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Example sentences for "disputed"

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disputation; disputationem; disputations; disputatious; dispute; disputers; disputes; disputeth; disputing; disputings
  1. It cannot be disputed that Jesus 'lived and moved and had His being' in this vision of universal dominion.

  2. By the way they had disputed amongst themselves which of them should be the greatest.

  3. But they held their peace: for by the way they had disputed among themselves, who should be the greatest.

  4. How far he succeeded is a disputed question, certainly not so far as to make it as easy reading for modern eyes as the Golden type.

  5. The woods are big enough without getting on this disputed land.

  6. Come on, girls," and the girls, who had been getting more and more nervous as the talk proceeded, were glad enough to precede the boys off the disputed territory.

  7. Well, we'll go over and take possession of the disputed strip in the morning.

  8. The court formalities did not take long, and soon the title of Mr. Ford to the disputed land was confirmed.

  9. Regarding the disputed claim, Mr. Jallow appeared to have matters in his favor.

  10. Hence the Catholic charge that Luther revolted from God when he disputed the divine right of the hierarchy is silly.

  11. Original sin may be disputed out of the Bible by a false interpretation, but it is not thereby ruled out of existence.

  12. The possession of that fine country was hotly disputed between the Greek emperor and the Lombards, and it suffered infinitely by that contention.

  13. I will not enter into the many disputed questions connected with the topography of Babylon, nor will I endeavor to identify the various existing ruins with the magnificent edifices described by ancient authors.

  14. Whether the Darius of the book of Daniel be Cyrus himself, or a Median who commanded the armies of that monarch, and was afterwards appointed viceroy of Babylon, is one of the many disputed points of ancient history.

  15. As we rode across the Turgenieff's park, he recalled in passing how of old he and Ivan Sergeyevitch had disputed which park was best, Spasskoye or Yasnaya Polyana.

  16. It was Prince Urusof who disputed most warmly, and "went for" Turgenieff.

  17. In a time rich in historians and philosophers one man, Tacitus, in a disputed passage, mentions a Christus punished under Pontius Pilate, and the existence of a sect bearing his name.

  18. Church Councils vote on disputed points, and the vote of the majority constitutes orthodoxy.

  19. The Manichees disputed much against the authority of St. Matthew's Gospel.

  20. The third great controversy regarded the manner of Christ's birth, and monks furiously disputed whether or no Christ was born after the fashion of other infants.

  21. It cannot, certainly, be disputed that Christianity was beginning to be known to the world, but whether it had yet emerged from the lower classes of persons among whom it originated, may well be doubted.

  22. Several of them have had their authority disputed by learned men in later times" (Ibid, pp.

  23. Paley to prove nothing, for, says he, 'it cannot be disputed but that Christianity was perfectly well known to the world at this time.

  24. Both sides began to consider the advisability of taking forcible possession of the disputed territory, but the French were the first to take action.

  25. Charnisay made his headquarters at Port Royal and nobody disputed his authority except la Tour, who claimed to be independent of him by virtue of his commission from the crown and his grant from the Company of New France.

  26. When about six years of my doleful captivity had passed, my second Indian master died, whose squaw and my first Indian disputed whose slave I should be.

  27. Therefore disputed he in the synagogue with the Jews, and with the devout persons, and in the market daily with them that met with him.

  28. It is a work of great geographical and historical value, and settles beyond peradventure the disputed question of the true source of the Mississippi.

  29. We disputed the advance of the rebels so stubbornly that they found no opportunity to interfere with the retreat of the main column.

  30. But on the spot where the disputed cabin stood, has since been built a handsome brick-house, and I pay only a just tribute to amiable character, when I say that a more hospitable mansion is not to be found in the western country.

  31. As he looked, he felt as though he were held in the grasp of a splendid, wrathful angel, who disputed the possession of him, not with himself, but with the opposing powers of evil.

  32. It is claimed that the work was done by Queen Matilda and her maidens, though this is disputed by some authorities; but its importance as a contemporary representation of historic events of the time of William I.

  33. Of English churches we should be inclined to give York Cathedral first place, though viewpoints on such matters are so widely different that this may be disputed by good authorities.

  34. However, there is no doubt that he died in the city about 1468; neither is it disputed that he established his first printing shop in Mayence, and did much important work in the town.

  35. There is significance, however, in the legend which relates that after his decease Hindus and Mohammedans disputed as to whether his body should be burned or buried.

  36. It was certainly disputed in Buddhist times and I have myself heard a young Rajput say that the Brahmans falsified the Epics so as to give themselves the first place.

  37. The affinity existing between the Mâdhyamika form of Buddhist metaphysics and the earlier Vedânta can hardly be disputed and the only question is which borrowed from the other.

  38. The authenticity of this tradition has been much criticized but it can hardly be disputed that Jainism came to southern India about the same time as Buddhism and had there an equally vigorous and even longer existence.

  39. It is not his earliest designation and does not occur as a proper name in the Ṛig Veda where he is known as Rudra, a word of disputed derivation, but probably meaning the roarer.

  40. The disputed questions involved, as far as tangible property is concerned, were: 1.

  41. Supporting their pretensions by force of arms, they carried war into the disputed territory, and conducted it with a rancour and cruelty which spared neither age or sex.

  42. The authenticity of the bull is disputed by Irish patriotism, but in vain.

  43. They disputed the validity of Presbyterian marriage.

  44. Inheritance of the Empire disputed by, 65-71 Great Powers, The.

  45. Inheritance of the Empire disputed by, 65, 70 Ourosh.

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