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Example sentences for "blackened"

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  1. They were hinged together like jaws, and Georgina yelled again as she saw them all blackened and gaping, dangling from the tongs.

  2. He was an old fisherman, too crippled to follow the sea any longer, so now he was just a mender of nets, sitting all day knotting twine with dirty tar-blackened fingers.

  3. To obtain a better working surface the ground is blackened by smoking it.

  4. We remove the blackened surface, and it seems as if we had also removed the varnish, since we see the copper shining through it.

  5. The smoking is finished as soon as the plate is uniformly blackened all over, and the glimmer of the metal can no longer be seen through the ground.

  6. Two of the roots, as large as younger trees, tossed their blackened and bare limbs high in the air.

  7. The skins and blankets were folded in the corners, the rude shelves were carefully arranged, even a few tall ferns and bright but quickly fading flowers were disposed around the blackened chimney.

  8. It was an irregular-shaped vaulted chamber, pierced fifty feet above by a shaft or cylindrical opening in the decayed trunk, which was blackened by smoke, as if it had served the purpose of a chimney.

  9. He nodded to the blackened ruins, to the grim dead hand pointing to the sky, left where it was by the superstitious blood avengers.

  10. He flung her into the mire of it, pulled up his horse there and himself lay down, full length, his blackened face in the moist mud above which still smoked stubbles of the flame-shorn grass.

  11. They walked in silence in the deep twilight which began to creep across the blackened land.

  12. The swollen and blackened features of the dead men stared up, mutilated as savages alone mark the fallen.

  13. Blackened by the mud which lay on the surface, his hat half buried, his arms beating convulsively as he threw himself forward again and again, the victim must in all likelihood soon have exhausted himself.

  14. It was then that a flaming spruce tree, toppling to a fall, pinned a smoke-blackened boy beneath its branches.

  15. He glanced down at his smoke-blackened clothes.

  16. Suddenly the scene changed for, instead of the emerald hues of thrifty vegetation, there were seen the brown, seared forms as of the desert; the charred ruins of buildings, the ashy outlines of fences and blackened stumps.

  17. In many places only heaps of blackened stone remained.

  18. Miles and miles on either side of the road stretched that sea of blackened stumps and charred logs where once the evergreens rose heavenward with all their wealth of whispering leaves.

  19. Who would even want to climb those blackened summits?

  20. Blackened stubs rose all around as if they were huge exclamation points or pointing fingers of accusation at the carelessness and thoughtlessness of one individual.

  21. The streams and rivers were discoloured with blood; the sky was blackened with smoke; the fields were wastes of ashes; the waysides were heaped up with dead.

  22. He pulls blackened paper from envelope--he smells it.

  23. I also inclose a piece of blackened paper, evidently the wadding of the gun--also a bullet which we found imbedded in the wall.

  24. Bundle containing letter and envelope, with blackened paper and bullet in it, for Coriolanus to bring on.

  25. The mozo from the town, having fastened his horse to a wooden post before the door, was telling them the news of Sulaco as the blackened gourd of the decoction passed from hand to hand.

  26. His rosy lips were blackened with heat, the smoke of gun-powder.

  27. The fires had largely subsided; below them rose blackened bare walls of brick, sullen twisting flags of smoke; an air of sooty desolation had settled over the city.

  28. Pier Mantegazza was standing before a high inclined table, which bore a number of blackened and shapeless medallions.

  29. Hunter Kinemon, with a blackened rag, was wiping the lock of an old but efficient repeating rifle.

  30. This marvelous charity, the cleansing hope for his blackened soul, swept over him in a warm rush of humble praise and unutterable gratitude.

  31. The clay before them was worn smooth and hard; a replenished fire smoked within blackened bricks; a line, stretched from a dead stump to a loosely fixed post, supported some stained and meager red undergarb.

  32. His face was blackened by the breath of the engine, his hair was roughed by the tugging wind.

  33. We stared at one another--that is, Bickley and I did, for Bastin was still engaged in contemplating the blackened head of the god which he had overthrown.

  34. They never cast a stove in a foundry that would give you the same warmth as the red fire in the birch bluff, and the finest tea that goes to Russia wouldn't taste as good as what you drink flavored with wood smoke out of a blackened can.

  35. Alison glanced at the empty prairie and wondered where the neighbors lived; but just them Mrs. Farquhar called her to the oven, which she opened with a spade, and they raked out several big and somewhat blackened loaves.

  36. Alison had noticed that, and also that two or three lean and wiry men with faces almost blackened by exposure to the frost had been hanging about the emigrant quarters for a day or two preceding the disappearance of the girls.

  37. The blaze was out in a minute, but Meg's arm was badly burnt, and her doll was a blackened stump.

  38. This blackened object, supposed to be an aƫrolite which fell ages ago, is still regarded as sacred, and the sevenfold circuits of Mohammedan pilgrims take the place of the ancient heathen rites.

  39. Miles of road strewn with human bones; blackened ruins where were peaceful hamlets; desolation and emptiness where were smiling plantations.

  40. He had always shrunk from encountering strangers, and displaying his blackened and scarred countenance to them, even where such disfigurement was most regarded as a mark of honour.

  41. The fresh arrangement of light displayed his face blackened with smoke, and his clothes disarranged and torn.

  42. But this was only an illusion; the painting had greatly suffered, blackened by time and neglect; and he asked himself whose work it might be that it should move him so intensely.

  43. Pierre raised his head and was pained by the severe aspect of the structure, so bare and massive and blackened by age.

  44. It must never be opened now, and holding it until a fire was kindled in the grate, she tossed it into the flames, watching it as it crispened and blackened upon the glowing coals.

  45. Was she keeping up an appearance of innocence, although her heart was blackened by a crime?

  46. I could not bring myself to believe that such a perfect face could conceal a heart blackened by the crime of murder.

  47. The phantom pale sets his blackened foot On the fresh green turf.

  48. Her profile was towards him, cut sharply against the blackened wall.

  49. He bit his lip, made a half turn, and indicated the blackened ruins above them.

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