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Example sentences for "disputation"

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disproves; disproving; disputable; disputant; disputants; disputationem; disputations; disputatious; dispute; disputed
  1. They requested at the same time that they be allowed to hold a public disputation with the rabbis, whom they hoped to expose before the non-Jews.

  2. The refusal of the informer to attend the disputation was attested in an official affidavit.

  3. The priest invited Calahora to a disputation in the cloister, but the Jew declined, promising to expound his views in writing.

  4. After considerable preparations, the disputation between the leaders of the Contra-Talmudists and a number of rabbis took place in Kamenetz, in the summer of 1757, in the presence of Bishop Dembovski and representatives of the Catholic clergy.

  5. There is reason to believe that Besht was one of the rabbis who had been invited to participate in the Frankist disputation in Lemberg, in 1759.

  6. To convict Serafinovich publicly of lying, the Jews challenged him to attend a disputation in Warsaw in the presence of bishops and rabbis.

  7. When the disputation was over, the sectarians were called upon to prove their devotion to Christianity by immediate action.

  8. As a result, Bulan arranged a disputation between the advocates of the three religions, to be held in his presence, but he failed to carry away any definite conviction from their arguments and mutual refutations.

  9. A Jew who lived at the royal court and was present at the disputation interrupted him with the remark: "He [the Bishop] believes in things which are unintelligible to me.

  10. Yechiel of Paris, disputation of, with Nicholas Donin, 576 f.

  11. Nachmani told the king of the feeling that prevailed, but he wished the disputation to continue.

  12. Judah of Melun, disputation of, with Nicholas Donin, 577 f.

  13. This disputation at Barcelona lasted for four days (beginning on the 20th July).

  14. The hurtful effects of the disputation of Nachmani have not yet been enumerated.

  15. The consequences of this disputation at Barcelona were by no means harmless.

  16. It happens that the disputation of Macarius Magnes (A.

  17. Footnote: The tracts which appeared in the Disputation between the Scottish Reformer and Quentin Kennedy, Abbot of Crosraguel, are among the scarcest in Scottish Bibliography.

  18. The disputation very soon became as celebrated as that of John Knox and the Abbot of Crosraguel, raged nearly as fiercely, and, for aught I know, the publications to which it gave rise may be as precious in the eyes of bibliographers.

  19. The whole affair, about which so much noise had been made, seemed destined to be only a sham fight; but among the crowd of students present at the disputation was a young man of about twenty, named John Knipstrow.

  20. The disputation took place in 1516, and was Luther's first attack on the reign of the sophists and the Papacy.

  21. This disputation made a great noise, and has been considered as the commencement of the Reformation.

  22. Our saint undertook a journey to Milan, in 364, against Auxentius, the Arian usurper of that see, and in a public disputation obliged him to confess Christ to be true God, of the same substance and divinity with the Father.

  23. His dialogue Against Fate was a disputation with a heathen philosopher, who maintained a destiny or overruling fate in all things.

  24. A gap occurs at this period in her memoir which she resumed writing in March 1525, after the religious disputation had taken place at Nuernberg.

  25. An early chronicle in the vernacular says that the princess Sophie, a woman of determined character, so mastered these subjects that she was able to enter into disputation with learned men and successfully opposed them[453].

  26. The latter, meeting Eck at Augsburg in October, arranged with him for a public disputation in which Eck and Carlstadt could fight the matter out.

  27. In charity and in the endeavour to bring the truth to light, a disputation on the following propositions will be held at Wittenberg, presided over by the Reverend Father Martin Luther.

  28. Three hundred Dominican monks assembled round him while he conducted an academical disputation upon them.

  29. Meanwhile Eck, by a report of his disputation and by letters had stirred the fire at Rome.

  30. At two o'clock the disputation between Eck and Carlstadt began.

  31. Since the Leipzig disputation he had advanced in his doctrines, and especially in his avowed support of Huss, far beyond what the university of Paris either liked or would endure.

  32. The disputation was to be concluded on the 15th, as Duke George wished to receive the Elector of Brandenburg on a visit to the Pleissenburg.

  33. Eck left the disputation with triumph, applauded by his friends and rewarded by Duke George with favours and honours.

  34. This sentence, though pronounced after the disputation at Leipzig, related only to a small collection of earlier writings.

  35. Inasmuch as the disputation took place, in spite of this protest, with the Duke's consent, it became an affair of all the more importance.

  36. The appearance of Luther at this disputation has given occasion for the first description of his person which we possess from the pen of a contemporary.

  37. Hus immediately challenged the Englishman to a public disputation before the university in the then customary manner.

  38. It is at least certain that when challenged by Magister Pribram to a public theological disputation in that language, Peter was obliged to decline.

  39. Father Feckenham, I understand, offered her two days more, if she would prolong her disputation with him, but she refused.

  40. They weave spider-like webs of muddle and disputation across the path by which men come to God.

  41. Let me rather meet him in disputation and strife of well-sharpened argument, than in the bloody field of battle!

  42. Offers of disputation were not the ideal way of forwarding a mission such as his.

  43. The public disputation began, but the attention of the audience was elsewhere.

  44. They painted, also, on a wall of the library, the Disputation of S.

  45. An armed party menaced the life of Peter Martyr, and a theological challenge was sent from the late professor to hold a disputation on "the real presence.

  46. What I say is, he that is emancipated never indulges in that intellectual gladiatorship which is implied by a dialectical disputation for the sake of victory.

  47. Avoiding all sciences that have disputation only for their foremost object, I have so studied the Agama as to have July mastered their true meaning.

  48. Many of the affirmations of the young scholar (which might well seem questionable at that time) were impeached as contrary to the faith, and the disputation was stopped.

  49. Now let vs here shut vp the disputation concerning the hell of Island.

  50. Luther," replied one of the students, "inviting a disputation on the subject.

  51. Twice during these last years we have been in the greatest anxiety about his safety,--once when he was summoned before the legate at Augsburg, and once when he went to the great disputation with Dr.

  52. At length the long line of their disputation maketh a point in this, that the one giveth the precept, and the other the example.

  53. At length Cassillis and the gentlemen of Kyle and Cunningham sent for him to meet them at Edinburgh, where they proposed that he should have an opportunity for public disputation with the bishop.

  54. The so-called disputation continued three days, but it more truly represented a bear-baiting than the discussion of men in quest of the truth.

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