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Example sentences for "blacked"

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  1. He must have thought that I was your father, and that we rolled in luxury at home all the time, and that it was a common thing for us to have our boots blacked by menials.

  2. I got acquainted with the porter, and he blacked my boots in the night unbeknownst to me, while I was engaged in slumber.

  3. When he hasn't blacked our boots and has got our breakfast, Terribile the valet-de-chambre becomes Terribile the model.

  4. Earl turned on one of his tormentors yesterday and blacked his eye.

  5. Henry was struck under the eye by a large ear and blacked it pretty bad.

  6. Now, nothing could well be conceived more incongruously inartistic than a white man blacked up into the semblance of a negro, and then impertinently caroling an impudent Irish lyric.

  7. At exactly midnight every teleceiver on Venus was suddenly blacked out for a moment and then came into focus again to reveal the grim features of Commander Walters.

  8. Blot ye the gold, while your spider-web strengthens --Blacked to the stoutest of tickens?

  9. He studied very hard and also gave lessons, sawed wood, blacked boots, and did other odd jobs.

  10. So Giglio laughed and blacked his boots, and put the brush and the bottle into the bag.

  11. He also wore amazingly tight black trousers, strapped closely over his well-blacked boots.

  12. Stefanone nodded to himself, rose, pulled out a blue and red cotton handkerchief, and proceeded to dust his well-blacked low shoes and steel buckles with considerable care, setting first one foot and then the other upon the stool.

  13. When they finally gave in, it was on reasonable terms for themselves; they left the British with an internationally blacked eye.

  14. The relations of the prisoner blacked their faces and fasted, hoping the Great Spirit would take pity on them, and return the husband and the father to his wife and children.

  15. An emigrant-car is attached to each train, but there is only one class: thus it may happen that you have on one side the President of the Great Republic, and on the other the gentleman who blacked your shoes in the morning.

  16. Most every body gets their boots blacked in the mornin'.

  17. I can get my boots blacked for five cents anywhere.

  18. When you black out and stay blacked out for a long period, questions like that lose most of their tormenting aspects.

  19. But just before I blacked out for the last time I saw a sign high up over one of the buildings.

  20. What made it really tragic was my inability to reach out and touch her or ask her a single question, because right at that moment another wave of dizziness swept over me and I blacked out again.

  21. I saw quite a bit of the Colony before they eased me down in a hospital bed, and covered me with warm blankets and I blacked out again.

  22. I remember thinking, just before I blacked out, how adequate are the hospital facilities here?

  23. Mason had called for candles, and, chipping balls of the spermaceti blacked in an aesthetic spirit with pencil-dust, had used them for practice with a parlor pistol, alleging that the leaden balls damaged the furniture.

  24. Other times they stop short at the tint of a newly blacked pair of Oxfords.

  25. Hanky would hardly have blacked himself behind the ears, and his Desdemona would have been quite safe.

  26. If he had had to play the part of Othello he would have blacked himself all over, and very likely smothered his Desdemona in good earnest.

  27. Most of them were youths of obscure origin who sold newspapers or blacked boots, or "swapped" articles the value of which lay in the desire they could excite in other persons to possess them.

  28. This was the next of kin who had blacked boots in New York, and the obvious probability that he was a fool, if it had taken the form of a hope, had been promptly nipped in the bud.

  29. During the brief space at his disposal he had put every toy of the Dowbiggins' in a thorough state of repair, and had blacked their innocent faces with burnt cork so that their mother did not recognise her children.

  30. The middle vessel was first placed so that the lamp-blacked surface was opposite to a cinnabar one, and vice-versa.

  31. We have assumed that a lamp-blacked surface is a perfect absorber, and consequently a full radiator, but although it is a very near approach to the ideal it is not absolutely perfect.

  32. Strange as it may seem, a boy is hardly ever known to break his fast when he is blacked this way for the last time.

  33. His face is now to be blacked for the last time.

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