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fronds; frons; front; frontage; frontages; frontalis; frontals; fronte; fronted; frontem
  1. One party of Kurds occupied the top of the shelf of rock, while the main body prepared for a frontal attack.

  2. This great circumference arises largely from the vast development of the superciliary ridges, which are occupied by great frontal sinuses whose inferior apertures are displayed exceedingly well in one of Dr.

  3. The osseous remains of that specimen consist of a frontal and some other parts of the skull, including the upper jaw with teeth, both of an adult and young individual; also a radius, some lumbar vertebrae, and some metatarsal bones.

  4. Guyot calls the frontal or terminal moraine of the eastern prolongation of the old glacier.

  5. A fine frontal for an altar, very delicately worked in gold and silver and silks of many colours, is preserved in the archaeological museum at Florence.

  6. An altar-frontal with the Annunciation embroidered in silks and gold and silver upon a blue silk damask ground, now in the museum at Lille, is a very beautiful example of Franco-Flemish art in the second half of the 15th century.

  7. An altar-frontal from Rupertsburg (Bingen), belonging to the earlier years of the 13th century, is now in the Brussels museum.

  8. The Italian ä has been much used in vocal practice, and it is a good element, providing it is not introduced too early in a student’s course of study, and if in its introduction it is always joined to the frontal nares mold as in ma.

  9. Here again the student has the assistance of the frontal nares element, represented by the letter m with the vowel o, which by this time he has joined with it.

  10. The opposing army was charging this line with a series of frontal attacks, just as hard on the left as on the right.

  11. Why, no frontal attacks--only flank movements, and getting round the kopjes, with an ambush in a drift here and there.

  12. The many marks of cutting instruments upon the skull were found chiefly over the vertex and the frontal and occipital regions.

  13. The coronal suture is the name given to the line of articulation between the frontal and parietal bones; it forms a vertical transverse line over the top of the front of the skull.

  14. Dunshaughlin: they exhibit a remarkable protuberance or frontal crest.

  15. So that far from thinking Clausewitz's remarks about frontal attacks and breaking the line to be obsolete, it rather appears from the great Russo-Japanese battles that they are worthy of close study in view of the future.

  16. So in the afternoon he ordered a simultaneous frontal and flank attack.

  17. When the efforts to negotiate peace with Botha had failed, French was instructed by Lord Roberts to push the Boers east by a turning movement on their flank, which he would follow by the usual frontal attack on foot.

  18. French was, therefore, ordered to circle round the Boer left flank, thus cutting off his retreat, while the infantry delivered a frontal attack.

  19. Frontal one and two-fifths as long as broad, as long as the parietals.

  20. Maxillaries longer than the ectopterygoids; frontal and parietal shields broken up into scales.

  21. Five supralabials, of which the fourth is the larger; postocular in contact with a large temporal; one præocular; frontal as long as or slightly shorter than the parietals.

  22. Internasal shorter than the præfrontals; length of frontal three-fourths of that of the parietals.

  23. Frontal shield slightly longer than broad, much longer than the parietals.

  24. He will find that the whole lower portion of the skin of the forehead is pushed up under his hand by the expansion of the frontal muscles, no matter how tightly he presses against it.

  25. Taking advantage of this fact, I set to work to train and develop my frontal muscles, in much the same way as the professional boxer, say, trains and develops his biceps, or the runner his leg muscles.

  26. The bandage became loose, and slipped down in such a manner as made it impossible for me to see under it; nor was I able, try as I would, to get it back in its proper position by working my frontal muscles in the ordinary way.

  27. It was afterwards, when the frontal muscular expansion came into play, and I made ready to start on my quest, that the element of sight came into operation.

  28. All the skulls in the collection are decorated with designs engraved on the frontal bone, and in some cases the figures run back.

  29. They are decorated in the frontal region by engraved designs, and the parts are attached to one another by very skillfully adjusted cords.

  30. Its level top and frontal lobes are to-day nearly as strongly marked as at the time it was made.

  31. As a matter of fact, it would have been extremely difficult to take Warsaw by a frontal attack.

  32. As the Germans surged forward they were met by a frontal fire from the allied lines, and as they were moving diagonally across part of the allied front, they were also attacked on the flank by the English artillery.

  33. This decision of a change of strategical plan, then, closed the Allies' frontal attack upon the position of the Central Powers on the ridge of the Maise, and marks the end of the first phase of the battle of the Aisne.

  34. At this moment the Fifth French' Army of the left was ready to meet the German forces in a frontal attack, and it was flanked toward the northwest by the British army and by General Manoury's army to the northeast of the capital.

  35. It was a day that convinced the Allies that the German positions could not be broken down by frontal attack, just as the battles of the Marne had convinced the Germans that the road to Paris was not yet open.

  36. His frontal attack on General d'Espérey had failed and the Fifth French Army had advanced.

  37. With a tiger's grace, handsome in spite of too much chin and early frontal baldness, Hunter could have been athlete, actor, singer.

  38. Almost always the frontal hairs are lengthened and the colour of the wings deepened, and the extent of the black area is also diminished.

  39. These 2 Marcellus were pale coloured, the light parts a dirty white; the submarginal lunules on hind wings were only two in number and small; at the anal angle was one large and one small red spot; the frontal hairs were very short.

  40. Marcellus and Telamonides; general coloration pale; the lunules all obsolescent; 2 large red anal spots not connected; frontal hairs medium length, as in Telamonides.

  41. Telamonides; colours black and green; 4 lunules; a large double and connected red spot; frontal hairs medium.

  42. At first dryness, then watery discharges, finally involving the frontal sinuses and the conjunctival membrane.

  43. Central part of frontal bone so queer as to awaken me.

  44. Frontal headache, especially on the right side, in the open air.

  45. Frontal headache and pains down nose recur at intervals.

  46. Dulness in frontal region, must lie down,^4.

  47. Drawing in the forehead in two lines from the frontal eminences to the glabella, where there is a strong outward drawing as if by a magnet.

  48. Sudden darting pains in right, then in left frontal eminence, with dull heaviness in forehead, gradually increasing.

  49. Feeling as of being pressed at left occiput and immediately thereafter a counter pain in left frontal bone, the latter continuing a minute or two.

  50. Dull frontal headache, especially over left eye, which was relieved in open air.

  51. The icebergs in the bay are miraged in the distance to look like the frontal wall of a great glacier.

  52. Mirages are common, making the stranded bergs along the shore look like the sheer frontal wall of the glacier from which they were discharged.

  53. We rowed up its fiord and landed to make a slight examination of its grand frontal wall.

  54. Its length from the frontal wall back to the head of its farthest fountain seemed to be about forty or fifty miles, and the width just below the confluence of the main tributaries about twenty-five miles.

  55. Attacks on frontal positions by daylight are going out of fashion!

  56. Through her he might repeat Bordir in a larger way at Engadir, proving his theories of frontal attack.

  57. The spaces between the two frontal and the two parietal bones are called the Frontal Parietal Sutures, o.

  58. Thus when the two Frontal Parietal Sutures meet the Sagittal Suture, at B, Figs.

  59. The two frontal bones however, completely coalesce, and form but one, in the adult.

  60. This frontal eye is totally wanting in the other workers, and is not known in any other kind of ant.

  61. At the battle of Graspan the marine brigade left their big 47 guns in the rear and advanced as infantry to the frontal attack.

  62. We knew by this time that at 3:30 that morning the Highland Brigade had made a frontal attack on the Magersfontein lines and had been repulsed with terrible loss.

  63. The battle of Graspan consisted, as at Belmont, in a frontal attack upon a line of kopjes held by a much larger force of the enemy than was present at the earlier engagement.

  64. He seems also to suspect, that, by means of what he calls the frontal ganglions, a fluid is derived from the dorsal vessel to the spinal marrow.

  65. To answer this kind of frontal attack one has to be either saucy or servile; so I said nothing memorable.

  66. A frontal attack upon Worth could certainly have been repulsed, and an attempt to strike Pillow, Twiggs or Quitman would have exposed their own flank and rear.

  67. So he ordered Riley's brigade to the extreme right to cooperate with the frontal attack by checking reinforcements and cutting off Valencia's retreat.

  68. Geronimo, Valencia could not see what was taking place in that quarter, he was expecting a frontal attack all the afternoon, S.

  69. To be sure, Scott's orders spoke of a frontal attack, but evidently the reference was to Pillow's movement.

  70. Shields's movement was partly based on a misapprehension, for the Mexicans could retreat from Churubusco via Mexicaltzingo; but anyhow it was wise to aid the frontal attack on the bridge by applying pressure on the flank.

  71. For example, Scott in his orders, intending to attack from the enemy's rear, assigned no troops to the frontal attack on El Telegrafo, which was the main feature of the actual battle.

  72. On dissection, the integuments and pericranium surrounding the aperture, in the frontal bone, were found much thickened, and infiltrated with pus and serum.

  73. The frontal sinus is sometimes opened by fracture of the external plate.

  74. Such growths usually commence in one or other of the sinuses connected with the cavity of the nose—sometimes, though rarely, in the frontal sinus.

  75. The seat of the wound giving rise to the disease, occupied, in fourteen cases, some part of the frontal region; in seventeen the parietal; and in two the occipital.

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