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Example sentences for "arrives"

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arrivals; arrive; arrived; arrivee; arriver; arriveth; arriving; arroba; arrobas; arrogance
  1. A time at length arrives when the stability vanishes, and the slightest shock will overturn the government.

  2. Make the pickle-liquor in May or June, as the season arrives for the various vegetables to be picked.

  3. The wheatear is an annual visitor of England: it arrives about the middle of March and leaves in September.

  4. It appears in our seas in the spring, within three miles of the shores, where it arrives in large shoals to deposit its spawn.

  5. This fish migrates in immense shoals, and arrives on the Yorkshire coast about the middle of winter.

  6. Mrs. Floyd Grandon will take her turn next year, when she arrives at legal age.

  7. She arrives just then, and the professor joins the masculine circle with great zest.

  8. On 8th February Nelson arrives off Alexandria in search of French.

  9. On 24th June arrives off Naples and cancels the agreement of capitulation of the forts.

  10. He bargains for one of the Victory's anchors to be at the bows before he arrives at Portsmouth.

  11. On 22nd September arrives at Naples and is received with great rejoicing.

  12. On 26th December arrives at Palermo and is much gratified by his reception as a popular hero.

  13. On 19th June resigns command and sails in the brig Kite for Yarmouth, where he arrives on July 1st.

  14. The only thing we can affirm with absolute certainty is, that when it arrives our prosperity will be increased five or ten fold.

  15. Meyer (191) says of the Encounter Bay tribes that if a man from another tribe arrives having anything which a native desires to purchase, "he perhaps makes a bargain to pay by letting him have one of his wives for a longer or shorter period.

  16. But he is glad to escape when a messenger arrives opportunely to announce that a yellow ape has frightened the princess.

  17. He goes to find her and when he arrives at the Skaian gates, she comes running to meet him, together with the nurse, who holds his infant boy on her bosom.

  18. One of the queen's maids presently arrives with the paints and rings for decorating Malavika's feet.

  19. When he arrives at the tomb he sees his son in it, clinging to the corpse of Antigone, who had hanged herself.

  20. After this Urvasi makes herself visible, too, but the king has hardly had time to greet her, when a celestial messenger arrives to summon her hastily back to heaven, to her own great distress and the king's.

  21. Contarini leaves Moscow, and having passed through Lithuania, Poland, and Germany, arrives at Venice.

  22. Contarini, after crossing European Sarmatia, arrives at Moscow, the capital of White Russia, and is presented to the Grand Duke.

  23. Leaving Phasis, Contarini travels through Mingrelia and Georgia, into Media, and, passing the Caspian, arrives in Tartary.

  24. Their worth has, however, already been felt; but it will be more highly estimated when the time arrives for a critical examination of the services rendered by them to art during that period of its course traversed by Chopin.

  25. You shall not have a cent of my money when Jake arrives with it," she told Ronald.

  26. And this load is food for a whole brigade alone for half a day; so you may see how necessary it is that this valuable cargo arrives in time.

  27. But often the repair gang cannot reach a stranded lorry, and the drivers, helpless before a big mechanical repair, have to camp out alongside their car, till help arrives and tows them in.

  28. Then the bird of delirium arrives and runs up the scale to a high monotonous note that would drive one mad, were it not that he and the dove, with his amphoric note, are Africa all over.

  29. Until that moment arrives you will fight on.

  30. When a royalty arrives at the house, the host (and the hostess, if the royalty be a woman) always waits at the front door and escorts the royalties up-stairs.

  31. The instructor should be most careful that the proper cadence in pace is arrived at before he gives the word, and should caution the pupil also that when she arrives at the boards she should bring her horse to the walk.

  32. It is by a combination of firm grasp on the crutches, seized just before the horse arrives at his fence, and a true balancing of the body from the waist upwards, that security of seat in jumping is obtained.

  33. Being on the bend from the time he leaves the boards until he arrives at them again, the nicest riding is necessary to keep his fore and hind feet on the same track, and prevent him from throwing his haunches out.

  34. Now, when the scientific voyager arrives at home with his collection of wonders, he attempts, perhaps, to give a description of some of the strange people he has been visiting.

  35. The early period of life at which the human form arrives at maturity in this generous tropical climate, likewise deserves to be mentioned.

  36. When the time arrives for the metamorphosis, the larva of the Cicindela enlarges the bottom of its hole, and stops up the entrance with earth before changing.

  37. When the silkworm has just moulted it eats little, but the time very soon arrives when it does so with extraordinary avidity.

  38. When it arrives in the conduit common to the capillary tubes, under the form of a thread, it is impregnated with a sort of varnish, which is poured into them from two neighbouring glands.

  39. When he arrives he sees the people nodding their heads as they suck meat out of shells.

  40. He uses magic and arrives at once where foe lives.

  41. When she arrives at her husband's home, she finds sands and grass of spring are made up of beads, and the walk and place to set jars are large plates.

  42. Kideng also arrives and says, "You must come with me now, for she awaits you who are bearing this offering.

  43. The fate of the male is unknown; as to the female, she introduces herself in a microscopic state into the body of a neighbour, is developed there till she arrives at sexual maturity, and then quits her retreat to go and scatter her eggs.

  44. In the creche the parasite is on its passage from one station to 184 another, and that which arrives at the lying-in asylum has reached the end of its journey and is at home.

  45. This Ascaris is a true parasite, which, when it arrives at its destination, where it finds lodging and food, leaves the lungs to go and inhabit another organ.

  46. Through such a process of adjustment he finally arrives at a principle that possesses a certain range of validity.

  47. I do know," answered the senator cautiously and somewhat curtly, "but until Mr. Ryder arrives I can say nothing.

  48. Then with a deferential smile he added: "Mr. Ryder usually arrives on the stroke, sir.

  49. All is Nature with these uneducated females, and as they are under no apprehension, the hour arrives without terror, and passes over without weakening fears.

  50. But Man at every effort rises higher than he was before, till he arrives at such a knowledge of the great works and designs of his Creator that he bows his head in awe and admiration of the wonders permitted to appear to his comprehension.

  51. Before this help arrives Alexander defeats Porus, but restores him to his throne and increases his power by assigning him some conquered territory.

  52. Nehemiah, a Babylonian Jew, arrives in Jerusalem with Artaxerxes’ permission to repair the city’s walls.

  53. After having studied attentively the greater part of the important monuments of India, one arrives at the conclusion that Buddhism disappeared simply because it gradually became reabsorbed into the religion from which it originally sprang.

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