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Example sentences for "attentively"

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attente; attention; attentions; attentiue; attentive; attentiveness; attenuate; attenuated; attenuates; attenuating
  1. Before I retired to rest I had attentively thought over my extraordinary interview with Mrs. Catherick from beginning to end, and had verified at my leisure the conclusions which I had hastily drawn in the earlier part of the day.

  2. Mrs. Rubelle looked very attentively at the patient, curtseyed to Lady Glyde, set one or two little things right in the room, and sat down quietly in a corner to wait until she was wanted.

  3. The more attentively she watched every movement of my brush, the more closely I was breathing the perfume of her hair, and the warm fragrance of her breath.

  4. She looked at me attentively as I put the letter away in my pocket-book.

  5. Her ladyship looked attentively after him wherever he went.

  6. As I looked toward it, more attentively than before, I thought I detected at intervals the feet of a man walking close behind it, the carter being in front, by the side of his horses.

  7. I looked attentively at her, as she put that singular question to me.

  8. Lady Glyde, who watched her as attentively as I did, discovered nothing either.

  9. I looked attentively at them both, and he was the palest of the two.

  10. Disappointed thus far, I next looked attentively at the cross, and at the square block of marble below it, on which the inscription was cut.

  11. I looked attentively to see if she flinched at the sudden mention of that name.

  12. He looked me attentively in the face with more appearance of interest than he had shown yet.

  13. Before equipping boats with howitzers, notice attentively the Hints for General Service, commencing at page 146, Boat Armament of the U.

  14. The Captain faces the breech, the men on the right and left stand facing the mortar; all fix their eyes on the Captain, and attentively wait for orders.

  15. The Captain faces the port, the men, on the right and left, stand facing the gun; all fix their eyes on the Captain and attentively wait for orders.

  16. The magistrate, a man esteemed for his benevolence, examined the little prisoner attentively ere he questioned him.

  17. The these Kafirs seated themselves at his feet, and listened attentively to his specious reasoning.

  18. Frankfort sat with a book in his hand also, but attentively noting all that was passing.

  19. I never troubled myself if people looked at me, I was only occupied in listening attentively to the preacher.

  20. He looked at me attentively and smiling said: "Well, and how is our little Carmelite?

  21. I listened attentively while she taught CĂ©line, and was very good and obedient, so as to obtain the privilege of being allowed in the room during lessons.

  22. I listened most attentively to the instructions given us by Father Domin, and wrote careful notes on them, but I did not put down any of my own thoughts, as I knew I should remember them quite well.

  23. Curtis and the boatswain stood by the mast attentively scanning the horizon.

  24. I looked at him attentively for some moments, then laid my ear against his chest.

  25. He had evidently taken a deep interest in his own narration, and had been listened to attentively by Ping and Tah-nu-nu.

  26. He had seemed to listen so attentively to the stern warnings given him against any attempt at running away, and he had shown such good sense that very morning, that he was allowed to walk around as he pleased.

  27. Bonville continued to speak of him with indifference, observing attentively how Alida was affected.

  28. He had listened, therefore, attentively to the words of her father, momentarily expecting to hear himself declared the favourite choice of the fair.

  29. His manner was grave, and looking at him more attentively she saw traces on his face of much hard work and anxiety.

  30. She sat down, and looking more attentively at Anna, smiled.

  31. They all listened attentively to the most insignificant word I uttered, and I was very careful to let them enjoy their conjectures about me.

  32. My three friends listened to me so attentively that they looked like three statues.

  33. The boy looked at the dead man attentively for some moments and then answered: "Yes, sah.

  34. The boy looked at the body attentively for some time, then said: "No, sah.

  35. We waited for some minutes, but not the slightest sound could be heard; the elephants were aware of danger, and they were, like ourselves, listening attentively for the first intimation of an enemy.

  36. The bear will, in most cases, after watching him attentively for some time, turn round and gallop off.

  37. When seen at a distance as they run over the ground, from their colour they look like pigs; but when seen seated on their haunches, attentively watching any object with one eye, as is their habit, their true character is known.

  38. From here he attentively surveyed every dish on the table, and having determined what to have, he would descend and sit down at my side.

  39. His long speech was attentively listened to, and even Yates reported that it "was praised by everybody, but supported by none.

  40. They gathered about her this evening; enjoyed the excellent meal provided for them; inspected Mr. Dyce Lashmar, and listened attentively even to his casual remarks.

  41. The folk employed he regarded attentively and saw that they looked healthy, well cared for.

  42. I was not so busy with my play that I did not listen attentively when they spoke of the "accommodating ways" of Monsieur!

  43. She looked upon Lady Linleigh's great love for her as rather tiresome than otherwise; it was annoying to her that she should be visited every evening, and that the countess should study so attentively her every look and word.

  44. He listened attentively to the voice; it was certainly like that of Doris, but he fancied the accent was more silvery, more refined.

  45. His face lighted up, and he regarded the reaction attentively for some time.

  46. Kennedy bent over the body and looked at it attentively for several minutes, while we stood back of him, scarcely uttering a word in the presence of this terrible thing.

  47. A slight sketch of the circumstances attending the introduction of the reformation into England, will serve to illustrate this important branch of her policy.

  48. Looking attentively at our mental situation as regards those whom we know pretty well, we see that most of them are still, though rather faintly, classified into groups.

  49. Next day the ladies held another meeting, but decided not to make any visitations, it being Christmas day, and the hotel-keepers more than usually busy and not likely to listen very attentively to our proposition.

  50. I know I have been able to correct many preceding errors, because I was the first to look attentively when the moment to see and understand arrived.

  51. I remarked quietly, watching attentively to see what effect my words would have upon her.

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