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Example sentences for "attenuates"

Lexicographically close words:
attentive; attentively; attentiveness; attenuate; attenuated; attenuating; attenuation; atter; attest; attestation
  1. This pungent root warms and stimulates the solids, and attenuates tenacious juices.

  2. It succors the breast, lungs, throat, oppressed by cold, it restores the voice lost by reason of cold, and attenuates thick and gross humours in the breast and lungs.

  3. Even if it were true, how little it would tell us; how it attenuates fact!

  4. Stahl observes, that it attenuates Gold more than any other metallic substance, and unites with it much more intimately than with the rest.

  5. In all probability this is the effect of a beginning putrefaction, which attenuates this substance, and breaks its contexture.

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