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Example sentences for "borderline"

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  1. Somewhere in between those two fields of force, somewhere within that almost non-existent borderline which separated them, he might find the secret.

  2. A few miles farther on, and I crossed the borderline and entered West Virginia once again.

  3. Just ahead, almost in sight from where I lay, was the western borderline of New Mexico.

  4. In front lay the road, skirting the borderline twixt plains and peaks.

  5. But one thing is certain, the brand of Christianity handed out by Protestant and Catholic alike is mighty close to the borderline of dismal failure.

  6. Subtle novel of close friendship between two women; never explicit, and on the borderline for variant interest.

  7. However and unfortunately, it has also released a flood of trash and borderline erotica, of no literary worth and "interesting" only for the sexual content.

  8. It would be easier to talk to a new- made Duchess on the spur of the moment than to the Borderline folk without violating some of their conventions or hurting their feelings.

  9. This wonderful prudence must have been a lingering touch of the mythical plate-layer's Yorkshire blood; for across the Borderline people take a pride in marrying when they please--not when they can.

  10. Miss Vezzis came from across the Borderline to look after some children who belonged to a lady until a regularly ordained nurse could come out.

  11. I review a percentage of their determinations, and I am consulted on any that are borderline or that are difficult.

  12. In these borderline cases, we have much of that, and after discussion we decide whether it would or would not be.

  13. It does not seem right to have crossed over the borderline into our Highlands without you!

  14. Going from Stirling to Crieff we crossed the borderline of the Highlands.

  15. A comparison of the accuracy of the Stanford and other revisions with borderline cases.

  16. The Practicability of the Binet Scale and the Question of the Borderline Case"; in Training School Bulletin (1916), pp.

  17. An analysis of three murderers of borderline intelligence.

  18. An analysis of the mentality of three murderers of moron or borderline intelligence.

  19. This valley extends for approximately three hundred and fifty miles to the borderline of Tennessee.

  20. In 1728, William Byrd II was the leader of a survey group which followed the Virginia-North Carolina borderline from the Atlantic Ocean two hundred and forty miles westward.

  21. Examples of borderline mental cases showing fantastic lying and accusations are given in our special chapter.

  22. Of course here, as in the study of any mental traits, borderline cases difficult to discriminate will always be found.

  23. The immediate purpose of my paper is to study some of the problems of therapy, from the psychoanalytic point of view, of that small class of patients on the borderline between hysteria and epilepsy, or patients with epileptiform attacks.

  24. Kirby; Anatomical Borderline between the So-called Syphilitic and Metasyphilitic Disorders in the Brain and Spinal Cord by Charles B.

  25. We're well aware of the thin borderline that separates normal men and women from accidentals.

  26. In one respect they resembled humans: borderline decisions were difficult.

  27. His interpretation of the intentions of his assailants has the ingenious self-centred element which passes the borderline of sanity.

  28. If Erasmus so often hovers over the borderline between earnestness and mockery, if he hardly ever gives an incisive conclusion, it is not only due to cautiousness, and fear to commit himself.

  29. Often have I proved the value of the old hunter's methods, and I could recite not a few instances of how easy it is to deceive either birds or animals; but I shall mention only one, which happened on the borderline of Alaska.

  30. It happened near Stewart, on the borderline of Alaska, several years ago.

  31. It happened up on the borderline of Alaska.

  32. One might say auto-suggestion arises from the unconscious or from a dissociated stream of consciousness, and this would make it account for hallucinations and obsessions, but here we must again take account of borderline cases.

  33. The route from here is to the southern borderline of the Belgian Congo, thence through that country, crossing the equator, until Uganda is reached.

  34. Returning to Johannesburg, we passed through Bulawayo, then over the Matabeleland borderline into Bechuanaland, through the Kalahari Desert, next into Cape Colony, and thus into Boerland.

  35. It is difficult to say where the borderline of play begins; necessarily so, for the unconscious product is the creation of a sportive fancy, of that psychic impulse out of which play itself arises.

  36. In perfect agreement with this conception is the fact that analytic practice has given us experience of cases where patients on the borderline of dementia præcox have been brought back to normal life.

  37. The demarcation of hysteria and certain borderline cases of epilepsy from congenital and acquired psychopathic mental deficiency likewise presents the greatest difficulties.

  38. It would be easier to talk to a new made Duchess on the spur of the moment than to the Borderline folk without violating some of their conventions or hurting their feelings.

  39. The clear borderline between them is progressively blurred.

  40. In our world many people never become literate; many more still live at the borderline between human and animal life, threatened by starvation and epidemics.

  41. Genetics tells us that the borderline between genders is less clear-cut than we assumed.

  42. Movement enhanced the realism of the image, captured on film to the extent of blurring the borderline between reality and the newly established convention of cinematographic expression.

  43. Thus designing is the virtual practical experience, at the borderline between what is and what new experiences of self-constitution require.

  44. Science, as well as the implicit philosophic component of this new science, already approached areas of knowledge beyond the borderline guarded by literacy.

  45. The new pragmatic framework is established as this borderline between the possible and the necessary.

  46. It can be said from the outset that while cinematography is at the borderline between the civilization of literacy and that of illiteracy, television definitely embodies the conflict between the two.

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