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Example sentences for "discontents"

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disconsolately; discontent; discontented; discontentedly; discontentment; discontinuance; discontinue; discontinued; discontinuing; discontinuity
  1. This proclamation was expressed with a bitterness which must only have enraged the discontents the more.

  2. Lennox, who resided principally at Glasgow, had gone to Stirling to visit his son; and Darnley had there communicated to him a design, his present discontents had suggested, which was to leave the country and proceed to the Continent.

  3. Even in Germany there are dreadful discontents in view of the imperialism which Bismarck, by the force of successful wars, has seemingly revived.

  4. At this crisis appeared in America a group of orators who at once aroused and intensified the prevailing discontents by their inflammatory speeches, in much the same manner that Wendell Phillips and Wm.

  5. Indiscreetly, rather than maliciously, he represented the prevailing discontents in the worst light, and considerably increased the irritation of the English government.

  6. Discontents had prevailed among them, which, at one period, had broken out in open mutiny, and was not subdued without bloodshed.

  7. For this purpose, they undoubtedly availed themselves of the discontents of the army, a class of the public creditors the justice of whose claims there was immediate danger in denying.

  8. The necessity and discontents of the army presented themselves as a powerful engine.

  9. There is no reason to suppose that these discontents were promoted by any one concerned in giving direction to the action of Congress.

  10. When they and others complain of the discontents of the Irish, they never appear to consider the cause.

  11. There you will see the high and the low equally subjected to the lash of persecution; and yet still some persons affect to be astonished at the discontents of the Irish.

  12. Now your complaint of the discontents of the Irish appears to me quite as rational, while you continue to strike, only altering the place of attack.

  13. There wanted not discontents every where, but no one would take part in so rash and ill-concerted an enterprise; and besides, the situation in which the king's affairs then stood discouraged even the boldest and most daring.

  14. The secular priests, finding themselves thus reduced to a grievous servitude, instilled into the people those discontents which they had long harbored in their own bosoms.

  15. It is true, many persons of note were at first deceived; but the discontents against Henry's government, and the general enthusiasm for the house of York, account sufficiently for this temporary delusion.

  16. No one durst carry to the king any complaint against these usurpations of Wolsey, till Warham ventured to inform him of the discontents of his people.

  17. This also had to be given up, and is only mentioned as another illustration of his political discontents and of their connection with his journal-work.

  18. There have also been high representations of great divisions and discontents among us, and of a necessity of sending commissioners to relieve the aggrieved, etc.

  19. While thus stood affairs between the two great factions of the state, those discontents which Warwick's presence at court had a while laid at rest again spread, broad and far, throughout the land.

  20. It causeth sinful discontents and murmurings at God and man.

  21. Remember that it is one of the greatest plagues on this side hell, to be given up to our own desires, and that by your eagerness and discontents you provoke God thus to give you up.

  22. Thou fillest thy house with discontents and brawlings, and banishest all quietness and fear of God.

  23. I can conceive it possible that the insane discontents of the Pais de Vaud may render Lausanne not altogether an eligible and comfortable residence to you.

  24. Her discontents were more lulled to sleep than they had ever been before.

  25. His prompt and defiant ambition again overcame the discontents among his own men, and induced him to take the field once more against the Tepeacans, enemies of the Tlascalans, who lived near by.

  26. He promulgated the royal order against the enforced personal service of Indians, anticipating serious discontents and troubles, which he was resolved to meet and overcome.

  27. It has been supposed that Burke, to heighten the effect of his speech on the discontents then engendering against the State, actually purchased a dagger, to throw on the floor of Parliament.

  28. The discontents which her wisdom had appeased were revived by the dishonest and pusillanimous policy which her successor called Kingcraft.

  29. Marlborough was indefatigable in inflaming the discontents of the army.

  30. We do not hear of the rulers living in luxury, nor of inequalities or discontents among the Spartiatæ, nor of emancipations of Helots.

  31. Solon should be elected archon and entrusted with power to deal with the existing discontents and to make a new form of government.

  32. Of their discontents and rebels, he speaks as of a class, "who would not take the paines so much as to fishe in the river before their doores, but would have all thinges put in their mouthes.

  33. They leagued with the old discontents of the colony.

  34. The discontents of the canaille gave him little concern; yet he watched them without seeming to do so; and employed processes of his own for inducing their quiet, without showing himself either apprehensive or angry.

  35. The distress of Laudonniere, under these events, was increased by discontents and mutinies among his people.

  36. Laudonniere continued his explorations, still seeking provisions, and with the view to keeping his people from that idleness which hitherto had caused such injurious discontents in his garrison.

  37. His error, at the present moment was, in employing other than the discontents of his colony in making the discovery.

  38. She doth tell me where to borrow Comfort in the midst of sorrow; Makes the desolatest place To her presence be a grace, And the blackest discontents Be her fairest ornaments.

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