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  1. Then they all came together into the place of counsel, and it is what they agreed, the headship of the Fianna of Ireland to be given to Finn.

  2. The headship of the church was therefore not an independent prerogative over and above that of civil government, but an inherent element in it: cujus regio, illius et religio.

  3. Sparta and Athens were to become mutual guarantees, dividing the headship of Greece between them.

  4. As for Thebes and her claim to the headship of Boeotia, her demand was set aside.

  5. While he shares this many-sidedness with several other gods, the Greek genius of theographic organization assigned him special headship in certain distinctively Hellenic conceptions.

  6. In Homer and Hesiod, however, the conception of headship is complicated by the introduction of the idea of fate.

  7. A simple headship over hurtful spirits appears to be found in the Ainu system, though this latter is in general not well developed.

  8. The supreme position given to the Sun in Peru and to the Inca as child of the Sun is parallel to the supremacy of Heaven in China and the headship of the emperor as the son of Heaven.

  9. Was it by high-handed violence, or as benefactors of the Hellenes, that we obtained the headship of the naval forces, and the trusteeship of the treasury of Hellas?

  10. The traditions of a generation will it that the active headship of that service be taken over generally by the chief of what is officially known as the Third Division of the Police.

  11. It must not be imagined that this propaganda ceased with Prussia's attainment of the headship of the Teutonic Bond.

  12. These at once won the station of the headship of his party.

  13. Going with his new regiment to the western army, he was later assigned to the headship of the conscript bureau in Alabama, according to the request of the Alabama delegation in congress.

  14. That is to say, the single headship of the family is invaded and yet the methods of adjustment of two heads are not yet clear in either law or custom.

  15. Woman is acquiring a new relationship to the home--that of mutual headship with man in the social institution in which for ages she has been a legal subordinate.

  16. During the middle ages of our civilization and for centuries of our later past the headship of the family rested securely in the father.

  17. It is an effort to return to mediæval thought and practice and to reaffirm in legal outline the headship of the husband and father, the permanent minority of the wife and mother, and the complete subordination of the children.

  18. This appealed to the popular mind, and to the growing sense of national aims and objects, and the real issue of the spiritual headship was obscured by the plea of national sentiment and safeguards.

  19. The preacher was one Simon Matthew, and his object was to instruct the people in the new theory of the Christian Church necessary on the rejection of the headship of the Pope.

  20. Even the actual meaning attached to the formal acknowledgment of the king’s Headship by the clergy was sufficiently ambiguous to be understood, by some at least, as aimed merely at the temporal jurisdiction of the Roman curia.

  21. Few, probably, would have been able to state the reason for their belief; but that the spiritual headship was fully and generally accepted as a fact is, in view of the works of the period, not open to question.

  22. The true beginning of the Irish rally was in the minds of those kings and nobles and fighting men of Thomond and Connacht who marched to the Erne in 1258 to offer the headship of the free Irish to a king of Tir Eoghain.

  23. In St. Patrick's time, the headship of Tara was not yet firmly fixed in the national tradition.

  24. He secured a /de facto/ headship of the Church in England when he succeeded in getting Cardinal Wolsey invested with permanent legatine powers.

  25. We have seen that the temple of Diana on the Aventine meant the transference of the headship of the Latin league from Aricia to Rome.

  26. Antony at Actium; he waited with scrupulous patience until the headship of the Roman religion became vacant by the death of Lepidus.

  27. That their particular congregations considered abstractedly from the Roman headship may be true particular churches, though corrupt; which yet being the only difficulty shall be the matter of our next inquiry.

  28. Experience hath long taught the church, if it will learn, that the claim of a papal headship and government over the church universal, hath been the famous incendiary and hinderer of concord in the christian world.

  29. Therefore in the absence of our Lady Hamida----" The acerbity of this allusion to an occasionally divided headship in the harem was interrupted hastily by a twitter from the elder Salima who addressed her daughter nervously.

  30. The basis of the enmity had been the papal claim to supreme headship of Latin Christianity, and to an independent temporal demesne in Italy as the condition of that headship.

  31. It might be Jehovah's will that, even yet, another should take the headship of the tribes.

  32. These regulations establish the headship of the father and the husband in regard to matters which belong to religion.

  33. The availing intercession is that of Christ, the sole headship over the tribes of men is that which He has gained by Divine courage, love, and sacrifice.

  34. It is unquestionably the military vigour of Israel gathered up into the headship of some powerful king Balaam sees on the horizon of his field of view.

  35. Its boat, for the last half century, has never been far from the Headship of the River, and has oftener attained that coveted position than any other.

  36. For a century it disputed the headship of the University with its neighbour, St. John's College, and for another century and more sang second to that great rival.

  37. Each crew rose in turn with uplifted oars to salute the victors who had attained (or retained) the Headship of the River; after which the procession returned to the boat houses two miles below.

  38. You must cease in any case to retain the headship of the house, even for the few days of the term that remain.

  39. Ever since Sweeten last year got turned out of the headship of his house, and afterwards expelled, it's seemed to me to be a risky thing for a fellow to run into debt.

  40. Could Tempest but win, there would be no doubt that he would return to the headship of the house with an eclat which even Crofter would have to yield to.

  41. I suppose he's got his eye on the headship of the house," said Tempest, "when I get kicked out.

  42. I understand that Tempest's debts, on account of which he was removed from the headship last term, are now all honourably settled.

  43. Three hundred and twenty-four years had passed since the last Caesar of the West resigned his power into the hands of the senate, and left to his Eastern brother the sole headship of the Roman world.

  44. His headship was dwelt upon chiefly in the two duties already noticed.

  45. The headship of the human race being, like the Papacy, the common inheritance of all mankind, could not be confined to any family, nor pass like a private estate by the ordinary rules of descent.

  46. The 'doctrine of the Nicolaitanes' (conquerors of the people) seems to be the theory of lordship or headship in the Church.

  47. He was a worthy rival of some of the Popes as an Anti-christian claimant of headship to the church.

  48. The headship of the tribe was practically confined to the members of one family; this was also the case with the headship of a sept.

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