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Example sentences for "embedding"

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  1. After having some of the Tomasite sheathing, with its embedding transducers, sent over from the plastics department, Tom cut out a suit from a pattern and welded the seams electronically.

  2. Reaching bottom, they glided about in the shadowy green water, embedding the plants at far-spaced intervals.

  3. The cornea of the eye can be readily cut by embedding in paraffin, and the section may be mounted in Farrant's solution.

  4. Sections of the stomach may also be made by embedding in paraffin, but better ones can be made by freezing.

  5. Sections of lung maybe made by embedding in gum or by freezing, and mounted in Farrant's solution.

  6. Sections of the tongue may be made by embedding in paraffin, and mounted in Farrant's solution or glycerine.

  7. Paraffin is the agent usually employed for embedding purposes.

  8. The piece of cord to be cut after prolonged hardening in Müller’s fluid is transferred without washing to absolute alcohol and dehydrated preparatory to embedding in celloidin (p.

  9. Before embedding a specimen it is necessary to dehydrate it thoroughly for twelve to twenty-four hours in absolute alcohol.

  10. Celloidin* is for many purposes almost an ideal embedding medium.

  11. Paraffin is a very convenient embedding medium for delicate structures, as very thin sections can be obtained and the paraffin need not be removed from the section until the latter is safely on the slide.

  12. Embedding in celloidin, and mounting in balsam are inadvisable, because the ether tends to dissolve out myelin, and the clarifying oil to render it too transparent.

  13. To prepare a piece of tissue for embedding in paraffin, it should be stained, washed in distilled water, and as much moisture as possible removed by blotting paper.

  14. It is much used in staining embryonic specimens in bulk before embedding in paraffin, and was strongly recommended for that purpose by Foster and Maitland Balfour.

  15. A vase decorated with these simple or complex canes is produced by embedding short lengths of the cane on the surface of a mass of molten glass and blowing and fashioning the mass into the required shape.

  16. The process of embedding gold and silver leaf between two layers of glass originated as early as the 1st century, probably in Alexandria.

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