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Example sentences for "berate"

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  1. To this they consented, but as they sat at supper the damsel continued to berate her champion, in such language that their host marvelled at the meekness of the knight.

  2. So they rode on till evening, she continuing to chide and berate him, and bid him leave her, and he answering meekly, but with no abatement of his resolution.

  3. In vain did Gawaine berate them as dastards and villains; say what he would, not a soul of them would set foot beyond the walls, and in time the two knights rode away in a rage, cursing all cowards in their beards.

  4. Her attendant told me that the old woman never ceased to berate me for my truthful prognosis, and that from that time she gave up all hope of recovery, and soon closed her nefarious practice.

  5. Pressmen whose duty it was to berate him in the papers were generally fond of him personally.

  6. Sometimes he condescended to berate him, much to the enjoyment of the assembly.

  7. You berate me, but you used incomparable gifts to hold me near you, and the same gifts to let me have no more of you than would keep me.

  8. Gabord, still muttering, turned to us again, and began to berate the soldiers for their laziness.

  9. I explained it all right, and he was commencing to berate me for not preparing him to meet you as well as the others, when we suddenly came on you, and you struck him deaf and dumb and blind.

  10. You used to berate the hogs of Epicurus' sty.

  11. We do not well to berate one another or to berate one another's motives or to assail human nature or to grow satirical about God with all our little battered helpless Christians about us and our unadjusted religions.

  12. Want to berate us, I suppose, for getting you into this fix.

  13. Stubbs, feeling somewhat better now that he had been able to berate some one and thus soothe his injured feelings, also stalked away without another word and lay down on his pallet.

  14. Hearing Ed Hall berate a farmer who doubted the practicability of the machine, Steve took him aside and talked to him.

  15. Going to one of them, the one who had declared his intention of joining the union, Jim began to berate him.

  16. Ladislaus bit his mustache and, without qualification, concurred in this reasoning, knowing that the amiable old gentleman was wont to berate his opponents unmercifully.

  17. A certain day he went into the blacksmith's shop and, finding something out of order, began to berate the blacksmith unmercifully.

  18. It is usual to berate people of her sort, but they are no more to be blamed than other dyspeptics.

  19. Dyckman was a spent and bankrupt object, and anybody could berate him.

  20. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "berate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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