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episcopo; episcopum; episcopus; episode; episodes; episodical; epistaxis; epistemological; epistemology; epistle
  1. One who knows the story beforehand can often see that it is progressing even in scenes which seem purely episodic and unconnected either with each other or with the general scheme.

  2. The Magnan school insisted that tics are not morbid entities but episodic syndromes of mental degeneration.

  3. In the episodic passages of Beowulf there are, curiously, the same degrees of relevance as in the Iliad and Odyssey.

  4. It is in the short story, the episodic chapter, that the art of Icelandic narrative first defines itself.

  5. None of them is of anything like the same scale as Beowulf, which is a complex epic poem, or Byrhtnoth, which is an episodic poem liberally dealt with and of considerable length.

  6. The Iliad and the Odyssey are themselves episodic poems; neither of them has the reach of the Nibelungenlied.

  7. The Contention of Atli and Rimgerd the Giantess is a short comic dialogue, interposed among the fragments of the poem of Helgi Hiorvard's son, and marked off from them by its use of the dialogue verse, as well as by its episodic plot.

  8. The Lay of Brynhild is not an episodic poem of the vengeance and the passion of Brynhild, though that is the principal theme.

  9. The work is episodic and disjointed, but its characterization is most graphic, and the dramatic force of some of its scenes, notably that in the prison, is enormous.

  10. The book is episodic and lacks dramatic continuity.

  11. According to the teaching of Magnan, the disease of convulsive tics does not constitute an entity, since each and all of its symptoms may occur separately as episodic syndromes of degeneration.

  12. Inasmuch as it forms merely an episodic illustration in course of a general argument, it certainly bears witness to the keenness of Spencer's intellect.

  13. Yet the episodic in his hands has ever its use for psychologic envisagement.

  14. The episodic character of the story was to be the manner of Fielding in all his fiction.

  15. So, too, in "Nickleby," there is an effect at times of thin ice where the plot is secondary to the episodic scenes and characters by the way.

  16. I call a Plot episodic when there is neither probability nor necessity in the sequence of episodes.

  17. Of simple Plots and actions the episodic are the worst.

  18. At the same time the majority of the short episodic poems connected with the cycle have Gawain for their hero.

  19. With the exception of an episodic anti-climax, the movement is dominated by calm and majestic peace, as exemplified by themes No.

  20. There is no retrogression, no episodic mediocrity.

  21. His theme, although it gave considerable opportunities for episodic display, was one of great difficulty.

  22. It has been a matter of no small interest to us that in planning this monograph we conceived it necessary to consider part of our material under the head of episodic pathological lying and that later we had to omit this chapter.

  23. The episodic lying or aimless false accusations of the choreic psychosis needs no comment--the confusional mental state sometimes accompanying that disease readily predisposes toward fantastic treatment of realities.

  24. He is undoubtedly a constitutional inferior, in poor general physical condition and subject to episodic mental states.

  25. Investigation of each of these episodic cases has shown the fabrications to emanate either from a distinctly abnormal personality or to partake of a character which rules them out of the realm of pathological lying.

  26. The gradual development from unreal battle-pieces to simple episodic paintings can be followed step by step in the following works.

  27. Some of the episodic characters are amusing, I do believe; others not, I suppose.

  28. I think it is a good idea so to introduce my hero, being made love to by an episodic woman.

  29. The remainder of the book is occupied by a group of important episodic romances, some of which are found nowhere else.

  30. Abstracts of these episodic romances are given by M.

  31. The story is very simple, and the variation and multiplication of episodic adventure unusually scanty; while the too common genealogical preface is rather exceptionally superfluous.

  32. Wells, almost never; now and then he glances at it ironically, in an episodic manner.

  33. It is a weak book, full of episodic power and overloaded with wit.

  34. Though these twenty lieder may be based upon a number of earlier episodic poems, yet the latter already constituted a connected series.

  35. Here is the province of the episodic recollection of past history and of the idealized foresight of possibilities.

  36. At all events, we find here one element in our problem: Experience considered as the summary of past episodic adventures and happenings in relation to fulfilled and adequately expressed meaning.

  37. Get rid of the effect of episodic scenes, that is, give them unity, and lo, we have story of some sort.

  38. This, in turn, must be part of a story or we shall have the episodic form already found undesirable.

  39. There is in it a threefold exposition of the theme alternating with episodic matter.

  40. We have said that in purely episodic sound such as the danger-call and the mating-call the sense of unity is absent.

  41. The episodic side, made rhythmical and ordered in its choregraphic presentation, parallels, but does not constrain in any great degree, the musical side.

  42. We may observe, however, that in order to counteract the transitoriness of purely episodic speech, recourse is had to visual symbolism as well.

  43. It is both episodic and static, though episode and unity are in symbolic form.

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