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Example sentences for "discontinuance"

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discontent; discontented; discontentedly; discontentment; discontents; discontinue; discontinued; discontinuing; discontinuity; discontinuous
  1. Every such temporary appointment and also the discontinuance of the same shall at once be reported to the Commission.

  2. Every such temporary designation, and also the discontinuance of the same, shall be at once reported to the Commission.

  3. Every such temporary designation and also the discontinuance of the same shall at once be reported to the Commission.

  4. Every such temporary appointment and the discontinuance of the same shall at once be reported to the Commission.

  5. Every such temporary appointment and also the discontinuance of the same shall be at once reported to the Commission.

  6. The discontinuance of elementary work in the University, however, and a consolidation of the schools of the two districts finally led to the establishment of the Union High School in 1853.

  7. One great obstacle to the discontinuance of bloodshed is the incorrigible sentimentality with which war has always been regarded by mankind.

  8. For in the second number, he mentions with that singular serenity, which ever distinguished him on such occasions, the discontinuance of the paper on account of matter contained in the first issue, by ten indignant subscribers.

  9. With the discontinuance of the Liberator Garrison's active career came to a close.

  10. With the discontinuance of the Liberator Garrison's occupation, from which he had derived a regular though somewhat uncertain income for the support of his family, was gone.

  11. In accordance with his views touching the discontinuance of the anti-slavery societies, Garrison discontinued the publication of the Liberator after the completion of its thirty-fifth volume in December, 1865.

  12. As much as I value an union of all the States, I would not admit the Southern States into the Union, unless they agreed to the discontinuance of this disgraceful trade, because it would bring weakness and not strength to the Union.

  13. The discontinuance of the use of State banks for fiscal purposes ought not to be regarded as a measure of hostility toward those institutions.

  14. The "new series" had been started to break up the too great length of volumes in sequence, and the only change it announced was the discontinuance of Christmas Numbers.

  15. If it be productive of worse symptoms, its absence or discontinuance is preferable.

  16. For instance, the rays of the sun are continuous, the heat of the sun emanates from it without cessation; no discontinuance of it is conceivable.

  17. Hannen Today the greatest need of the world of humanity is discontinuance of the existing misunderstandings among nations.

  18. The immediate effect of the discontinuance of the drill was to make the school quite another place.

  19. Vignoles, who was present, expressed his entire concurrence in the description given of the disorganization produced by the discontinuance of the military drill, which was illustrated by entries in his own reports.

  20. He enjoined the discontinuance of mercury.

  21. I thought they were not, and I recommended the discontinuance of mercury.

  22. In open fields, both those used for pasture and those formerly cultivated, young honey locusts have sprung up in abundance since the discontinuance of grazing in 1948.

  23. Disuse may be defined either as the mere discontinuance of Use or as Use in a sense opposed to the form of function particularly under consideration.

  24. Any result at first unpleasant must, if it is constant, either lead to the discontinuance of the act or else, with time, lose much of its quality of unpleasantness.

  25. He ordered the discontinuance of the custom of building monasteries at the graves of kings, and the people were commanded not to pray to Buddha in behalf of the king.

  26. I have ordered the discontinuance of the evil customs that have prevailed and I shall do all in my power for the people.

  27. South Carolina and Georgia,) into the union, unless they agree to a discontinuance of this disgraceful trade.

  28. But the great brewers of London, who contributed largely to the support of this hospital raised such a storm of opposition to the discontinuance of alcoholic liquors that the experiments had to be abandoned.

  29. Let not the mistaken notion of its being a safe and easy service, for a moment beguile you into the discontinuance or remission of your efforts.

  30. Something must be said of the events of 1710, which led to the discontinuance of the Tatler.

  31. But besides these, several spurious continuations of the Tatler appeared directly after the discontinuance of the genuine paper, including one by William Harrison, written with Swift's encouragement and assistance.

  32. I am afraid it has suffered discontinuance at this gay end of the town, for no other reason but the piety of the purpose.

  33. Under these circumstances it becomes a question whether we shall not propose to Her Majesty's Government a suspension or discontinuance of the stipulations for maintaining a naval force for the suppression of that trade.

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