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Example sentences for "errata"

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  1. One leaf containing errata for Scotland and Ireland inserted.

  2. Table of contents and list of errata at the end.

  3. When I sent the errata I desired to have a set directed to Mr. Grafton, at the Orange Coffee-house, for I had no copy but the one he sent tne to make the errata from, which Was incomplete and unbound.

  4. Print this at the end of all that is of 'The Bride of Abydos,' as an errata page.

  5. I send you in time an errata page, containing an omission of mine, which must be thus added, as it is too late for insertion in the text.

  6. When you can, let the couplet enclosed be inserted either in the page, or in the errata page.

  7. You are right about the errata page; place it at the beginning.

  8. Richard, son of the writer of the said letter" : 'son of' inserted by errata in Issue 218.

  9. The title and letter-press of the two issues are identical, and the three errata on A2 verso are uncorrected.

  10. While regretting that it is impossible to eliminate these altogether, a monthly errata list of the preceding Gazette is not necessary, unless the errors be of real consequence.

  11. Also Mr. Motteau calls attention to the following errata in La Ventego.

  12. There is the letter from Mr. Lowndes asking me to make out the list of errata as quickly as possible, and I do believe that I shall have to read the book before I can oblige him.

  13. As to the rest, I am very far from the sentiments of a certain writer, who having found in his book one fault only, consulted one of his friends, whether he should put down Errata or Erratum.

  14. It seems to be the same as the 1611 edition, with the errata corrected.

  15. In 1597 appeared the earliest special atlas of America in the Descriptionis Ptolemaicæ Augmentum of Cornelius Wytfliet, which was reissued the same year with its errata corrected.

  16. It seems that the errata should have read; page 50, line 16, which would have corrected this error.

  17. The text reads cú vaau ni voite va, with the errata changing the verb to cuvazu.

  18. The text has culus 'posterior,' but the errata changes the word to anus.

  19. This edition was reissued in 1628, with the errata corrected.

  20. I regret to say my copy of his Modern Egyptians has been lost or stolen, and with it are gone the lists of his errata I had drawn up many years ago.

  21. Errata for (first) Table of Contents: VIII.

  22. Errata for Part V (Italy and Sardinia): Italy was unified immediately before the first (1862) edition of the book.

  23. Picus of Mirandula, edition of his works has the longest list of errata on record, 78.

  24. Even this miserable blundering could not have been much worse than the Pearl Bible with six thousand errata mentioned by Isaac Disraeli.

  25. The errors noted in the Errata have been corrected.

  26. I should be pleased to run it over; and make an errata to it.

  27. The Errata which I have given, consist mostly of small alterations in the style, which I made myself.

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