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Example sentences for "blackest"

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  1. There's white spots on the blackest characters if you only drop prejudice and look close enough.

  2. Of Cerberus and blackest Midnight born, In Stygian cave forlorn, 'Mongst horrid shapes, and shrieks, and sights unholy.

  3. The record is awful and the blackest page of American history.

  4. The acts of congress for years after the Southern army had honorably laid down its arms and gone home to plow and plant the fields make the blackest pages in the history of modern times.

  5. The crusade against the Albigeois is one of the blackest pages in the history of mankind, and ought to be described as such by every historian whose disagreeable duty it is to name it.

  6. The blackest forebodings took possession of the minds of the Crusaders; as if they had been conquered in a great battle, their only thought was flight.

  7. Dark as it was, the blackest hour the island had given us, nevertheless by daylight we had trained our barrels upon the reef, and now took aim in all confidence.

  8. Round her eyes her tresses fell, Which were blackest none could tell, But long lashes veil'd a light, That had else been all too bright.

  9. He mistakes my sentiments and credits me with the blackest intentions, and it will be torture to him in future to be condemned to sit at the same table with me daily.

  10. He arrives at the "If I dared," which is the starting point of the blackest villainies.

  11. Though I be the blackest of villains, I will leave behind me a spotless and illustrious name.

  12. I sat gasping, anxious, full of the blackest forebodings.

  13. That catastrophe I shall shortly have occasion to relate, and it will be found pregnant with horror, beyond what the blackest misanthropy could readily have suggested.

  14. The black hairs on the face are more prevalent in those specimens (perhaps males) which have the blackest backs; the middle of the forehead is in some cases more fulvous.

  15. In the blackest specimens the black tips are wanting on the posterior portion of the back.

  16. Christ taught, and the church still teaches, that unbelief is the blackest of crimes.

  17. I did it because I felt indebted to him for the liberty I then enjoyed--and whatever religion may be true, ingratitude is the blackest of crimes.

  18. The Governor now had recourse to the blackest crimes, to convict him of treasonable designs against the British power in India.

  19. For she was conscious not only that He knew her, in a sense of which she had never dreamed in her blackest nightmares, but that He was causing her to know herself.

  20. You out-Herod Calvin in his blackest moods.

  21. There was a rush for the tall sides of the Irene, and presently everyone was staring forward at a green light fast diminishing in the dark, now at its blackest before the dawn.

  22. And now dishonour in its blackest form was to fall on the fairest flower of his house!

  23. And thou, Taurus Antinor," she whispered inaudibly, "art the blackest traitor amongst them all.

  24. Her name had been bandied about by traitors, her person been bought and sold as the price of the blackest sacrilege that had ever disgraced the patriciate of Rome.

  25. But labuntur anni fugaces, And changed in due season were we, For she wears the blackest of faces, And I'm a D.

  26. Be she blacker than the night, Or the blackest jet in sight!

  27. You were as black as any of the blackest here.

  28. The phosphorus of the waves as they foam and curl is a slight aid, and a true mariner always feels that he can see enough in the blackest night that good God ever made.

  29. The way in which he came to me is full of terrible memories, and it all happened on the blackest day of my life--the hard life of a lonely boy on a Kansas claim.

  30. One fighter was a murderer by trade, his hand steady for the blackest deeds, and here was a man he had waited long months to destroy.

  31. In order, he says, that some other clear-eyed spectator of the nightmare of existence may gain a forlorn comfort from it, since he will know that a comrade before him has likewise seen things at their blackest and worst.

  32. Acts of the blackest and most sordid guilt had been committed by him.

  33. That he would not hastily impute the blackest of crimes, that he would not couple my name with infamy, and cover me with ruin for inadequate or slight reasons, might reasonably have been expected.

  34. But his imagination was too much heated by a guilty passion of the blackest hue to recede; and his nature too presumptuous and fertile in expedients to be disconcerted.

  35. Even long before she touched the pinnacle of her grandeur as governess of the royal children the blackest calumny began to show itself in prints, caricatures, songs, and pamphlets of every description.

  36. He had passed through moments of blackest agony, of wild rebellion against the doom in store for him.

  37. The Monday morning on which his client received the major's letter was the blackest Monday that had yet been marked in Pedgift's calendar.

  38. I insist on asserting, sir, that we have got one of the blackest of the lot to deal with in this case.

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