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Example sentences for "attentions"

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attendre; attends; attent; attente; attention; attentiue; attentive; attentively; attentiveness; attenuate
  1. While he continued to investigate the mystery the recluse would continue inimical, and would therefore refuse to permit him to pay attentions to his daughter.

  2. So long as I was healthy and handsome and bright your attentions continued, but when I was reduced to this state, ten years ago, what did you do?

  3. Such attentions will procure you a feeling of grateful regard, especially if you acquit yourself with tact and real kindness.

  4. Gentlemen, as we have said, should avoid showing marked preference to particular ladies, by devoting their undivided attentions to them, or dancing exclusively with them.

  5. If a young man thinks fit to address himself first to the young lady, to find if his attentions be agreeable to her, he should not delay, after gaining her consent to them, to respectfully solicit the approval of her parents or guardians.

  6. There are many little attentions to the entertainment and comfort of others which will not be wanting where the will is good and the heart sincere.

  7. It was more than a fortnight since the lieutenant had received the attentions of a barber, and when he returned to his own boat, and changed her course inshore, he looked most bristly even in the moonlight.

  8. These attentions he followed up with several other visits, and finally proposed that she should marry him.

  9. She endured a campaign in Afghanistan, in which she thoroughly enjoyed herself because of the attentions of the officers.

  10. She could not turn to him for any of those delicate attentions which a woman loves so much, nor for that larger sympathy which wins the heart as well as captivates the senses.

  11. She was a good deal alone, and his attentions gave her entertainment.

  12. Paying attentions is out of the question, and the only thing for me to do is to give up the whole thing.

  13. You see it isn't your wife that you have to consider, but the girl; and do you think the girl or her friends would have a married man paying his attentions in that quarter?

  14. The other discovery was that Minnie herself was more pleased with the attentions of the English lord than with his own.

  15. He had already, some time before, been conscious that his attentions were not wanted, but it was only on the part of the other ladies that he noticed any repugnance to himself.

  16. She cared nothing for him either way, except that his polite attentions and delicate deference to her tastes and opinions were complimentary and flattering, and so she saw no reason why she should shun him because he had fallen once.

  17. From that day, little LĂ©onie was as assiduous as her mother in her attentions to the convalescent.

  18. And I advise you also to cease your impertinent attentions to my cousin, Lady Suffolk.

  19. He was courted and feted and though gratified at the attentions showered upon him, found himself so thoroughly out of his element, that he longed to return to more pleasant and more familiar scenes, his old hunting grounds.

  20. She received my attentions with favour; but whether on my account solely, or because she had any designs on Red Whisker, I can't say.

  21. It's one of the things that cut the trade off from attentions they could often wish to show," said Mr. Omer.

  22. The Governor continued his kind attentions to the King of Jolo, as it appeared to him the best mode of putting an end to hostility with the Moors.

  23. Could she receive with pleasure the attentions of such a man as Godfrey Hurdlestone?

  24. To the lover-like attentions of Mark Hurdlestone she paid no regard, and appeared wholly unconscious of his admiration.

  25. Why did you transfer your attentions to me?

  26. Is it fair, is it delicate, is it like a gentleman, to compromise the young lady by attentions which (as you know very well) can come to nothing?

  27. It never occurred to the Marquis that he was guilty of a betrayal of friendship by paying court to Ninon, and the latter took the Marquis' attentions as a matter of course without considering the ingratitude of her conduct.

  28. The flippant manner in which she receives your attentions reveals an indifference which grieves you?

  29. You are offered in advance the price of the attentions you devote to her, and from which you will soon be dispensed, and I think you will have so little delicacy as to accept them.

  30. If Mr. Gwynne likes to transfer his attentions to me I'll sit up all night right on Minerva Haight's doorstep, and talk about any old thing he wants.

  31. Colton, although for the present dependent upon only the voters of his district, by no means confined his attentions even to those of his county.

  32. If I could become powerful in the State, the Independent leader they need, then I might transfer my attentions to that unhappy town.

  33. The Duke of Arcot was an energetic Conservative and a member of the present cabinet, but his social attentions were ever directed to the prominent and interesting of whatever party or creed.

  34. She'll be too proud to do anything herself to attract her husband, once his attentions to her seem to drop off.

  35. Altogether, striking, rather a conspicuous effort than an artistic success, any woman would have said; but there could be no doubt that she had provided a glittering bait for the attentions of the men.

  36. The old Virginia aristocracy had vied with each other in hospitable attentions to the family.

  37. The captain had been unremitting in his attentions to him during the retreat.

  38. He was grateful for the attentions paid to him by Captain Stewart and Washington, and more than once, it is said, expressed his admiration of the gallantry displayed by the Virginians in the action.

  39. Skilful medical treatment, with the kind attentions of friends, and especially of his brother, restored him to health in about three weeks; but his face always remained slightly marked.

  40. The fact is, she was completely puzzled as well as vexed by Arthur's attentions to Maud.

  41. The attentions of his host, Ferrol, he accepted as a matter of course, and behaved with such mysterious assumption of grandeur, that the household at once put him down as a prince in disguise.

  42. They got back safely to their ship, but the youth was taken with an illness, during which he repaid their anxious inquiries and attentions more with a courteous hauteur than with gratitude.

  43. Finally, she resolved that she would endure the attentions of the rich lovers no longer; so one stormy night she escaped and went down the river and hid herself in the cave on the other side.

  44. These rascals overflowed with attentions and information for their guests, and with brotherly love for each other.

  45. He represented to the captain, that the lady to whom he was paying his attentions was one of the most amiable and excellent of her sex; highly approved of the captain's taste and judgment; with many other such observations.

  46. I will not allude to the flattering attentions which were paid to me by the people of Albany, during my residence among them, which was only about six months.

  47. I had set sail from Martinique, with Hortense, on board a ship in which we received such marked attentions that they are indelibly impressed on my memory.

  48. On the other hand, Louis had too much pride to pursue with his attentions a bride whom he had reluctantly received, and who openly manifested her aversion to him.

  49. I can not sufficiently thank you for your attentions and kindness to my little family.

  50. It will be a consolation to you, my dear child, to reflect that by your attentions you have rendered your mother as happy as it was possible for her, in her circumstances, to be.

  51. The commander, Cuynat, and Lieutenant Thiboutot, were unfailing in their attentions to me.

  52. I hope that repose will re-establish it; and I can not doubt that the king will contribute to it every thing in his power, by his attentions and his attachments.

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