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Example sentences for "clasps"

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clashings; clasp; clasped; claspers; clasping; claspt; class; classe; classed; classem
  1. Cuchulain and Fand perceive their chariots from afar, and the armed angry women with golden clasps shining on their breasts, and he prepares to protect his mistress.

  2. That tree still clasps the kindly mould, Its leaves still drink the twilight dew, And weaving its pale green with gold, Still shines the sunlight through.

  3. Hush every lip, close every book, The strife of tongues forbear; Why forward reach, or backward look, For love that clasps like air?

  4. One arm, Humility, takes hold upon His dear Humanity; the other, Love, Clasps his Divinity.

  5. If a tendril catches nothing, after a considerable interval of time the tips of the branches curl a little inwards; but if it clasps some object, the whole contracts spirally.

  6. The long and thin main peduncle, though spontaneously moving, is not sensitive and never clasps a support.

  7. When a petiole of this species clasps a stick, it draws the base of the internode against it; and then the internode itself bends towards the stick, which is caught between the stem and the petiole as by a pair of pincers.

  8. It is in its original binding, but the clasps have gone.

  9. Book is made for ye clasps eightpence and for ye Binding Six Shillings.

  10. Underneath the piles of satin she had hidden them, and the key to the butterfly clasps was safe in her belt-jacket.

  11. In the corner of the kitchen stood a box of white pigskin with beaten brass clasps made like the outspread wings of a butterfly.

  12. He clasps her hands in one of his, and with the other lovingly strokes her brow.

  13. She lets the lyre fall to the ground, and clasps both hands before her eyes.

  14. She is garbed only in gold-wrought stuffs and limpid stones; a neck-piece clasps her as a corselet does the body and, like a superb buckle, a marvelous jewel sparkles on the hollow between her breasts.

  15. A belt of straw and ivy-buds With coral clasps and amber studs: And if these pleasures may thee move, Come live with me and be my Love.

  16. Thy belt of straw and ivy-buds, Thy coral clasps and amber studs,-- All these in me no means can move To come to thee and be thy Love.

  17. She clasps his hands; but suddenly, seeing that FRUST is coming back, fits across into the curtain and vanishes.

  18. To touch them [She clasps her chest] is a bit obvious, isn't it?

  19. Then throwing back her head, she clasps her hands behind it.

  20. OLIVE, creeping quietly from behind the curtain, clasps her round the waist.

  21. She sinks to the floor and clasps his knees.

  22. DOT clasps her hands together, and standing there in the middle of the room, looks from her brother to her father, from her father to her brother.

  23. He clasps her and kisses her closed eyes; and so they stand for a moment, till the sound of a latchkey in the door sends them apart.

  24. She falls on her knees and clasps her hands, praying.

  25. Suddenly he raises his hands and clasps them, like a child praying.

  26. Contrast "a Roman holiday," its butchery and its blood, with a modern anniversary that clasps the round world in its jubilee, and see if humanity has not been helped by religion.

  27. It clasps regions yet raw in history as well as those that are grey with tradition, and incloses in one empire the bones of the Siberian mammoth and the valleys of Circassian flowers.

  28. With that of the boke lozende were the clasps The margin was illumined all with golden railes, And bice empictured, with grasshoppers and waspes With butterflies and fresh peacock's tailes: Englosed with.

  29. Rare covering of cloth of gold Full daintily it shall enfold, Or, open to the view exposed, Two golden clasps to keep it closed.

  30. That clasps the chieftain's mantle fold, Wrought and chased with rare device, Studded fair with gems of price.

  31. Clasps and brooches were used much in the fourteenth century.

  32. They were bound in "figured cramoisie velvet, with rich laces and tassels, with buttons of silk and gold, and with clasps bearing the king's arms.

  33. His hand is raised in blessing, while a Benedictine monk, floating on the wings of prayer, clasps a scroll, one end of which disappears under the rainbow-hued throne.

  34. Lighter than the air that it rides on, the bird seems married to it, clasps it as a bride.

  35. The mother immediately clasps him with it, and, with half of him thus concealed, he squats down on the rock and evidently goes to sleep.

  36. And then with the greatest reverence he opened the clasps and began to look at the pictures.

  37. It was bound in brown leather, and had filigree brass corners and clasps studded with blue turquoises.

  38. The Ammophila clasps the paralysed victim between her legs; with the hooks of her mandibles she seizes the back of its neck, at the base of the first thoracic segment.

  39. The Scolia grabs it at random, clasps it in her shaggy legs and for nearly a quarter of an hour battles with the luscious tit-bit.

  40. She does more: suddenly she leaps and flings herself upon the Calicurgus; swiftly she clasps her and nibbles at her with her fangs.

  41. The other dashes forward, clasps her round the body, explores her and prepares to sting her in the mouth.

  42. Concluding, he clasps the girl in his arms, to the surprise of all present, and rushes with her out of the house.

  43. He clasps white hands in his, but no electric "Lulu"-like force holds him bound in their dainty pressure.

  44. Then, when the hero clasps "her" to his heart in one last wild embrace and stifles a sob, I feel as sad as though I had dealt at whist and turned up only a deuce; and when the heroine dies in the end I weep.

  45. Thy belt of straw and ivy buds, Thy coral clasps and amber studs, All these to me no means can move To come to thee, and be thy love.

  46. But 'he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit,' and he that clasps Christ's outstretched hand of help with his outstretched hand of weakness, holds Him with a closeness to which all unions of earth are gaping gulfs of separation.

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