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  1. The texture is thicker than in any other of our Wood-ferns, and the fronds are fairly evergreen, not withering until the next year's fronds begin to uncoil.

  2. They are mature in the latter part of summer; but the fronds remain until frost, often changing from green to variegated shades of brown.

  3. The outline of the sterile fronds is triangular or triangular-ovate.

  4. The fronds are from one to two feet long, and from three to six inches wide.

  5. In the sterile fronds the segments of the pinnae are very plainly adnate to the secondary midrib, and are roundish or roundish-obovate in shape.

  6. The pinnules and the simple pinnae of the sterile fronds are commonly oval, and not more than half an inch long, but those of the fertile fronds are narrower and longer, sometimes nearly two inches long.

  7. The species with distinctly bipartite and radiated fronds are Ad.

  8. It is about the diameter of a goose-quill, is covered with minute ovate scales, roots copiously from beneath and along the sides, and produces fronds from the right and left sides alternately.

  9. In the time of a great wind such as often sweeps across the Caribbean Sea, dead limbs of girdled trees and the ponderous fronds of palms come crashing down upon the less stalwart banana plants.

  10. A palm, its tough stem wrung and twisted by the storm, stood with its fronds hanging down like a nun in prayer.

  11. Here they foraged upon the lawns between the cottages, hopping rather than walking like water-thrushes, and when alarmed flew up to rest upon the broad fronds of the coconut palms that lined the sandy beach.

  12. While walking through another open space among some scattered groups of small fir trees, Mr. Beck flushed a lutescent warbler from her nest in a hummock covered with the tangled fronds of dead brakes (Pteridium aquilinum).

  13. This platform he paved with the huge fronds of elephant's ear which grew in profusion about them, and over the fronds he laid a great sail folded into several thicknesses.

  14. The fronds are very delicate and often translucent, and the sporangia are borne on threadlike receptacles rising from the middle of cup-shaped marginal involucres.

  15. Supported by a stipe; elevated on a stipe, as the fronds of most ferns, or the pod of certain cruciferous plants.

  16. Onoclea Struthiopteris), the tall fronds of which grow in a circle from the rootstock.

  17. In color and form these mollusks closely imitate the fronds of sargassum and other floathing seaweeds among which they live.

  18. The fronds commonly grow in clusters, and are sometimes from thirty to fifty feet in length.

  19. One of the fruit dots, or small clusters of sporangia, on the back of the fronds of ferns.

  20. The fronds of certain marine alg\'91 used as food, and for making a sauce called laver sauce.

  21. It was a huge shallow cup, composed mainly of moss, bound together with stems of creepers and fronds of a Selaginella, and lined with coarse roots and broken pieces of dry grass.

  22. The nests are composed chiefly of dead leaves bound round into a deep cup with delicate fronds of ferns and coarse and fine grass, the cavities being scantily lined with fine grass and moss-roots.

  23. On examining the place from which the bird rose, I found the nest placed at the base of a small clump of ferns, and concealed by a number of overhanging withered fronds of the fern.

  24. A firm little cup, borne up some 2 feet above the ground on the fronds of a strong-growing fern, to three of the leaf-stems of which it was attached.

  25. The fronds open in a peculiar manner, unwinding as it were from a round ball.

  26. In the spring there may be found in large numbers upon our rocky coasts a little oval shell-fish, about one-third of an inch long, sticking to the fronds of the tangle and other broad-leaved seaweeds.

  27. At length they discovered that the night was dead again, save for the sudden patter of raindrops on the thatches when the palm fronds stirred.

  28. What odds to them if yonder palm fronds beckoned?

  29. Pebbles and Patella alike are half-covered with Confervae, and from the top of the latter, fronds of Ulva are often found floating like flags.

  30. Bordered with the olive-colored Rock-Weed, fronds of purple and green Laver rise from its limpid depths.

  31. Higher still came dense shrubby growths, much of it thorny, seamed by our narrow trail, and threaded here and there by glowing fronds of golden shower orchids.

  32. Many feet above, great fans dangled, rayed fronds dry and crackling, fallen from high overhead, and suspended, waiting for the interfering twigs and foliage to die in turn and permit them to seek dissolution in the mold.

  33. On our return from the cemetery a breeze swept up from the sea, the palm fronds slithered against one another, and I suddenly caught myself shivering.

  34. Bravely the fronds float along, day by day the hundred little lives breathe and feed and cling to their drifting home.

  35. But soon the gas berries decay and the fronds sink lower and lower.

  36. Only the vultures, strung like ebony beads along the fronds of the cocoanut palms, spread their wings to dry, and dumbly craned their necks down as we passed.

  37. The evening chorus of the tropical night had commenced outside, and a glance out of the window showed a network of motionless fronds dimly outlined against the rose-colored clouds over the waters of the Berbice.

  38. The jungle he herein describes is that of Guiana; and in the introductory chapters he gives cameos of what one sees sailing southward through the lovely islands where the fronds of the palms thrash endlessly as the warm trade blows.

  39. The natives use the bruised fronds of Polypodium crassifolium to perfume this oil.

  40. The fronds are filiform; the filaments much branched, and of a light purple color.

  41. Even here, in every crevice where a few grains of soil had collected, delicate little ferns might be seen struggling for life, and thrusting out their green fronds towards the light.

  42. A mile away the white beach of a little, land-locked bay shimmered under the morning sun, and the drooping fronds of the cocos hung listless and silent, waiting for the rising of the south-east trade.

  43. Half a cable length from the shore, a tiny, palm-clad islet floated on that shining lake, and the drooping fronds of the palms cast their shadows upon the crystal water.

  44. Defn: A vegetable substance consisting of soft, elastic, yellowish brown chaff, gathered in the Hawaiian Islands from the young fronds of free ferns of the genus Cibotium, chiefly C.

  45. The outlines of the fronds of ferns, and their nervation, are frail characters if employed alone for the determination of existing genera.

  46. Defn: Supported by a stipe; elevated on a stipe, as the fronds of most ferns, or the pod of certain cruciferous plants.

  47. Defn: An order of cryptogamous plants, the Filices, which have their fructification on the back of the fronds or leaves.

  48. Defn: One of the fruit dots, or small clusters of sporangia, on the back of the fronds of ferns.

  49. Defn: The fronds of certain marine algæ used as food, and for making a sauce called laver sauce.

  50. Australian and West African fern (Platycerium alcicorne) having the large fronds branched like a stag's horns; also, any species of the same genus.

  51. Defn: A sweet white efflorescence from dried fronds of kelp, especially from those of the Laminaria saccharina, or devil's apron.

  52. Defn: The green papery fronds of several seaweeds of the genus Ulva, sometimes used as food.

  53. Note: In color and form these mollusks closely imitate the fronds of sargassum and other floathing seaweeds among which they live.

  54. Onoclea Struthiopteris), the tall fronds of which grow in a circle from the rootstock.

  55. The fronds are often five or six feet in length.

  56. This dainty little fern with its two kinds of fronds is always admired by mountain visitors.

  57. On the old moraines and cliffs is found the pea fern (cryptogramma acrostichoides), so called because the pinnules of its fruiting fronds resemble those of a pea pod.

  58. The only sounds are the rustle of the palm fronds and the sharp din of the cicada, abruptly ceasing at intervals.

  59. Soon after leaving Hong Kong the country becomes nearly a dead level, mainly rice-swamps varied by patches of bananas, with their great fronds torn to tatters by the prevailing strong breeze.

  60. The great banana fronds under the still, blue sky looked truly tropical The mercury was 82 degrees at 7 A.

  61. It was very hot, but the afternoon airs were strong enough to lift the British ensign out of its heavy folds and to rustle the graceful fronds of the areca palms.

  62. The Polypodium Vulgare, which is evergreen, showing smooth, shiny fronds resembling the Boston fern, is another that is adapted for this purpose.

  63. These can be chosen from a single variety such as the Boston fern, which is one of the most popular on account of its graceful fronds and the durability which causes it to keep green for a long time.

  64. The Corallina officinalis was then in its greatest perfection, and with its purple-pink fronds threw into relief the dark olive fronds of the Laminariae on one side, and the vivid green of the Ulva and Enteromorpha on the other.

  65. Fronds of palm, hacked from off the trees, lay about the ground, and we were surprised to find by experience that they possessed long, piercing and painful thorns.

  66. Along the edges of the paths stood up the tall palm trees with their golden clusters of unripe dates, or with their fronds tied up in a stiff spike, some mystery of palm cultivation.

  67. The leaves are arranged in two horizontal rows along branchlets that commonly are less than eight years old, forming handsome plumes, pinnated like the fronds of ferns.

  68. It spreads a rich brown mantle over the desolate ground in the spring before the grass has sprouted, and at the first touch of sun-heat its young fronds come rearing up full of faith and hope through the midst of the last year's ruins.

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