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  1. Mr. Hamilton has the great merit of thinking for himself instead of merely repeating the current catchwords of the day.

  2. The glamour of those much-violated principles of 1789, and the catchwords of liberty, equality, and fraternity are used to cover up the dire significance of that event.

  3. In this way he cleared the atmosphere of the distorting mists of catchwords and shibboleths.

  4. This concession was attacked by many as connoting a departure from principle, but the deviation was more apparent than real, for under all the wrappings of idealistic catchwords lay the primeval doctrine of force.

  5. It's simply one of the catchwords of the day,' some one was shouting, 'the merest echo of contemporary chatter!

  6. Oh, it's only one of the catchwords of the day,' I answered.

  7. Catchwords abound, and arrest the ear, for they are the catchwords about which the religious controversies of the time revolved.

  8. Gentlewomen may not ride abroad, but they must set a flappet on their ears to smother the foul songs and catchwords of villeins.

  9. There were so many that all could not come anigh, but those others sang the catchwords and built fires on the heath; and some set off to Southwark to see if they might find food in that suburb.

  10. The Jews also studied philosophy, and began to talk in the catchwords of philosophy, and then to re-interpret their Scriptures according to the ideas of philosophy.

  11. They repeated and celebrated the Jeffersonian catchwords with the utmost conviction.

  12. Man is a creature who lives not upon bread alone, but principally by catchwords; and the little rift between the sexes is astonishingly widened by simply teaching one set of catchwords to the girls and another to the boys.

  13. There are too many of these catchwords in the world for people to rap out upon you like an oath and by way of an argument.

  14. I cannot bring myself to dismiss this propaganda by branding it with catchwords such as "a piece of rascality," etc.

  15. Something, no doubt, may often be gained by the mere cross-examination of catchwords and the exposure of platitudes.

  16. Popular government is no more free from catchwords and platitudes than any other political, religious, or social cause which interests a great many people, and is the subject of much discussion.

  17. Seven catchwords make it easy to remember the characteristics and the source of every motive, every kind of person, and every stage in the evolution of sanitary standards.

  18. We need only briefly call to mind the characteristic features and catchwords of the theory as Darwin founded it, which have also been the starting points of subsequent modifications and controversies.

  19. But every dominant crowd, certain sections of the "proletariat" as quickly as any other, will resort to such practices, and will alike justify them by moral catchwords the minute its supremacy over other crowds gives it opportunity.

  20. One commonly hears it said to-day, by those who have made the catchwords of democracy their crowd cult, that the issue in modern society is between democracy and capitalism.

  21. It cannot be denied that such ideals come in very handy these days in the way of furnishing crowds with effective catchwords for their propaganda and of providing them with ready-made justifications for their will to power.

  22. Society is made up of struggle groups, or organized crowds, each seeking the opportunity to make its catchwords realities and to establish itself in the position of social control.

  23. In catchwords the present opera is lacking, and in the puns which never failed to draw out the "ohs" of the audience.

  24. For catchwords are the popular substitute for logic, and the man in the street is reduced to silence by a good round phrase of the kind that sticks.

  25. There is nothing so potent in a public debate as the picturesque catchwords in which leaders of thought sum up their convictions.

  26. And these catchwords are the sort that appeal to the mean spots in human nature,--the distrust of the stranger, the jealousy of possession, the cowardice of the stomach.

  27. They have not followed the argument at all; they have only caught the catchwords of restrictionism.

  28. Taking them as addressed to the Nation and not to the Press only, they run thus: "At such a juncture we must be sincere, we must divest ourselves of the mere catchwords and impulses of party.

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