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Example sentences for "disconsolately"

Lexicographically close words:
disconnected; disconnecting; disconnection; disconnects; disconsolate; discontent; discontented; discontentedly; discontentment; discontents
  1. I wandered about listlessly and exchanged small talk disconsolately with numbers of people.

  2. Disconsolately I turned and rode back into the Legation lines, feeling as if an immense misfortune had come.

  3. LEE was waiting disconsolately on the stairs, with Taffy beside him, when David opened the door and stepped into the hall.

  4. The steady scratch of the slate pencil had ceased, and Jack was gazing disconsolately out of the window.

  5. My two companions were rather disconsolately surveying the scene.

  6. Rather disconsolately we prepared to resume our march in a more N.

  7. Gloom settled over him; hunger tormented him; he gazed disconsolately at the yellow ribbon in his button-hole, and twiddled his thumbs.

  8. Shorty sat down disconsolately on the gunwale, took a chew of tobacco, and questioned the universe, while Kit baled the boat and the other two exchanged unkind remarks.

  9. She kept moving disconsolately about; sometimes I heard her sigh; and if apparitions sigh, this must have been an apparition.

  10. Then I paced disconsolately into the portico, which shows the name of Agrippa on its pediment.

  11. Poor Dame Clementina and Nan after they had given more milk porridge to the people, and done all they could for their comfort, stood staring disconsolately out of the window at them under their dripping umbrellas.

  12. He sauntered disconsolately to the window, and sat himself down to catch the fresh evening air, and escape the hot breath of the furnace.

  13. As it was, I lay still in the sunshine all day, disconsolately staring across the prairie down the track that was apparently going to complete our discomfiture, and smoking until my mouth was blistered.

  14. In the afternoon as they sat disconsolately together a confusion without told that something unusual was going on.

  15. Thus trying to comfort herself she wandered through the house or stood disconsolately in the grounds watching the soldiers as they worked daily at the fortifications.

  16. The Ghost that Failed By Desmond Coke Loyal North Lancashire Regiment The Blue Lady wailed disconsolately in the panelled room.

  17. She wailed disconsolately in the Panelled Room.

  18. It was raining when he got up, and he looked out disconsolately upon the dull street.

  19. Poor Roseen crept upstairs and sat disconsolately at the window, watching the corner of the haggard where she expected before long to see Mike appear.

  20. Joan remained disconsolately hugging and weeping over the ill-fated Angelina.

  21. Here she turned to Bainton, who was standing disconsolately half in and half out of the kitchen doorway.

  22. He turned disconsolately out of the lodge and walked round Cloisters, out through one of the dark entries on to the lawns of New Quad gold-washed in the morning stillness.

  23. But Sylvia was the one who did so, and she kissed Lily half fiercely, leaving Michael disconsolately to follow them across the passage.

  24. There was an old log in his path; he sat down upon it and looked back to the mist of light that hung over the town, then his gaze wandered back disconsolately and rested on the ice-bound river.

  25. At last Stephen moved away from the door and wandered disconsolately down the row.

  26. They sat down disconsolately on the steps, in the dampness of the declining day, and waited.

  27. Harkins resumed the massacre and Mead, poor innocent, walked disconsolately to his desk to digest the bitter pill that must invariably be administered to the newspaper novice.

  28. There had been nothing more for Mead to do and he sat at his desk, sucking disconsolately at a short pipe.

  29. Suddenly a cautious knock sounded at his door, as he sat with his red head sunk disconsolately between his freckled hands.

  30. He wandered disconsolately away to the garden wall, forgetting the discarded noseguard.

  31. He motioned Harry Baggs to follow him and proceeded to the brow of the field, where he settled down against a fence, picking disconsolately at the burring strings and attempting to tighten an ancient bow.

  32. He had not gone far before he met a wolf, who was limping disconsolately along on three legs, and who on perceiving Ferko began to howl dismally.

  33. Eyesore's hat and smock lying disconsolately where Jack had thrown them, "and too late!

  34. And he turned away and leant disconsolately against the railings, with his eyes fixed on the door of Number Three.

  35. The hotels in Brook-street have no one in them, and the staffs of servants stare disconsolately for next season out of all the windows.

  36. The house was partly undermined by a deserted and closed gateway; its windows were blind with dirt; and it stood with its face disconsolately turned to a wall.

  37. Poor Mr. Merriman departed disconsolately when the reality of his utter ruin forced itself upon his unwilling understanding.

  38. She left Sir Arthur rather disconsolately cut short, and ran off to the house, her own words ringing reassuringly in her ears.

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