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Example sentences for "blackens"

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  1. I like the giddy brink, and look down with defiance into the abyss that blackens the future before me.

  2. The sight of my luxuries blackens their hearts with envy; but most of all they envy the Jewish banker that his daughter so far outshines in beauty their Gentile women!

  3. But ignorance, mingled with the human paste, blackens it.

  4. The water turns it green, the air blackens it.

  5. The steam is emitted from several irregular fissures: it is scentless, soon blackens iron, and is of much too high temperature to be endured by the hand.

  6. Its disadvantage as a pigment lies in the fact that it gradually blackens when exposed to sulphur compounds, which are often present in the air, forming black lead sulphide (PbS).

  7. It blackens in the air, forming a nitride, and decomposes water.

  8. Few chemical reagents have any action on the diamond, but when heated in oxygen or the air it blackens and burns, forming carbon dioxide.

  9. Then he bathes and blackens his face for the remaining three days.

  10. This flesh he eats, and afterwards blackens his face with the ashes of the fire.

  11. In the leaf-curl the yellow and flaccid appearance of all the leaves of a stalk, or even of the plant, is the striking symptom, and the stem soon droops and blackens just above the soil, a white mould appearing also at the black spots.

  12. They are then dried, and disposed of to the currier, who dresses and blackens them for the upper leathers of boots and shoes, for harness, and other purposes.

  13. It appears to contain sulphur (for it blackens solutions of silver), and also acetate of ammonia.

  14. It is steeped in water to soften it, in order to be flattened by pressure under heavy stones, and next dried at a fire which blackens its surface.

  15. After continuing the process for some time, no succinic acid is found in the receiver, but the copal blackens in the retort.

  16. It adheres to the tongue, has an odour slightly argillaceous when breathed upon, makes no effervescence with any acid, blackens at the blowpipe without melting, and becomes attractable by the magnet with the slightest calcination.

  17. Before the cloths are washed, the writing should be exposed to the sun-beam, or to bright daylight, which blackens and fixes the oxide of silver.

  18. The tree has incisions made into it through the bark in many places, and it discharges the milky juice, which is spread upon clay moulds, and dried in the sun, or with the smoke of a fire, which blackens it.

  19. The alkaline solution is to be exposed to the air, till it blackens by decomposition of some foreign matter.

  20. GUANO; is a substance of a dark yellow colour; of a strong ambrosial smell; which blackens in the fire, with the exhalation of an ammoniacal odour; soluble with effervescence in hot nitric acid.

  21. The silver is thus converted, over its surface, into an ioduret of silver; and in this state it is exposed to light, which blackens it.

  22. Expose a daguerreotype plate to the vapor of bromine, it assumes a leaden-grey color, which, blackens by light very readily.

  23. On his return after accomplishing this, he blackens his face and that of his relatives as a token of his triumph.

  24. This greatly blackens the honour of an entire house, as Gratian observes [Citation]; for the daughters of such are usually like their mothers.

  25. Then Pallas thus: "Shall he whose vengeance forms The forky bolt, and blackens heaven with storms, Shall he prolong one Trojan’s forfeit breath?

  26. The almighty Thunderer with a frown replies, That clouds the world, and blackens half the skies: "Strong god of ocean!

  27. Cocaine hydrochlorate, when triturated with calomel, blackens by the slightest humidity or by moistening it with alcohol.

  28. The occurrence of some volatile substance in phosphorus urine, which blackens nitrate of silver, and which is probably phosphine, was first noticed by Selmi.

  29. Lime blackens the teeth; and in the Indian Archipelago, as among several American hordes, to blacken the teeth is to beautify them.

  30. The dapicho blackens in proportion as it grows soft, and becomes elastic.

  31. The soot which blackens the face of a chimney-sweep, and the diamond that glistens in the crown of the monarch, consist of the same element in merely a different atomic condition.

  32. The boy who sells you a paper and the youth who blackens your shoes both show solicitude to elicit your views upon this paramount subject.

  33. Vengeance delay’d but gathers and ferments; More formidably blackens in the wind; Brews deeper draughts of unrelenting wrath, And higher charges the suspended storm.

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