation of the wort by the generation of so much alcohol, no good body of yeast continues to float on the surface, and what is formed is beat down into the liquor on purpose to promote the fermentation.

  42. In fermenting solutions of sugar mixed with good yeast, the attenuation has been carried down to 0.

  43. In the attenuation of raw-grain wash, the specific gravity seldom arrives at 1.

  44. At the present time such an announcement would be promptly followed by investigations leading up to such doctrines as that of the attenuation of viruses and that of antitoxines.

  45. That is, however, a “Differentiation and attenuation of traits, which is common in every myth-maker.

  46. An attenuation of the comparison dung = gold seems to be coal = gold.

  47. Even when the light is not sufficiently intense, or the exposure is too short to kill the spores, the experiments show that attenuation of virulence [v.

  48. Many of the earlier methods of attenuation were devised in the case of the anthrax bacillus, an organism which is, however, somewhat exceptional as regards the relative stability of its virulence.

  49. Therefore, we have applied all our energies to investigate the possible generalizing action of atmospheric oxygen in the attenuation of virus.

  50. We are thus able to obtain, not only the attenuation of the virulence, but also its complete suppression by a simple method of cultivation.

  51. In some recent publications," said Pasteur, "I announced the first case of the attenuation of a virus by experimental methods only.

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